DNA Office Hours Excerpt: Does Domain Name Parking Still Work?
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DNA Office Hours Excerpt: Does Domain Name Parking Still Work?

Is domain name parking dead, or does it still work today? Watch this to find out. There are four types of domain names that make money
with parking. There are domains names that naturally get
type-in traffic because people expect there to be something there. I get that with instruct.com. People think like I want to learn something
I’m going to go to instruct.com. That’s the first type, they expect something
to be there so they type it in. The second one are typo domains. I typed in “amaxon” trying to get to amazon.com
and I typed in amaxon.com. That’s gray, dirty trademark, or typo traffic. There are domain investors that buy those
domains and park them offshore and they’re under whois privacy protection and Amazon
doesn’t even know that they’re losing traffic to them. The third type are adult domains, you know
the sex.com, —-.com whatever you want, people are typing it in, sort of goes back to this
first type (type-in domains). Then there’s fourth type which are domains
that have a back link profile. So they used to be operating websites, they
used to have a ton of links coming in and even though the website has gone out of business. The domain name may have auctioned may have
sold to somebody else, its still going to have hundreds of thousands of links on other
websites and people don’t go back and update their websites, their posts, their articles,
you know things like that so it can have a lot of back links coming in. [Four fingers in the air] I’m waving at
you right now. And so given that you need to examine whether
your domain name fits that profile. If its not a killer single word domain name,
its not a great typo traffic, it’s not adult traffic, and its doesn’t have a link profile,
you’re likely not going to get very much traffic. And even instruct.com and other keywords that
I have like diagnose.com they don’t get direct type-in traffic. They don’t get very much and when I say
very much, let me quantify it. They don’t get more than 50 type-ins a day. Probably around 20, 30 something like that. That number of type-ins isn’t going to generate
enough parking for me. I think maybe I would make $10, $15 a month
off one of those domains diagnose.com and to me its not worth that low amount of revenue
when I can pass up the opportunity to have a really clear landing page that says the
domain is for sale and try and sell it to an end user who is typing it in. Alright, so for you is it still a viable option? Yes it’s still viable option if you buy
the right type of domain names. Let me do a share screen, there is my screen. I’m going to maximize it, go over to DNAcademy. If you come down to the webinar section down
here in the reference and this is just in the newsletter, and you go to view archived
webinars. This comparable sales right here 43things.com
case study. AbdulBasit, I hope you watch this, it’s
not only six minutes, AbdulBasit sold a domain for $24,000. It was called 43things.com. It was a task management, bucket list sort
of app. It was really popular, didn’t charge anybody
anything so a lot of people used it and it had a back line profile of hundreds of thousands
of links such that he made 200 to 300 bucks a month off all of those people clicking to
43things and then him displaying parking. So, you know there is an example of does parking
still work? Yeah, you bet, in the right situations. If you’re struggling with how to buy, sell,
and value domain names, you need to check-out DNAcademy.com. Published by me, Michael Cyger of DomainSherpa,
and trusted by Uniregistry to train their new employees, you too can learn using the
DNAcademy accelerated learning system for domain name investing. Learn more at DNAcademy.com.


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