DoIT Accomplishments for 2015: Campus Computing Infrastructure
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DoIT Accomplishments for 2015: Campus Computing Infrastructure

>>Campus information technology
needs are constantly changing and evolving. Right now, a big
need is for shared and scalable computing services.>>The campus computing
infrastructure initiative, or, CCI, is designed to
meet those needs. CCI is a campus sponsored
and governed initiative, delivering a portfolio of
IT infrastructure services.>>The initial offerings
include data center facilities management, server
hosting, storage, and backup and archive services.>>In 2015, CCI dramatically
increased the use of shared storage
and shared backup. And we also made
key improvements at several designated campus
data center facilities.>>CCI also built a new
self-provisioning virtual server environment that allows folks to
deploy a Windows or Linux server in just a matter of minutes.>>In addition to building
new services, CCI also had about 100 campus engagements
over the last year. Through these relationships,
we have learned that people are at all different stages
of their IT life cycle, from brand-new gear
to aging hardware.>>To help with this,
CCI’s strategy is to offer flexible services that
meet people where they are. People can augment, adopt, or
align to our shared services where it makes sense for them.

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