do NOT turn around… | THE HOSTING GAME w/Joey Adventures & Kyeluh
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do NOT turn around… | THE HOSTING GAME w/Joey Adventures & Kyeluh

– Greetings, Ghosties. Welcome to tonight’s
video where we’re going to be playing The Hosting Game. I’m so excited because
I’ve played it before, and I didn’t last very long. I got super scared while playing it. I heard some things in the
room behind me and that was it, I was done, I ended the game. But hopefully tonight will
last a little bit longer. And I wanna play it
tonight because remember the video that I made maybe
like two or three weeks ago, telling you guys about how I’ve been having some weird experiences? If you haven’t seen it,
I will put a card up here so you guys can check that video out and see what kind of
experiences I’ve been having, but the short end of it is I’ve just been seeing some things out
of the corner of my eye. It was like shadows or
figures, really quick moving. When I would look, they’d be gone. So I don’t know if it’s ghosts, I don’t know if something’s
wrong with my eyes. I don’t know if it’s my
mind playing tricks on me, but it’s been freaking me out, and if it is a ghost, I thought we could play The Hosting Game to
try to summon these spirits and maybe talk to them,
or catch some evidence. I don’t know. But I’m gonna put the brakes on, because before we go any further, I’m happy to tell you
guys that this video is in collaboration with my
friends Joey and Kyeluh. They’re gonna be playing
The Hosting Game as well. Now, all three of us decided
to play The Hosting Game because we’ve been having
some weird experiences in our houses and in our lives. You already know what
I’ve been experiencing, so I’m gonna let them explain to you what they’ve been experiencing, and why they’re gonna
play The Hosting Game. – Hi, everyone. I’m Joey from Joey Adventures. I am a paranormal investigator, and I am excited to collaborate with Michael Scot and Kyeluh Rebecca. It is so exciting to play this paranormal game called The Host. First of all, I wanna
thank Michael and Kyeluh for doing a collab with me. I am going to play the host at my sister’s 100-year-old haunted house. I have been doing a series on this house for several months now,
and I hope you will follow my journey and see how it goes. Bye.
– Hey, guys. My name’s Kyeluh, and I’m
playing The Hosting Game over on my channel with Joey and Michael, because I’ve had some strange
things happen in my house, and I also discovered a couple months after purchasing it that someone has passed away in here, and I do think that whoever it is has been
making themselves known. Something actually happened
in here last night, so we’re gonna be playing
The Hosting Game tonight, and I’m hoping that we
can get some evidence of that on camera, but thank you so much to Joey and Michael for
doing this collab with me, and for letting me like, intrude myself in the middle of your videos. I’m super excited and
hopeful that we will all get something spooky, so come on over to my channel after you watch their videos if you guys would like to
see if anything happens. I’m a little bit nervous,
kinda freaking out. But I’m ready.
– I am super excited to see both of their videos and see what kind of evidence they come up with. You guys, please go
check out their channels. I will leave the links in
the description down below to Kyeluh’s channel and to Joey’s channel, so make sure to check them both out, subscribe, they both do
really great, creepy content. So you’re gonna enjoy their channels. Now The Hosting Game. For those of you who
don’t know what it is, or have never heard of it before, it is a paranormal game or a ritual that’s supposed to summon spirits. More specifically, it’s supposed
to conjure three spirits within whatever room you
designate as the hosting room. Like I said, I wanna conjure these spirits into my hosting room
because something strange has been going on, and maybe we can get to the bottom of it. Since I’ve done a video on this before, I’m not gonna go real
in-depth into the directions, I’m just gonna go over them really briefly for those of you who aren’t familiar, and then we’ll start playing the game. Well, as soon as it gets dark. It’s still light out. I gotta wait ’til it gets dark out. Now, if anybody has come over from Kyeluh or Joey’s channel, or you just don’t wanna hear the directions,
I’ll leave a time stamp so that you guys can
skip right to the game and not have to listen
to all the directions. But if you want to,
here are the directions. I’ll give ’em to you now. Step number one is to
turn off all the lights and anything that could
make noise in your home. So TV, phone, et cetera. Turn it all off. Step number two is once it’s dark out, turn off all the lights in the house except for the light in the hosting room. For step number three, you’re gonna start at the furthest point,
or the furthest room from the hosting room and you’re going to say out loud, “I will be ready soon.” You’re gonna say that in every room, making your way back to the hosting room. And this is to let the spirits know that the ritual is going to begin soon, and it’s kind of like prepping them to come into the hosting room. Step number four, when you
get to the hosting room, you’re gonna have a piece of paper. And on it, you’re going to write, “You are invited to a
gathering hosted by me, “that takes place at”, and
then I’ll write the time. “Bring your friends.” And then you place that sheet of paper in the middle of the hosting room. Step number five, I’m gonna stand in the doorway of the hosting room, facing into the hosting
room, and I’m gonna say, “I am ready, you may come in.” This is the step where you’re inviting whatever spirits that are around to come into your hosting room. Step number six, you’re
gonna turn off the light, walk out of the room, and keep
your back faced to the door. Step number seven, you’re
gonna take out three matches. You’re gonna count to 10, and then you’re gonna
light the first match. If the match lights, you’re gonna say, “I’m glad to see you,
thank you for coming.” And then you’re gonna
move on to the next match. You’re gonna do that for the first match, the second match and the third match. But the third match is a little different, ’cause supposedly if you
strike the third match and it doesn’t light right away, you’re supposed to end
the game immediately because something bad could happen. I’m not gonna do that even if
the third match doesn’t light, I’m still gonna play anyway, because we’re just gonna go for it. So the final step is
lighting that third match. Once that match is lit,
that is kinda the beginning or the cue for the
spirits to start talking. And at this time you should start to hear voices and whispering coming from inside the hosting room. But no matter what, you’re not supposed to turn around and look inside the room. Which is gonna be the hardest part. It was the hardest part
last time I played, because if you’re hearing
stuff coming from behind you, the first thing you
wanna do is turn around and see what the heck
is going on behind you. But like I said, last time I
played I didn’t get very far into the game. Once I lit the third
match, I was listening, I started to hear noises
coming from the room, and that was it, I was done. I was too much of a chicken to go on. This time I’m gonna suck
it up, I’m gonna be braver. I’m gonna try to sit there
for longer and listen, see if we can hear anything. I’m gonna try asking some questions, even, see if we get any responses. So now we just have to
wait for it to get dark. I’ll see you soon. I’m back and it is dark out
as you can see behind me. I think I have everything ready. I’m gonna use my office, this room, as the hosting room. It’s kinda the creepy room. It’s got Chucky Annabelle in here, it’s got all my like, haunted stuff, too. So it just makes sense to
have this be the hosting room. So I have already turned off everything in the house that could make noise. That was step number one. Step number two, I have to
go to the furthest room now, turn off the lights,
turn off all the lights in each room, and as I do, I have to say, “I will be ready soon.” This is kind of the point in the game where I start to get a
little nervous and scared, ’cause I have to turn off all the lights. And I don’t like being in the dark. Also, if you didn’t see the video, this hallway here is where
I saw a shadow figure come out from the bathroom,
walk straight through the hall and into the wall, like just disappeared. If you didn’t see that video, I’ll put a card up above
so you can check that out. But it was creepy. I will be ready soon. (ominous music) Just have to do the
hallway and the upstairs. This guest bedroom has
always creeped me out for some reason, especially
the closet, and it’s open. That’s a no-no. Don’t like that. I will be ready soon. And the last light is here in the hallway. I will be ready soon. (ominous music) I have my matches and the paper. I need to write the phrase on the paper. I’m gonna get out my three matches. One, two, three. Now I have to write on here. You are invited to a gathering. Don’t tear apart my writing. Hosted by Michael. It takes place at 10:32 p.m. Bring your friends. (ominous music) All right, so I need to leave this in the middle of the
room, come to the doorway, say what I gotta say, turn off the light, and then we’ll switch to
the night vision camera. We’re gonna set this right
in the middle of the room. There it is. Turn off the light on my camera. (sighs) This is the scary part. I’m ready, you may come in. (loud banging) Oh, my God, a fucking firework went off, just as I fucking said
that, and now I’m terrified. Okay, even though the fireworks scared me, and now I am terrified, I am in the dark. I have the last thing that we have to do, which is light the candles,
or light the matches. The hosting room is behind me. I’m not allowed to look in there. I’m gonna count to 10 and
then start lighting these. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. (match striking) Okay, that one did not light. (match striking) I’m glad to see you, thank you for coming. Okay, one more. (match striking) I’m glad to see you, thank you for coming. Now is the time where we just listen. If we’re gonna here something,
oh, I’m not supposed to look, it’s gonna come from behind us. Is there a presence in my hosting room? (soft tapping) I heard like a faint tap or knock. I can’t look, I keep wanting to look. Can you say hello? The weird thing right now is that I hear something downstairs. (soft tapping) Hello? (ominous music) Is there someone here with me? Trying to make it so you
guys can see in there. I don’t hear any whispering right now. I did hear like the tap
before, but that was it. Can you make yourself known? (ominous music) Can you tell me your name? Now I’m getting freaked out a little bit. Now I’m getting freaked out a little bit. Now I’m getting freaked out a little bit. Now I’m getting freaked out a little bit. Feel like I’m getting the goosebumps. I don’t think you can tell. I keep feeling like I’m hearing
stuff downstairs just now. Okay, I know that you’re
not supposed to do this and it’s not part of the game, but I’m gonna go into the hosting room. (ominous music) And maybe if I’m in there
I can hear something. Is there anything in here? Is there anybody in here? (ominous music) Thank you for coming, good bye. All right, so that was kind of weird. I wanted to come back on my regular camera and just kinda tell you what. I don’t know what to think right now. So I didn’t hear any whispering. I don’t know if I caught anything like an EVP on the camera,
but with my own ears, I didn’t hear any
whispering or any talking. I did hear a couple times,
like a couple taps and knocks. I don’t know. I’ll be interested to go back and like, review the footage. All right, you guys, I hope you enjoyed playing The Hosting Game with me. Thank you again to Kyeluh and Joey for doing this collab with me. You guys, don’t forget to
go check out their channels and see what happened
when they played the game. I’ll leave the links down below. If you enjoyed this video,
make sure to give it a like, and if you’re new, hit
that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye.


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    Hi Michael!
    Just wanted to let you know.. I'm listening.. You have just begun going from room to room….
    At 9:03 You have a Class A EVP..
    By the looks of it?…"No One was there??"..
    At this time code you are pulling the 3-matches out of the matchbox and making sure everything is set but!
    You say: "I get out my 3-matches…"
    You have a disembodied voice, possible inhuman that says..
    "Come On." Very clear audible.

    9:19 You: "You are invited to gather..
    As your writing… You have interference by a disembodied female who says.."Right."…

    9:22 Sounds like female taking a breath..

    9:27 You: "Don't tear apart my writing.."
    Female disembodied spirit whispers loudly.."Come On!"

    10:08 You: "Then we'll switch to the night vision camera."
    Faint female disembodied whispers "Yeah."

    10:32 I ABOUT HAD A HEART ATTACK!! Damm Fireworks!!

    11:09 A "Bang" is heard from inside the room.

    11:22 You: "Ok? That one did not light."
    Male "Sigh or passing breath sound" is heard right after your explanation.
    11:32 You light the 2nd match.
    Male whispers "Alright."

    12:08 Unexplained steady knocks… Like a metronome.

    13:05… 3 additional knocks can be heard clearly.

    14:13 You: "I could hear the tap before.. But that was it."
    Female clear disembodied voice says "Deep Breath."

    14:37 You: Can you tell me your name?"
    Extremely faint female spirit says "Sara?"

    14:44 You! I'm getting freaked out a little bit."
    EVP possible Horn of trumpet sound/very faint.

    15:05 You:"I'm getting goose bumps but I don't think you can tell?"
    Female spirit acknowledges it & whispers "Yeah. I can.."
    (I think you heard her because you pause for a second.. Not sure at what you've heard!)

    15:15 You: "I can hear the stuff downstairs."
    Right before you say this … There's what sounds like a Gutteral Grunt?" Might be demonic in nature? Might be a mimic. Be careful Michael.
    It unnerves me to hear it.

    15:37 You are getting ready to go inside the hosting room.
    Voices can be heard very faintly from somewhere in the residence? You have someone talking.. Just hard to make out.

    15:55 We apparently have a spirit that uses a very colorful description to show his displeasure of having you move location!
    You are going into the office..
    As you start to get up..
    A Male Angry Spirit whispers loudly.. "Suck My Ass!"

    16:32 & 16:43 have loud unexplainable noises.. Like sticks breaking. It continues with several other cracks.
    Michael.. That was the end of it.
    On a Personal Note?
    You got guests. I wasn't to surprised. Somehow, you knew they were there? You just needed validation.
    How you deal is up to you. If they aren't harming you? Enjoy! If they are working your psyche?
    Maybe a cleansing by someone who is experienced to do so, or a medium who can send them on their way?
    I hope this answers some of your questions. You've got someone there. Tell those bitches that if they're planning to stay? They better cough up some rent!?

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    Could you please shout out my friend Ace Krei's channel in one of your videos? She is an up and comer in the YouTube game and is a huge fan of yours. Its would mean the world to me and her as one of your biggest fans. Thanks in advance brother.

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  • paranormalauraa

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