DJI MAVIC MINI – How does it Compare with Other PORTABLE DJI DRONES?
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DJI MAVIC MINI – How does it Compare with Other PORTABLE DJI DRONES?


  • Phillip Tatum

    ALWAYS enjoy your videos! They very informative and professionally done. Please keep them coming!
    Been a subscriber (w/Bell) for quite sometime.
    Thanks again,

  • Stan Cook

    At this point Brett, I don't believe it. Many have show toy drones that look just like this one and it is hard for me to believe that DJI would sell a drone with the little tory screw-on props but we shall see, huh?

  • ANDJ Visuals

    Hey Brett!!! Glad your back ! I was looking to get a drone to do videos like Sam Kolder thru small spaces and definitely this will be perfect for that specially if those frame rates are close to real like 2.7k 60fps. I guess I have to start saaaaaaaaving again for this company. Gonna be on wynwood this weekend doing a photoshoot, I will pass by if you’re there and say ??!

  • Jet Martin

    I think you are right on the money. While 18 mins of actual flight time would be respectable…. as you say we all know 18 mins on paper translates to 15min of actual flight time at best…and I'm guessing that with OA turned on this would be more like 13-14 mins. Now with 13-14 mins as your starting point you know your not going to fly the battery down to 0%…you'll likely return with 20% battery remaining just to be safe…Now we are sitting at 11-12 mins of actual flight time. If you subtract out GPS lock time of 1 minute you're down to 10-11mins of actual flight time and this doesn't include time to get the drone in position to get the shot…So realistically your talking about 10 mins of usable flight time to get your shot…and that's when the batteries are in their prime.
    That said not much more DJI could do given their goal of getting the weight below 250g. What we need is some new battery technology…now would be good to pull out the graphene batteries…this would give you really quick charge times (30 mins) and they are lighter…not sure about cost. Also if I were DJI I'd make the Mavic Mini batteries USB-C chargeable.

  • Ian Jones

    Well put across info as always. With the air sense coming 2020, this Mavic mini/Spark2 and a re released Phantom 4 v2 will fit just fine as last ones released without it.
    When 2020 does arrive what will come first ? Inspire 3 , a tweaked Mavic 2 ?
    What’s your take on that Brett ?

  • B Maniac

    Nice wish list but impossible to be done under 250g!
    You can trim down the spark to reach that weight but barely, imagine if you add 3 axix gimbal “heavier”, longer flight time “bigger battery, heavier”, 4k camera “heavier”, folding arms “heavier”.
    I wish, I could find a drone like that under 250g so I don’t have to deal with the faa but not any time soon at a cheap price unfortunately.

  • Bryce Christensen

    Nice Video! I ended up deciding on the DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom and I'm very happy with it so far. Check out my videos if you're thinking about getting one to see the video quality, etc. (I've been getting better on the videos by adjusting the quality in the app so fyi)

  • Gemster18

    Great information, but for me no ocusync, no go! If it comes with the enhanced Wi-Fi…i I'm staying away from it. That's just my opinion.. you may as well just stay with your DJI spark or your mavic air if it doesn't have ocusync.

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