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Dirty Bomb: Community Servers

Our latest update is live but what do you think of it? Our latest update went live earlier this week and it’s filled to the brim with features and new stuff. This includes Steam Trading, a higher Credit
earn rate, the new levelling curve and much, much more. If you want the full run down on everything that went in then you should check out our patch notes. There there can find all of the news, so enjoy. With the update Community Servers became pre-orderable on Multiplay’s website. So if you’d like your own space in Dirty Bomb
to play with your friends then head on over and take a look. Any servers you pre-order will go live early next week once we’ve finished our round of
testing, but we’ll let you know as soon as this is done. We’d also like to remind you that this is
the first implementation of Community Servers and over time we’ll be adding more customisation
options. Steam Trading is now live, so that means you
can send and receive select items with friends. With this initial implementation you can trade
a number of Weapon Skins, including KMA, Royal Force, CoreSec, Melee Mayhem and the new skins
which went live with the update. We are planning on adding more items to the
trading feature over time, including other Weapon Skin cases and a selection of Loadout
Cards, but we’ll give you updates on those closer to the time. Every item that’s tradeable will also be able
to be put on the Marketplace when that integration hits, but again we have no further information
available on that for you just yet for you. Another new feature in this update is an updated
tutorial which I might add is super shiny. Not everyone will be able to play it though
as we’re currently doing A/B testing to see which version of our tutorial is the most
effective. This means half of you will have access to
the new one, while the other half will be able to play the previous one. Once we’ve verified that we’ve improved the overall experience, we’ll push out the new
tutorial to everyone. If you can’t play it, don’t be sad. I’m sure someone will make a YouTube video about it soon. Hey guys I’m 6runk. Welcome to another episode of ask the devs. Please don’t forget to leave your commentsand questions in the section down below for next weeks video. and let’s get you guys some answers. Have you thought about implementing a new type of objective? We’ve definitely have thought about changing
objective types or adding additional objective types into the game, however as of right now
we are just going to be focusing on what we have available. Will there ever be performance config that
devs make for low-end PC’s or similar? That’s basically what our minimal settings
on our settings page are for. However if you feel that we are lacking certain
things where things could be further reduced without giving an unfair gameplay advantage. Please let us know either on our reddit and our forums
or just reach out to our support services. Why you don’t get a refund in Credits/Rads
when you Buy a Bundle that have a Merc you already own? The answer to that is actually pretty easy
there are already very heavily discounted and because of that there’s no additional
savings that we could responsibly pass on. Will the old versions of maps be available
for rentable servers? On day one of shipping the rentable server
feature we won’t have any of the old maps available. That is also to do with the fact that there
were a lot of additional and extra work went into revising Terminal and Dome however, if
a lot of you want to see those with the rentable feature down the line please let us know in
the comments, or on reddit on our forums or various other social channels. There’s few feelings better than spotting
an enemy out of the corner of your eye, flicking, scoping and landing a perfect headshot
And that’s a feeling st0phammertim3 has a lot in their sniper montage called Collateral head on over, check it out and enjoy the scopey goodness. Last week, your reported issues were Weapon
Balance, Match Balance and Server Performance. For Weapon Balance, we’re planning on having
our next pass sometime after the 1.0 release, so if you have any feedback or suggestions
please let us know. For Match Balance, we’re currently investigating
updates to the Quick Join system to improve this as much as possible, including how teams
are shuffled to make makes fairer. And for Server Performance, if you feel like
a server isn’t performing as well as it should, then please submit a ticket to our support
team and provide information on the server name, time and date of the issue along with
an explanation of what happened. Now subscribe, you don’t want to miss out
on anything… I promise.


  • Feint Gaming

    I think that your update was almost great. I know that it is human nature to dwell on the bad things more than the good but I want my leveling rewards. Why are you rewarding new player but not giving the veterans anything. With that being said I like the new tutorial and steam trading could be fun.

  • Duanne Manake

    game is shit after the update, balance still sucks, can't view player levels and items now, everything is wrong

  • Anthony Schlessman

    i dont see the point of the lvl up change, it just means that i have now missed out on 150+ crates, thanks

  • Alexandru Alexandru

    You know what you should resolve? Smurfing, kinda hard to get new players if the smurfs dosen't let them to experience the game. Tried to get a friend to play with me, but he tried the game at first on the low level channels, he got that share screens going, and guess what? The other team's first player had like 10k points, the others ? Less then 2k… Wanna know why? Because the smurfs base camp them. Sadly I don't have an evidence, but i assume that even if I had , it will be useless. Because baning a new accont won't make the smurfs care.

  • Simster275

    Yes I prefer old terminal and dome so would love to have those… And execution… Maybe I'm just old in the game so too much nostalgia to the original content

  • Miguel

    Changing missions to force players to play for longer periods of time doesn't encourage them to keep playing. Fast progression does. The reroll function is okay but it's a net detriment to try and wring people for time they don't have and money they don't feel like rewarding you with.

  • HansEinar Fuglum

    Wow, you guys dare to add a marketplace to DB, i assume the low tier cards like bronze will fall from current price of about5pounds to a couple of cents.


    All the game need next is a battle royale mode as a marketing gimmick to get more news players. Nah, just kidding. Although, Paladin kinda did exactly that .

  • adders2097

    You are focusing on the wrong thing, no one cares about aesthetic, rented servers or trading if the game is broken. DB will die harder than Brink if you dont sort it out fast.

  • Ness

    4:12 translation: everything has sucked recently, but we have actually good content and features being pushed for 1.0!!

  • PaladinWiggles


    1) Are the previously hinted Loudout changes & weapon attachments officially dead?
    2) If so can we expect gen 3 cards in the future? Perhaps with new weapon options. Kira & Arty could use an option that isn't burst/dreiss.
    3) Can you make the new tutorials shooting range available to play as all characters/loadouts (even ones you don't own)? So we can try out new mercs/weapons/cards without entering a game.


    A dead game again murdered after new update. Unable to see levels of players.. Balance is shit, so new way to make it more unbalance is remove levels and introduce new garbage way of levels,.. 600 player base, I wish 0 to be soon

  • Ariel Hor

    I noticed that player levels are absent from the scoreboard, but you can still see the level of the person who kills you. Is it an oversight that you left that info omitted on one side but still present in the other?

  • yakcode

    Leveling system is broken, if possible provide badges similar to other military style games. Also a battle royale style db will also be great to play

  • Shreyans Bhandari

    I Play on a high end pc with gtx 1080 and 16 gb ram and so on with i7. … I have a good network also .. But still it gives me a high ping .. Plz setup a set of servers in asia and one in india …. It would get so many people to get playing dirty bomb and many people in india love first person shooting game and moreove ri feel dirty bomb can outshine other games easily… Thankyou and please reply

  • Christian Kveton

    give us back our levels!! whats the point of having levels, if nobody can see it?? i want to know what i have to deal with when i join a server.

  • Z_ Gako

    #askthedevs have you ever tough about making a training map like the one vassilli is using in the tutorial with full access to every weapon?

  • T VS

    I don't like the higher earn rate, I already have most of the mercs and I want to have to actually work to get all the mercs.

  • Aramgo

    Thx for the update (Y), i would like to know if you are planning on implementing: Offline Practice Mode or way to try out Mercs, weapons, loadouts and related (owning them or not) and Free Dedicated Servers?

  • ZiMRA

    now let ppl make comunity maps and the game will be legendery…. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goooooooooooooooooood this is soooooo needed.. imagine all the new gamemods ppl will make… jesus.. trickjump servers boiiiiiiii

  • ZiMRA

    also CTF mod is litealy made for this game… i just dont get why … i see that u need completely diffrent map type but it whould be pretty fun with 2 defenders and attackers at ones… seems like ppl loooooooooooooooooooooooooove camping thesedays


    I think this game is great as is, especially as free to play and not pay to win. If you want to get more mercs etc quick without playing, then pay. The new tutorial is quite fun and you get the basics. Boosters are fine really as you now don't have to use specific mercs. The bad points I have are balance, and old terminal was better, and the few bugs/crashes.
    I also think the Bushwhacker Obsidian is quite good.
    I have played over 1000hrs, got all mercs and now collecting Colbalts. (did buy Obsidian Phoenix and Arty).

  • Michele Agresti

    there was no need to do this on the level.
    I can not see the level of the enemies and my team. Is it a way not to understand the balance?

  • Noblemight

    Considering I have probably played the tutorial more times than I care to count at this point, I'm curious how you decided to pick who gets to see the new tutorial.

  • MatthewPH Lambee

    I like a lot of the features of the new update, but I really don't like the level curve. I liked having the challenge and grind of the game to get that 400,000 EXP for a level up and Progressive Advancement Crate .I personally don't mind the contracts and credit boosters either, but the game has undergone so many changes It looks totally different than from the 1 year ago I started playing.

  • YWDB Rufus

    Why should i rent server with 11, 13, or 15 slots? For a spectator?
    Btw feels like u want to give us min/max level server but let us pay for them..

  • Yeoman !

    Bring new maps, Merc and weapon customization system! come on please enough of these colorfull skins, its just not so appealing!

  • thedefinitive

    New tutorials is loads better than the previous one. The menu is much more responsive as well. Credit earn rate and the contracts system is an improvement as well. Also thanks for giving us vet players the level we'd be at we'd been playing with the new shorter leveling up time the entire time.

  • Charming_Prism

    Can we play execution mode and maps on rentable servers? That’s the only reason I’d like to rent one.

  • Sairam Karthikeya

    Weapon cases are impossible to open & if you do you open one you end up getting scarred or worn loadouts of bronze. How do you expect players to grind for rads or open weapon cases ?

  • Li Li

    Wow~~~Today I loading DB just curious what's update.
    I played 5 matches in normal serve. Wow~~~Lvl is not show up on the match list anymore.
    Nice !! Finilly my wish came true. Good job team.
    You know why ? Sometimes ppl just see HIGH LVL on the other side…and they put the fuk "shuffle" soooo many times, that's really annoying and mess up all match.
    Or low level in your team and you don't want them in your team
    So "shuffle them" GO A WAY , but most of time it didn't work cuz "Page up" problem lol

    Well anyway…..MY THUMB for DB this patch. Satisfied

    Now we can enjoy the game just for fun and freedom without LVL pressure.

  • NuRr4x POWNY

    New Tutorial is a bit strange (didn't really get who MercServ is, been away for a month) but all in all great for new players. The medic part is still missing and I wished there would be a small part for every merc which gets unlocked when you buy the merc.

  • traida111

    Oh no, no no. I just come back from a break to find dirty bomb developers have removed player levels from the scores? I find this insulting. Glossing over the fact that pro's shouldnt be mixed with new players. I just freed up 6gb storage on my hard drive with that uninstall. Thank you dirty bomb developers for fucking up the game and thanks for wasting 1718 hours of my life.

  • John Zed

    SD is trying to make the game more balanced by removing the level display on the scoreboard? Don't think it's a good idea.

  • Mohamed Hamoda

    please change the contracts that has 1000 credits . cus it's so hard and wasting of time and 1000 credits not worth it . bugga 😠😠😠😠

  • Matt Grieshaber

    Can you remove rhino or at least give him a rework that nurfs him? he has 200 Hp and a Minigun that is not countered.

  • Randall Hing

    I think there is a bug cos it says I have 10 cases but when I go to items it says that I don't have any cases so I cant open them

  • John Zed

    new tutorial doesn't have medic related training, witch means rooks may have trouble reviving or healing the teamates.

  • Maxwell McFregs

    You DO realize that you could've just made an in-game trading system without relying on the slowpokes at Valve to add it to their system, correct? Granted, marketplace additions would be impossible without it, but that could've came in later.

  • Brandon Ardila

    Please…, please! Make small updates. Make polls in order to know the real opinion of players (maybe short polls for >15 level players). And the balance of weapons, I think, can be one of the most important updates in the game

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