Domain Name Investing – Is It Worth It?
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Domain Name Investing – Is It Worth It?

00:00 Hey everybody, David Scarpitta with
Get Found Marketing and today I want to come at you guys about something really important
I’ve talked about before, but maybe I didn’t drill it into your head enough so I want to
come back one more time with it. And today we’re talking about the power of
domains. 00:22 Power of domains. How powerful are they? How are they going to attribute to your business
and to your brand? Now, as you know, you’re watching this because
you are interested in digital marketing and growing your business online, but I don’t
know if you guys know this or not, but domaining the actual term domaining is an actual business
in itself. So there’s actually people, that I’ve purchased
domains from. That also have purchased domains for me. Domain itself is actually a business within
digital marketing. So it’s kind of like virtual real estate development,
if you will. So if you have a good domain name or short
and sweet, catchy, uh, obviously now there’s a lot of, and I’ve gone this over in other
videos, so if you want to check out the videos below, you can learn more about, you know,
we have the normal .Coms. Net. .Org. But now we have CO. .IO 01:18 .IO means in out was just the write
protocol, getting really nerd, but just the write protocol for information transfer. We have .Guru. .Club. I mean the Dots go on and on, like literally
tons of times. It’s crazy. But the question is, are they really all worth
something? Are they worth investing in? Well, you have to really think to yourself,
and there’s a formula really that you have to understand that whether or not it’s going
to be valuable in the future. And even though the domain name business was
years ago, a lot bigger. So you can buy, let’s say a domain is people
who, so domains for, you know, half a million dollars, $2,000,000, $3,000,000, $4,000,000,
very large tickets. Does that still exist? Well, yes and no. Domaining as a business, is still available
to people, but they have to be more realistic those days of like, you know, three or $4,000,000
means may not quite exist anymore, but it doesn’t mean that there’s still not value
in having a great domain portfolio. 02:27 I’m really again, for branding, for,
you know, just for ease of use, people typing it in, and even of course for virtual real
estate development. OK? And I talk about that in my other videos below. So do me a favor and just click below and
also listen, do me a real quick favor, subscribe, because you’re going to get a lot of awesome
stuff coming down the pipe that teaches you how to leverage the Internet while you sleep
to make money. OK, so the question is, is that, you know,
domains and basically virtual real estate are one in the same. There’s a lot of things you could do with
domains. You could sell domains, you can sit on development,
develop domains. You can even rent out domains. I know it sounds crazy, right? There’s ways to, to actually captured domains
that weren’t available before, they were registered by other people or other companies or domains
that drop domains that had been canceled. 03:23 There’s all types of cool stuff. So the question is, is that is domains still
a good, you know, virtual real estate opportunity? Yes, absolutely. Especially given the fact now that if you
think about stuff you can buy something, you know and resell it and make an x amount of
money. Just like a house or if you’re playing monopoly
and you keep on developing on your own boardwalk, you’re going to make a lot more money when
somebody lands there. And there’s a lot of creative ways to do this. So, again, if you guys haven’t already subscribed,
do me a favor, subscribe. I’ll send you guys something in an email that’ll
tell you, give you more insight and basically a white paper on how to develop a, you know,
a nice portfolio of domains for virtual real estate. Because really, at this point, in the game,
you know, real estate’s really expensive, regular real estate, virtual real estate. 04:13 It can be worth thousands if not millions,
depending on the right time of dollars as you know overnight. So virtual real estate, really important. Lots of awesome stuff to do with it. And yes, it’s still a powerful tool. Hey, listen, also, one more thing I forgot
to tell you. If you happen to be watching this and you
want to test some domains, just going to Click on the bottom and “register a domain”
and you’ll be able to see what domains are available. OK? And you can obviously registers them for way
less than the price of a lunch. Anyway, guys, thank you so much for watching. Hey listen, if you haven’t done already to
do me a favor, subscribe also like our facebook page. Also follow us on twitter where we tweet out
new information about the digital marketing industry and it’s always a lot every single
day coming thru down the pipe. And, we will talk to you guys next time. And until then may success be with you guys.


  • Get Found

    I've put up a list here of some Domain Investing and sales figures here just from one week here , you can easily see that those were domains only and nothing more.

  • davidscarpitta

    Not every domain purchase will be a million dollar deal. But I can assure you, that for the cost of a domain much of the time it's a great gamble. But it doesn't have to be a gamble if you have the right mindmap to approach domain investing.

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