Domain Names & Email | BigCommerce Tutorial
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Domain Names & Email | BigCommerce Tutorial

This video will provide an overview for connecting
a domain name to your BigCommerce Store, and show you how to set up email hosting. A domain, or website address, is how your
customers find your store and products on the internet. In short, your domain name is what your shoppers
will type into their address bar when going to your online store. Now, whether you’ve come already prepared
with your domain name or you want to purchase a domain via BigCommerce, you’ll want to
go to Server Settings then Domain Name. This takes you to your Account Dashboard. Here, you may choose to buy a new domain name,
or attach one you’ve purchased from a third party. Choosing “Buy a new one” allows for you
to check availability of your preferred domain name, and purchase it directly through BigCommerce. Simply type in your domain idea to check its
availability. Then follow the prompts to purchase from your
control panel. This will charge your BigCommerce account
and your domain will be automatically applied to your store. Choose the “Add an Existing” option if
you have purchased your domain name from an outside registrar. A registrar is a third party who allows you
to register your domain, like Namecheap, Godaddy, or enom. Type in the name of the domain you already
own and click next. The next step involves pointing your nameservers
from your Registrar to BigCommerce. This means you need to go to your domain registrar
and enter the 3 BigCommerce nameserver addresses. What you’re doing is telling your registrar
that you’re going to be hosting your domain name and all its files on Bigcommerce. For help pointing your nameservers, contact
your registrar for support. When making DNS changes, it can take up to
72 hours for the changes to be reflected globally. This is due to a process called propagation. For DNS propagation to occur, your registrar’s
server communicates the update to the DNS servers nearest to it. Each of those servers then communicates the
changes to the servers nearest to them, and so forth. This propagation continues until every DNS
server in the world has made the update. If your registrar’s servers are nearby, you
will see the changes much more quickly than a customer living across the world. So although the changes can take up to 72
hours, it usually occurs within an hour or so — sometimes even less! If you have changed your store’s domain
but are still waiting for propagation, you will need to use your store’s permanent URL
until your DNS changes have completed. To set up email forwarding through BigCommerce,
go to Server Settings, then DNS Records. There are two options. The first option is to set up forwarding addresses. Through BigCommerce, you can create up to
five custom email accounts with your domain that can be forwarded to existing email accounts. Feel free to make whatever addresses you think
your store will need. You can forward multiple email addresses to
the same email. Click save when you are finished. The second option is to set up an external
email hosting solution. When your nameserver records are pointed to
BigCommerce, BigCommerce becomes the host of both your website and email. You will need to point the email DNS records
back to your email host so that it can resume hosting your email. To learn more about re-rerouting your MX records
click here. When you’ve completed the fields, click
save. After these steps, you’re ready to start
selling under your branded domain name.

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