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Domain Broker Toby Clements

Hi, Iím Jason Hennessey from EverSpark Interactive,
weíre a local Atlanta SEO company, and with me today is a very good friend who happens
to be the king of domain brokers. Welcome to here to our offices. Thanks, I appreciate you having me. So in this short video I just want to learn
more about Toby Clements. In just a quick, little story I met Toby it was probably about
a year and a half ago. I was looking to buy a dolman in the art business, in the art field
so I called a friend in California, he then referred me out to Toby. He said Toby is the
guy thatís probably going to have all the best inventory with that particular niche,
in most niches for thatÖ So basically I called Toby up, we hit it off, we ended up doing
business together, we became very good friends. He lives here in Atlanta, I live here in Atlanta,
and from there he brought be out to DomainFest in California? Yeah in Malibu. In Malibu; so we went out there and Toby is
likeÖis just again I just said it heís the king; people coming up to him wanting to do
business. Is that what your world is like all the time? Yeah, itís pretty interesting. The domain
industry itís a small industry, itís a cottage industry, but itís a $1 billion industry.
So thereís a tremendous amount of business to be done, but yet at these conferences some
of them have a 100 people, others have 1000 people. So going there and being one of the
largest independent domain brokers my name is out there, people get my newsletter on
a daily basis, five days a week so they know who I am even though they havenít maybe met
me. So when I show up itís kind of neat, itís always a good time. Itís always fun. So who is Toby Clements? Talk to me a little
bit about who you are? Iím just a normal guy. Iím just an everyday
guy, got a great wife, four kids. From a business aspect Iíve been in sales my entire adult
life since I was 20 years old Iíve been in sales always brokering high ticket items.
The domain industry is no exception, itís sales every single day that I send out my
newsletter, Iím selling names on a regular basis. So it varies from day to day how my
day goes, but basically I answer a lot of emails every day, the submissions that are
coming into my platform and just cut deals. So I guess thatís who I am, I just cut deals
every single day. Youíre a salesman that just happens to sell
domains now. Thatís exactly right. So I guess letís talk a little bit about
that, because like SEO that hasnít been around for a long time. They donít teach it in college,
itís not like you go to college to learn how to become a domain broker, right. So how
did you get into that line of work? I stumbled across it, dumb luck. I was eating
dinner with a friend of mine back in 2007 and he was deeply entrenched in the Internet,
and just across the table he asked me what I knew about domain names, and I literally
looked at him and said whatís a domain name. Just completely uneducated on the business
side of the Internet at that time, here I am six years later, about $75 million in sales
and acquisitions under my belt. So I dove in straight into the deep end of the pool
by then. But thatís how I got into it by dumb luck. I already had a very expansive
sales career, domaining justÖI fell right into it, I was able to grasp the value of
domains, what they sell for on the aftermarket, what theyíll sell to businesses that need
them. So I literally just fell into it and grasped onto it quickly, and here I am. Got it. So now walk me through just a typical
or average day for you as a domain broker; how does your morning start, how does your
day finish? I tell people a lot of times Iím a professional
email answerer. I get about 300 to 400 emails a day, and they all revolve around domains.
Whether itís people submitting domains to me, whether itís me reaching out seeing if
people want to sell their domains; I have obviously a team of employees that are behind
the scenes making my platform work as well. So I get up in the morning I typically spend
the first three to four hours of my day answering emails that are submissions, Iíll build a
newsletter for that day, I send it out as I said earlier five days a week. So weíll
send out a newsletter by about 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. every day, and then the remaining
part of my is trying to work deals and sell the domains that were on that newsletter and
previous newsletters. So thatís it. Got it, it seems like an exciting daily interaction
with you. Now a question that I have and Iím sure thereís a lot of people that might be
watching this video. Some of you might be big into the domain business and world, and
some of you might be new to this. But letís talk about how long does a typical domain
transaction take? From start to finish it can vary. Iíve seen
them close in 30 minutes; Iíve seen it take a month. It really, truly varies; I would
say on average itís pretty fast though. Itís notÖdomains arenít real estate, theyíre
cyber real estate is exactly what a domain is for better lack of a true definition. Rather
than when youíre buying or selling a home thereís such a long process; closings and
lawyers and all different types of things. Itís not that way in my world. If you see
a domain on my newsletter and you want to buy it we commit to the deal and then we transfer
the funds, transfer the name, and weíre closed. So just depending on how quickly the money
can be transferred; sometimes thereís a process where it might take upwards of five days to
transfer the actual property. But I would say on an average two to five days; thereís
normally not a really long period. So you talked about transferring money and
Iím sure that thereís some domains that sell for $500, and thereís some that sell
for $500,000. So, again, for people who might be new into this business that have never
done a transaction like that where itís Internet. Iím sure you donít fly out and meet everybody
you do business with. So I guess talk a little bit about how is the money transferred, and
is there protection for both the buyer and the seller? Itís a great question, itís something thatís
asked of me on a regular basis. There are two ways we can close a deal, and if a deal
is $500 or $5000 or $10,000 itís typically closed through my company. Iíve closed enough
business, you can Google me, you can Google my company, you can see that weíve done a
tremendous amount of business with no negative comments anywhere. So thatís your first thing
you do. but if weíre doing a big deal there are other companies out there such as
is my preferred company that I use; theyíve done over $1 billion in transactions just
on domain names alone. So I specifically go directly to them, there are other companies
as well, but theyíre the industry leader. So if we sayÖletís just say in a nutshell
if we do cut a deal on a domain name, basically the way itís set up is I would set up the
transaction at, the buyer and the seller both agree to it via email, at that
time the buyer wires the money directly to Once they are in receipt of the
funds they direct the seller to send the name to the buyer, once the buyer has full possession
of the domain name releases the money. Itís as simple as that. Then I guess another question is again for
the people that may not be on your newsletter, because Iím sure thereís a lot of people
watching this video that are already on your newsletter, and they love you and they love
hearing your stories. Itís not just all about business, itís some of your personal things
that youíve got going on too, which is cool. But if somebody wants to see your daily domain
newsletter what should they do? You can go to my site which is
and sign up. Maybe spell it for them. T-O-B-Y-C-L-E-M-E-N-T-S.COM. You can also
just go to, but that will allow you to put in your email address, and youíll
have to opt in via an email youíll get into your inbox. Then youíll start receiving my
newsletter, which the domains change every single day, and like Jason said I try and
mix it up. Itís not all business, I try to have a little fun and throw in my personal
stories and have a good time with it. Iíve got a really large subscriber base right now
of about 20,000 subscribers. So a lot of guys out there might have domains and not know
where to sell them and not know what to do with them; you can also send those over to
submissions at, and just talk to me directly, let me know what you
want for them. Iíll give you my opinion on if I think theyíll sell or if I think they
wonít sell, and then weíll take it from there nice and easy. That sounds perfect. I appreciate you coming
in, stopping down and seeing me today. I hope this video will serve as real value to people
that are just sitting on domains that might not know what to do with it. Absolutely, I enjoyed it. Give Toby a shout for sure. Thanks a lot.


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