Domain Registration for Your Website
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Domain Registration for Your Website

Hi I’m Chris with Tiny Frog Technologies
and today I wanted to talk to you about a common question that comes from
clients about the difference between domain registration and hosting. Well a
domain registrar is a company that you purchase your domain name from. And holds
the DNS settings that hold records that tell the domain, “Hey I want my email over
here” and “I need my website over here.” These DNS settings hold records that
tell your domain where to host your email, where to host your website. It’s
not necessary to have all three of them in one area because you can buy you know
domain “A” from company “A” and also have email hosted there and website hosted
there. But it’s not necessary. At Tiny Frog we specialize in WordPress website
hosting. So your domain can be registered with one company and your email with the
same company, and then just have your website hosted and maintained with us. If
you like more information on domain registration or any type of hosting,
please contact us at

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