• Origin Of Everything

    This episode marks the first 3 person fan pick episode in the history of Origin of Everything! I’d like to thank Chaeyoung’s Peach and Wowman542 on Youtube and Matt Palka! (who I got to have a vidchat with as part of the perks I gave away for Project for Awesome) who sent in suggestions for this topic. Also special shoutout to Wowman542 for putting me on to Stacks and Facts, an awesome Youtube channel about library science!

    I'll be hanging out answering questions in the comments for the next hour, so send me your thoughts!

  • A1blkman KAG

    Yes we do, nothing can replace a book in your own possession. Any form of historical records are censored by the ruling political correct at any given time, to the victor goes the spoils. The narratives of any given idea is dictated by the controlling political ruling parties, the only reliable records left are found in tangible books that are not manipulated by others, out of your own possession. This is why the burning of Books is considered one of largest injustices to civilization. Destroy a civilizations historical records and you destroy his existence. The most valuable historical record in existence are out of print, outside of your financial reach, limited in quantity or rare, or tainted and edited through reprint. To truly fact check information originating from another individual, you must see it in a Book, in the actual words of the author who originated the subject matter. Books are one of the last beleavable or trustworthy forms historical information. Teach a man to fish you feed him for life, give a man a book you liberate his mind.

  • Yelrebmikkim

    Don't forget about how nice it is to work on group and invdividual assignments at the library, especially if they let you bring coffee in! Glad you talked about it helping poorer and disadvantaged people get access to books and other resources.

  • allimba

    Libraries are absolutely positively still essential to our fabric of society and to democracy. Libraries are so much more than just a building with books, they provide much needed services for our communities and safe places to go.

  • Tamara Cochran

    I don’t even need to watch this , yes we need libraries. I check out tons of books because holding a book is better than electronic and is doesn’t damage your eyes . It’s proven that reading a physical fiction book provokes a emotional response not produced in electronic loans . This emotional response is important for developing empathy for others and this is proven. Also if something tragic happened and the internet was totally wiped out books would survive and be our written record of knowledge and history.

  • Miss Construde

    YES keep them open. No power = No internet. Besides, the Internet lies. You can go into a Library, and find the books that tell the entire story of what happened and not just a slice.

    Also, if you need to learn how to do something, there are plenty of books at the library that can teach you how. Plus the classics, and history, and dynamic fiction and non-fiction books are an opening to a whole new universe of knowledge. Knowledge IS POWER. Hug a librarian today

  • 迈耶迪伦

    Libraries are vital to communities, as a young child my parents couldn’t afford a computer so I relied on the library for schoolwork

  • sf nooner

    Last night I watched PBS's brilliant LIGHT FALLS with physicist Brian Greene. On the other end of the spectrum, there's this sort of dumb PBS lowest common denominator stuff. Anyone who would argue for closing libraries should be shot.

  • CJ Thibeau

    Woah, who knew libraries had such a long, intricate, and interesting history! Can't wait to see what you teach us about next!!

  • Tracy Griffin

    Yes we need the library! Because people need resources. And it's free to the public.
    I go to Mary Vinson Memorial Library. I go about every two weeks. Checkout ? mostly fiction and sometimes nonfiction.

  • Jaci Whitfield

    Can we please do a movie about Regina Anderson Andrews? New York had its problems and so I’m sure she had her challenges…. We need to get to know this woman!

  • Estefanía del Sol

    I think that Pew Survey question was also a bit poorly worded, if that's how it was reported. For example, I have not set foot in my public library for two years so I would say I have not visited one in the past year; however, I have rented e-books and audio books on a phone app through my library during this time, so I am still using its services. That wording could mean that the percentage reported is lower than reality would reflect, which could be detrimental depending on how these survey results are used. :/

  • wavesofwoodenlegs

    You are on point with everything in regards to this topic, especially about libraries experiencing slashed budgets. I work at a public library, in which the librarians are not told how much they have left in their budget until the end of the fiscal year. As a result, they order a lot more materials than what they usually do to maintain that budget for the next year. If they didn't do this, the Board of Trustees would decrease our budget, assuming that if we don't spend a lot, then we don't need a whole lot.

  • Natalie Avand

    Libraries are indispensable to a functioning democratic state, providing in the first line an access to information for everyone.

  • Lara Jernegan

    I love libraries. I use them for audiobooks, ebooks, and physical books. I have money for books, but why buy them, when my tax money already paid for them. Also, why hoard them where no one else can use them. In my mind, the library is the one place in life that is absolutely fair. I even collect library cards as a hobby. Libraries for ever!

  • Amazing Supergirl

    I think libraries will always be relevant as long as they change with the times. For example, most have a lot of ebooks you download online.

  • R WG5

    Libraries are needed far more than expense accounts for politicians. Help fund public libraries by defunding political expense accounts. I have to buy my own lunch, and pay for my travel. They should too. I want my taxes going to well funded, staffed, and stocked libraries. 24 hr libraries would be great!!!!

  • René Fabre

    Yes we do still need libraries! Now more than ever! We need these (free to all) public institutions with no hidden agenda to learn, browse, grow, discover and enjoy without artificial intelligence , algorithms, Influencer's or predictive behavior engineered advertising. As stated in this video, no one class or group of people should dictate to any other group what access to knowledge they may or may not have, pursue, or possess. Some of the best days of my life were spent in libraries drifting freely through the ages from author to genre to topic. What blissful (self) discovery! It's vitally important as a free society that our culture supports access to an open unbiased social learning environment to all of its citizens.

  • Amanda Lewis

    We really do need libraries! In fact, when I was a toddler back in the early 90s, I was diagnosed with a speech problem. The one thing that helped me in speaking was not just speech therapy, but also going to the library to read books! And surprisingly enough, I was really good at reading even with the developmental delay! And ever since then, I got a college degree in Library Science! Take libraries away and, children like myself in the early days, will not get the same help I got!

  • Dan s

    We don’t need books so no need for libraries. We don’t need schools, therefore no need for teachers, custodian staff. We don’t need order.takers in fast food restaurants because they can have very low paid Indian take orders. Then it can be transferred locally. This is very efficient. Newscasters can work from low-paying countries. It’s savings, savings and more savings. We can remove 80% of workers. Period.

  • Timm Hermans

    Of course we need them, first not everything is online. Second digital info is more sensitive for wrong info and if there happens something to the electricity or the server where its standing on its lost.

  • Kirk Moore

    It will get to the point that libraries will be like my 1958 Impala, not practical like my Ford focus but fascinating for historical reference. It's quicker finding facts on line if you avoid obvious fake facts….

  • Life'saBeach

    I am taking an online course, so I do read electronic books, but I still get real, paper books from our local library all of the time, easier and cheaper than going to a book store and buying one, and I like reading a book that doesn't need a battery

  • Tom H.

    We still need libraries. The average citizen thinks of a suburban branch library, which is okay; but they don't see the collections of books and materials in central public libraries — not to mention university libraries — that contain information which cannot be accessed through the Internet. People who depend on these range from students to activists to journalists and community leaders, not just senior citizens checking their stocks in The Wall Street Journal.

  • Fave O. Ritt

    Great video. I think libraries will continue to evolve, like everything else. They will become even more multimedia.

  • deborah rabbit white

    I love libraries. Libraries are needed more than ever, but weirdly, most folks don't seem to know it.
    I do not like the new cataloging that my greater municipal area has recently begun, by subject like a book store.

    Thanks. I hate it! dewey decimal works.

  • Colin Silver

    I ask my myself this question every time I choose among my hundreds of digital books on my tablet. The benefits are many, but take away my charging ability and I'm bookless and sad. So yeah, we need libraries.

  • Adriana Manjarrez

    do we still need cages for kids liqour stores strip joints skate parks bars beauty salons cop overtime pay teachers schools

  • Caturday Nite

    Many people here in the US vote at Libraries. If they get rid of a local library I feel that is attack on the local vote. Besides, books are important. And it's the only place to get a book for free to read. If you are poor and don't have access to the internet or have the cash to buy a book this is the place for you. BUt, people with money can use it too, because it's for everyone. Libraries store the heritage or humankind. They are essential for an informed electorate.

  • Dennis Miller

    Wikipedia is open source, and in my life history has been changed in this source. So we still need the original texts so that we do not forget our history.

  • Jenny Waldensi

    As a military brat and then a military wife, I found the local library a welcoming, familiar place. While it is true that the Internet provides some rare/out-of-print, etc. books, the local library offers immediate access to a quiet place to think, study, relax and even read for pleasure. Not only do I believe we "still need libraries", I see the growth of the "Little Free Library" movement as a promotion of literacy, community sharing, and neighborly caring for one another. It does not negate the importance of the large local library, but can enhance it. Book mobiles are wonderful, and should have more financial support. Many work long hours and find it difficult to get to a library after they are off (hence: the idea mentioned above as a social-gathering library). People share their favorite books in Little Free Libraries — and some of those books are not particularly welcomed in many public libraries. Churches have often had little libraries, as do private schools. These also are supportive to the education and edification of its people. These too may have materials not found in local public libraries. The "politically correct" movement affects Friends of the Library groups, who have cleansed many public libraries across the U.S. of books for over 30 years now. Books that extol the "traditional family" (Dad who works and is married to Mom, who either works/volunteers only part time so she can be there for the children when they get home from school, and provide a good meal for the whole family, etc.), conservative Christian books, etc. are generally not welcomed in most public libraries. Another good reason for conservative people to be involved in the provision of good books into the local public library, church library, school library and/or Little Free Library.

  • Paul Andrei Gillesania

    Do we still need libraries?

    A question for the antiquated idea we have of libraries than what libraries really are today.

  • Men In Black

    Yes we still need them. The PDF book is good but it depends on communication and computer infrastructure. A book is physical and can last for many many years as is.

  • DeBorah L Pollitt

    I am a true lover of public libraries. Today I still use the research skills I learned and developed in libraries, when I search the web. Imo, the prevalence of fake news is in part due to the number of people who can't do research to find out if their information comes from a valid verifiable source. Public libraries are the poor man's university.

  • Tim Kiehl

    tell it like it is, Christians burned the library at Alexandria (conquest may have built libraries but religions destroyed them)

  • Conner Fields

    Can we do an introductory video on the varieties of masculine presentation (and by that I mean independent of bio-sex)? We have what, the hyper-masculine way of presentation. We associate this (rightfully or wrongfully) with the working classes for whatever reason. We do not associate it with the middle or upper-middle classes. Why?
    We also associate a macho way of presenting oneself (at least in the U.S.) with what we might think of as less privileged minorities (right or wrong). Latinos (or latinx), African Americans, and to a lesser extent Native Americans, or Hmong/Cambodian Americans.

    Next, we have middle class machoism. It is more muted than its working class counter-part. It might die off in adulthood for some. It starts in childhood, and extends to puberty (the time boys wish to prove their manhood). This is where psycho-social development meets (intersects with) class awareness and class conflict/competition (which might not be realized until adulthood) also emerge as themes passed down in educational institutions, and for some (but not others) they are internalized as part of one's being.

  • Sandra Hedlund

    It is harder to change information when it is printed and widely spend. If it is only online or in one location it is easier to 'spin' for the 'good of the people'.

  • R Ehalt

    All general histories elaborated by Americans stop being general once they start talking about the US. Yes, Ben Franklin and the other guys invented everything, sure.

  • Cheap Thrilll

    I don't want to live in a world without well stocked public libraries. They have only gotten better, more useful and more necessary since the tech revolution/internet age.

  • Cameron

    we could have free and democratic access to information and free public spaces already, but we would need to reorganise society horizontally. until that time, love me a public library!!

  • eclipse

    Yes we do but done differently.
    I tried to go get a library card last year and they needed like a dozen forms of fucking documents and shit. I just walked out.

    Just take my driver's license, copy it, get my current address info and give me a damn card you asshats.

  • Alma Kwami



  • Angela Brown

    I'm sorry to say you are wrong.The first libraries were built in Africa our ancient black ancestors.everthing started in africa.There were Libraries in ancient eygpt and Timbuktu.

  • Courtney Sokal

    We go to our public library at least once per week. They have programs and storytime for my son, I get cookbooks and other books, and they have community gardens onsite that people without yards can rent out and plant their own vegetables and things. So yes, let’s keep the libraries!

  • bren

    we do need libraries ..when i was 8 years old i had this desperate desire to learn ..i thank everyday for libraries..

  • Somashankar Bhattacharya

    We do indeed. I say this as a guy with a personal book collection of over a thousand plus two Kindles. En passant, large tracts of terra firma are still pretty much offline, so no other way. Moreover, the virtual never is a full replacement for the tangible. Anyone here who likes the feel and smell of old books?

  • Arold 88

    interesting info. I didn't know that Malaysia have Carnegie library. But from my search, its already demolished. 🙁 https://www.upi.com/Archives/1982/03/18/Rare-Carnegie-Library-in-Malaysia-to-be-demolished/9717385275600/

  • Lily M

    I would not have passed my university degree with my mental health in tact if it weren't for libraries MY HOUSE IS SO LOUD.

  • James Hopper

    Yes. Hands on materials, access for those who have no other options.  It is a meeting place for groups and individual personal social interaction and many other reasons.

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