DOJ Seeking Personal Data On People Who Visit Anti-Trump Websites
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DOJ Seeking Personal Data On People Who Visit Anti-Trump Websites

Have you been to an anti-Donald Trump website
recently? Have you been to a maybe progressive, or liberal,
or even Democratic website that said something bad about Donald Trump, or actually not even
said something bad, but reported the truth about Donald Trump? Well, if so, then I have good news for you. The US Department of Justice wants to get
to know you, but not in the way that you probably want them to. According to a blog post by the web hosting
company DreamHost, they have been involved in a legal battle with the US Department of
Justice for several months as the US Department of Justice is trying to gain information,
access to information, to people who visit what they call quote “anti-Trump websites.” This is a disgusting abuse of power and is
100% unconstitutional. The Department of Justice, led by AG Jeff
Sessions, wants to get your personal data just because you may not like Donald Trump
or you got curious and clicked on a website. You didn’t do anything wrong. You were trying to gain knowledge, but in
this country today, under Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, knowledge is bad. The truth is bad. You know, it’s only a matter of time before
they enact the 1984 thought police, coming out to gather information or haul us away
if we even say anything bad about Donald Trump. Folks, I know there’s a lot of conspiracy
theories going on, both from the right and the left to an extent today in politics, this
is one of those things that everybody needs to be talking about. This is not a conspiracy theory. There’s an ongoing legal battle. There are court documents to back this up. This is truly disgusting behavior and it all
flows from the top, which is Donald Trump. His ego is so fragile. His administration is so weak that they want
to find out who doesn’t like them. They want to target these people. What are they going to do with this information? We don’t know, but I assure you it’s not so
that they can send you a birthday card, or maybe a Christmas present. It’s because they want to keep tabs on American
citizens who may not agree with Donald Trump. That is not what this country is all about,
and it also goes back to the fact that these surveillance programs, this unmasking of data,
began under George W. Bush, was continued under Barack Obama, who could have and should
have shut it down, but because he didn’t, Donald Trump and Department of Justice, Jeff
Sessions, they now have these tools. They now have 17 years of precedent behind
them to obtain the information that they want. The folks at DreamHost can fight this all
they want, but you’re going in court systems that have been packed by Republican hacks. Many of the people sitting on those benches
were appointed by George W. Bush. Donald Trump has done a hell of a job putting
people on the courts without any public scrutiny whatsoever because the media won’t talk about
that, and ultimately those are going to be the people deciding whether or not these web
hosting companies have to turn over your personal, private data just because you visited an anti-Donald
Trump website.


  • Billy Day

    I thought Orwell's 1984 was a great science fiction novel as a child. I'm flabbergasted that it is the new reality. Bone chilling really.

  • dudebladeX

    I don't like trump = I may be arrested.

    Bring it thought police. I'll punch you all in the face. I read 1984. I know how this will end. Like fuck I'm going to Room 101 without a fight.

  • Al Somethin

    Donald Trump and all his twitter bellering and fuss about Obama "wire tapping me" and then this crap spin off of spectrum. What a hypocrite lol ! The fcc is being run by a guy Ajit Pi with a face you just want to slap with a 2×4 to wipe the (I can fuck you any way I want and you cant do an anything about it) smile off his face.
    Trump and crew wont be around much longer anyway hopefully Trump and his nasty little KKKeebler Jeffy boy will run afoul of something called the law soon. Either he will be impeached or removed from office in someway shape or form soon Im thinking October or Septenber .
    Hopefully Ajit Pi will have an acident of some kind related to his big smile he gets when his dick gets so very very hard when he thinks about how much he likes the extra income from cable companies in his off shore account.

  • TheChiefEng

    Donald Trump is USA's Adolf Hitler, Jeff Sessions USA's Heinrich Himmler, Steve Bannon USA's Hermann Goering etc.
    USA is the utter joke of the free world.

  • William Ridge Sr.

    The Department of Justice needs to start watching the people that are going to the pro trump sites more than the anti trump sites. They seem to be the dangerous ones. His ignorant, racist base are the trouble makers.

  • Joa Schim

    Just the same thing his mentors( Putin Hitler ) would do so that he can exact his revenge. His problem is how is he's going to punish 3/4. of the U.S population. He is mentally unfit to hold such a high office. What a CF. ………..

  • Davide Davide

    The 1984 police are a necessary evil if people run web sites that are trying to undermine the legitimately elected American government. Those presenters like yourself are not truth tellers but evil people who are disseminating lies and misinformation. Obama set the FBI and others to wiretap citizens without their knowledge prior to the election leading to the garbage now about Russia, Russia and Russia so using government resources to entrap citizens is well known to your favorite government. If the shoe is on the other foot who are you to complain? Maxine Waters is still trying to impeach Donald Trump using any ruse she can think of including lies and misinformation. People like yourself are her useful lackeys. Maxine would like an all black political party which is outright racist in modern America. Therefore she should be stopped legitimately by using the correct means of getting her caught out, tried and brought to justice. That will all happen soon.
    Through the use of false information at this time the Democrats are trying to impeach a legally elected government. Of course the mischief makers have to be caught and tried because what they are doing is not done in good faith but is a bid to get rid of Donald Trump for no good reason whatsoever. Everything is done to make out that his place in the presidency is illegitimate when it was won fairly and squarely.
    Sorry, but everyone has a hold on your personal data. You have posted some of your own data online for everyone to see so the secret police know who you are and even where you live. The people who write in their supportive bullshit to your site are of interest too because they become the minions who assist in the spreading of your misinformation and outright lies. Fighting the propaganda war using the legal weapons at one's disposal to outlaw and get rid of misinformation on websites is fighting fair, not foul. I applaud Jeff Sessions for doing his bit to enable the President to do his job without let or hindrance. I know it is hard for you to be truthful and to present facts without spitting your bile but you will end up in court one day slapped with an expensive lawsuit because you have contributed every word to that end. Goodbye to your 'brilliant' political career!

  • theldun1

    This is more than disgusting this is frighteningly terrifying . Rendition could go supernova any day. This Administration must be stopped. I know Trump admires Putin but for fuck sakes doesn't he understand this isn't Russia and we will not bow our heads to his зло agenda.

  • ledzep369

    I absolutely CAN NOT stand THAT RACIST mutha-FUCKER! I GOT THAT, DUMB Donald Trump NOT my PRESIDENT song playing non stop!

  • james jones

    Well again,…..YOU people should have voted for Clinton instead you spent the time vilifying her and now your lives will be short and miserable under the heavy foot of EXTREME right wing FASCISM Great job assholes….THE MOST important election of your life times and YOU people screwed it up….the court system will be owned by libertarian billionaires for the next 40 Yrs

  • Carmen Santana


  • Dustin Minor

    If there is two different sides and one of them won but keep talking shit isn't that bad sportsmanship the same shit we try to teach are kids not to do?

  • Greaseball Jones

    Fuck you, donald trump, you fascist piece of garbage. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. I hate you. I will always hate you. I will never stop speaking out against you. Fuck donald trump. Fuck all his sycophants carrying out his fascist agenda. Fuck all the politicians who are standing on the sidelines watching it happen. Fuck all the ignorant people who voted him into power. FUCK YOU!

  • Michaeo Atkins

    I send emails via a WH link directly to the Donald supposedly criticizing him in no uncertain terms that I'm sure the Donald doesn't like fuck em where they sit comrade #MAGA Mobsters Are Governing America resist fuck u trumpsters

  • Karen Piotte

    From the beginning tRump has called the people who didn't vote for him the enemy! He's not a president for all and hates more than half of the people in the U.S.. I a I thought in the back of my mind saying when they get everyones information here comes martial law. What better people to have around you then the ALT-RIGHT!


    They want to Make it a Felony to Speak out against Him, Theres no other Explanation, Fill the Private Prisons With Political Dissidents! I hope the Congress can somehow kill this Un Democratic invasion of privacy and Attack on Free Speech!!

  • TheD2JBug

    Well if they want to come after me for saying bad things about Trump here goes. Donad Trump, you are a sexual predatory corrupt scumbag  intellectually and morally bankrupt traitorous subhuman piece of amphibian shit.

  • Harry Schaefer

    Well Faron, you and I are definitely on this DOJ shitlist. You for your justifiable rants on this swine president, and me for the highly negative comments I've posted about the ignorant pig Trump. I am so looking forward to his lard ass having a fatal coronary event sometime when he's about to tee off or missing a putt on one of his greens.

  • toliveforchritigain2012

    I hope my name is there on top!! I don't like your evil ways. You are an easy read. You are no more a Christian than Buddha! Now, let me go find a website so the coward can find me out!

  • L V

    He is your classic dictator in training. If left in office he will eventually jail any reporter who speaks out against him successfully eliminating peoples access to the truth. Then cess pools like Fox News and certifiable crazies like Alex Jones will be your source of news, all of it to suit the reality Donald Trump wants. His family will get richer, his friends (and I use the term loosely) will get richer. Climate change is a myth, according to him, and with no regulations on big business towards ecology your air will get dirtier, you will get sicker but of course you can't go to a doctor because he has taken away your health care. He may not be burning people in ovens but he is systematically going to eliminate the poor and uneducated first. The very people who support him.

  • Jim Thompson

    I seem to remember something about the First Amendment to the Constitution, according to Jeff Sessions it no longer applies.If they intend to prosecute everyone who criticizes Trump the courts are going to be overwhelmed.

  • Summer Knuday

    There is a word for Trumps behavior.
    It's called SOCIOPATHY!
    Couple that with his fragile over inflated ego and you get NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH. That is my take on this guy. What I see in the news each day as it gets further off the deep end is not surprising. This is serious mental illness.

  • Willy Wood

    Where can I find the court documents that back this up? Spying on US citizens is not a surprise but if there is proof we need to get it out.

  • Lynn Burkhalter

    This sounds like years and years ago, when the government was trying to find out who was communist and who wasn't. What the hell is happening to our country?

  • Lynn Burkhalter

    Bring it on!! Last time I check this was America not Germany! I will go to any site I darn well please to go! I fill so sorry for Trumps wife. What she has to put up with! He probably barks all night long.

  • Msnjolo

    It's not like I'm not sympathetic to your situation in the US, but last year I tried explaining to people that refused to vote for Hillary that things will get very bad. Just because it's never happened before doesn't mean that it is impossible. Most of the scoffed and said that they simply had to vote with their conscience, that she is worse than trump after all he isn't so bad and they'll just have to tolerate trump for a few years and he'll just be a figure head and that there are checks and balances that will prevent him from doing any damage.
    Well the checks are failing and it looks like a lot of you may loose your voting rights by the next election. I grew up under a dictatorship for most of my life. Here we now vote like our lives depends on it. I hope you all will take something from this experience.

  • loek van hijningen

    i live in Holland and i am anti trump. and l give comments on u tube video`s guess what? we got several phone calls from Washington! for real

  • The Resistance

    Incoming T-rumpard trolls "just looking for the lies" and spewing out their vicious half-truths LIES again. Ignore them – they'll go back under their rocks. Resist! IMPEACH the Nazi regime! Sign here

  • Jean-Pierre Zapata

    This abuse of power is just another example of how Fascism has worked in the past. F Cousins is absolutely right. We have been living in George Orwell's "1984". This is blatantly unconstitutional like many other things that have been done.

  • Nonstarter-in-Chief

    Reminds me very strongly of Erdogan in Turkey, another autocrat who by the way Trump agreed with on limiting the press or the opposition's influence. America, this "unifier", this insecure thing named Trump, is trying to very slowly step by step convert your democracy into an autocracy, a dictatorship at worst. This man is a true psycho!

  • Sean Flanagan

    The way to oppose this in my view is by joining as many anti-Trump sites as possible. The more people who stand up to Trump in this way, the stronger we will be.

  • Sean Flanagan

    Anyone who wants to email the DoJ about this, here:

  • craig leventhal

    Surely it would be easier to find out who has gone on a pro trump website and then go after everyone else. Pro Trump list much smaller!

  • Graham Eaton

    A few weeks ago I commented on the frightening parallels between 1930s Germany and Trump's America. This is yet another example
    of the legitimacy of that comparison. Racist bigotry, suppression of the mainstream media, misuse of power to suppress people's freedom.
    Wake up American before this fat fraud turns your country into a dictatorship.

  • Gary Sinnott

    I'll paint a fucking great target on my house right now. Hi Donald, you incompetent, racist, misogynistic, ignorant, combative, bullying, belligerent, arrogant, orange narcissist. You are a fake president.

  • tapolna

    After I heard this, I intentionally visited and supported anti-Trump websites,
    We all are anti-Trump now, even if we like the chump, or at least should be, if we oppose the oppression of free speech

  • TheJagjr4450

    ANTIFA is a VIOLENT terrorist organization and everyone associated with it shall be treated as an enemy combatant.

    Where is your article relating to the Obama IRS targeting conservatives and then providing the dox info to other agencies? The irony of the 1984 thought police is that you are projecting… the left wants to keep people from speaking.

    War is peace… up is down… left is right… WTF are you just a CIA mouthpiece?

  • subliminal

    We already know they built a train line beside Amteax in Montana for immigrants and dissidents wow 1984 so how many are u going to kill Trump? Twitler

  • Adam Kiehl

    You losers are lost yet again in your attempt to impeach Trump hahaha! Is it fun failing all the time? People don't care what you think. If they do then they are just as fucked in the head as you assholes are. It's funny how the "catch me outside" girl has more subs than your channel does. Grow some hair Cousins, people might mistake you for a white supremacist or a skinhead. Wouldn't want your liberal comrades to beat the living fuck out of you because no one knows who the fuck you are. That would definitely be a good thing.

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