Domain, DNS and web hosting –  Why these are necessary for your website
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Domain, DNS and web hosting – Why these are necessary for your website

hey how you doing in this video we’re
going to be talking about domain name registration domain name hosting web
hosting and email hosting and how they all work together to make sure that your
website and your business email works well I wanted to quickly explain how your
domain name and things like your website and your email work together so let’s
start with a website so your website sits on a web server and that web server
has a really unique long hard to remember IP address. How all the
computers on the Internet find each other now if one of your customers asked
you hey how do I get to your website and you had to quote a long number like oh
just go to your web browser and type in 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 . 1 2 4 obviously it’s going
to be really hard to remember so we have something called a domain name something
that’s really easy for us humans to talk to each other and communicate and
remember like that translates into this really complex
number so to get that domain name you need to register it with a domain
registrar which is these really big organizations that reserve the names
for you and then you need a host that domain name on something called a name
server it’s a little bit complex it’s best to have a look at how it all works
so let’s have a look ok so remember how we said that there was three things that make your website work so first you need a register your domain
name this is done with a domain registrar secondly you need a server
that hosts your domain name records this is the phone book this is what
translates to the IP address of your web server so you need a
domain name system name server hosted for you and then thirdly you need a web
server this is something that stores your website or the images or the text this all sits on the internet all has IP
addresses so how does it all come together how does it all work so
somebody at home it’s got their web browser open they type in the domain
name that you’ve registered the computer goes to the domain
name system name server that you’re hosting and it translates to the number of your web server now your browser can actually find where the website lives and voila you’ve loaded the enee solutions
web page you need all three things domain name registration domain name
system name server hosting and web server hosting for too load on your browser

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