Diners are upset over OCD waiter | What Would You Do? | WWYD
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Diners are upset over OCD waiter | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Two three, okay, I hear you come finally Hi Is everything all right with your table? It’s great. Thanks Actually, look if you want me to move you to a different table I can yeah, no, it’s fine Okay, you said yeah. No. I just I need to be sure that you’re sure cuz I can move your table is fine No stunts. No, you can’t you touch that and if you’re sick Then I could get sick and I’m gonna be serving food and you would get sick then everyone gets sick. Oh my god, dude What are you crazy? No, he’s not crazy. He’s just showing the classic signs of Obsessive-compulsive disorder counting a constant need for reassurance excessive worrying OCD is a mental illness that causes uncontrollable and recurring thoughts and behaviors if you saw a waiter being taunted simply because he has OCD What would you do? I don’t know what your problem is, but you need to get it together. Yeah, I hear therapy’s great Our hidden cameras are rolling at Colonial diner in East Brunswick, New Jersey, I Guess thankfully. Um, can we start with just a house salad each two households? Our waiter John Marcos excessive whirring, sorry, I’m sorry does not go unnoticed Dude, what is your deal? Ugh? I have OCD obsessive compulsive disorder So you have a mental illness or you’re crazy. What exactly is going? It’s a it’s a mental illness It’s a mental illness and you’re here working it As he defends the waiter, this former waitress is out of her seat and offers to help Yeah, I’m sorry. I just I actually I’m sorry. I’m sorry and without missing a beat she grabs a different pen and goes to work I’m addressing just your regular like really good together Oh great, thank you. Thank you very much Peter thinking thinking. Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you Why would you help them? Why wouldn’t you that’s his job Insulting and while they had no problem speaking up this woman watches quietly until she’s overcome with emotion and hurries away in tears But when she returns Her emotional reaction makes sense after she tells us this How does it manifest itself a lot of racing thoughts a lot of repetition things like that What do you want people to know about mental illness that? We’re normal people We go to work we have kids. It’s no lesser than any disease that the body is just a disease of the brain We’re rolling again Okay, what’s wrong Sorry, I can’t pick up that fork. I just I’m sorry. I have OCD. Are you serious? Why are you working here if you have OCD? I’m trying to challenge myself and push through it. Maybe you should try like therapy This woman knows what it’s like to live with a disability and that shapes what she tells the manager I mean it’s none of my business, but I feel for them and I feel for him too, but maybe he should be With someone like standing next to him and let that person take the order. He has OCD. I’m trying to give him a chance Yeah, I know that’s very noble and give him a chance. I’m disabled. I don’t like I’m not gonna be a ski instructor at the same time But I feel he deserves a chance You were torn yes the night that I’ve wanted to tell her be easy on him but at the same time she wanted to get her meal and I felt like he was Sincerely trying and I thought I felt so bad for him I Can’t pick it up. What do you mean? You can’t pick it up? Well today people are very willing to defend our waiter who’s suffering from OCD Why is he looking at a restaurant? What is wrong with you men wide But no one comes to his rescue quite like Linda and her mother Ali, thank you I can hear you and I just I can’t pick up those two It’s you working in restaurant I know it’s got germs and I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m sorry If she’s being very intolerant and very very rude Bring in Barry. Copy perfect. You should fire him is everything. Okay? Yeah No, she’s being very rude to you right now. Thanks for your ridiculous You shouldn’t have I would have no problem with him being moving at a while then maybe you should be I have no problem I don’t even we’re good. Sorry. Sorry yourself dude. That’s fine. Wow. You’re gonna lose more business with this one for you Get you some more coffee. Yeah, I Just saw I just don’t want to talk because since We all have our shortcomings you all have things that we need to try to deal with I’m doing and you were telling them and they were being really belligerent to you. So it’s you you were fine Are you okay he was so wonderful You were so sweet to this young man What were you telling him with that embrace that it was? Okay that you know, we were here for him and what they did was wrong and he did nothing wrong It just takes tolerance, you know, we all have to understand that World different you gave him a hug I did Why was that could see it was gonna start to cry and that one made me cry You


  • H Ovalle

    As someone with OCD with germ triggers (there are lots of kinds of OCD triggers, and not everyone has the same triggers), this gave me all the emotions – happy people stood up for him, cringe when the older lady gave him a hug (it was meant as a kindness, but for someone with germ triggers touching can be really upsetting), frustrated that the character hadn't developed strategies for handling his job (People with OCD can live fairly normal lives by developing strategies and rules. If I were this character, with those particular triggers, I would wear nitrile gloves so that I wouldn't have to touch anything directly, for example. They are cheap enough to be frequently replaced over the evening. He could use napkins to pick up the fork. For my particular triggers, I carry bottles of hand sanitizer for when I touch surfaces and kleenex so I don't have to touch anything. I use my shirt or sleeve or elbow or knee when I need to touch a door or push a button. Then I change my clothes when I get home.) It's hard dealing with the shame and guilt. Last night, I warned my husband that his sleeve almost touched the trash can, and he called me paranoid. It hurt, especially coming from someone who is always supportive. (I don't think it is paranoia, btw. I asked him and he agreed he wouldn't eat out of the trash can because of germs – those same germs are on the outside of the trash can. I just have a different threshold for what constitutes "too many" germs. For me, there are too many germs on the outside of the trash can.)

  • Sexy Love

    I feel like in real life one should get help though and not just expect everyone else to just deal with it. And resign to live like that. Of course we must be kind, but in real life he shouldn't be working as a waiter. He should be working on himself.

  • pera peric

    I mean c'mon now you can't be working as a waiter if you can't pick up fork from the floor, I personally wouldn't care about it but you can't blame other customers either

  • harlem boy

    ignorant people need to understand that ocd is like any other diseas that exists in the world and to treat people with ocd with a little sensitivity

  • Roselle's Wings

    As a senior in hs diagnosed with OCD and two other disorders this is a daily issue when it comes to school, I'm glad to see the people who defend others suffering from OCD

  • Sam .P

    This is freaking stupid episode. No one that have OCD will be working here because the owner of the restaurant will not keep these people. This is not realistic at all.

  • Ruby Fox

    I am autistic, and it comes with a mild form of ocd. I feel like most people with ocd don’t have it this bad, however I appreciate the fact that this tv show is trying to educate people on how to act around those with mental illness

  • kris6682

    Someone with ocd shouldn’t be a waiter there are plenty of jobs out there they could do that said there was no reason for the women to act the way they did so I’m glad someone spoke up

  • Gavin Westerlind

    Have 0 sympathy for people who have the urge to tell me they have OCD because they are neat or tidy. It’s so ignorant when there are people who struggle so much that it takes them days to do laundry and they are scared to seek help.

  • Chad Verkruisen

    When that lady asked for the pen and he said she cant touch it she didnt skip a beat. She just said "that's ok I've got my own". I broke into tears, she's so understanding and amazing!!!

  • Simon Stafford

    I think the first woman in pink had the best reaction I’ve ever seen in this show. Honestly, don’t try to fight with words those who don’t support you or others, give a hand and help those who can appreciate kindness 🙂

  • Luka Stepanovich

    It is so comforting to know that there are good people in this world. Watching this always makes me feel happier! ❤️💜🧡💙

  • Charmander Maye

    I have OCD. I have to do everything by the number 3 and I bring gloves everywhere because I don’t know what could be on surfaces. I have kits for sanitary uses. It takes me a while to do things (fall asleep, get ready, leave for school) because of this.

    Sometimes it’s so unbearable because something feels wrong (the order of my room, for example) and I can’t figure it out or work through it.

  • Glitter Rat

    I am so glad people get to see this. Sometimes when I explain a behavior to others people will comment "oh, your a little OCD" of course I am always happy and willing to explain that actually I'm very OCD and have had to work very hard and am proud to be able to function on the level that I now do every day. Obviously this actors representation is not an exact representation of everyone's experience- it is good, I think, for people to have something they can see and grasp.

    I will say, I'm a bit surprised by the young " disabled lady" I'm kind of shocked that she wasn't cheering him on. OCD never goes away completely but it can be "tamed" this man is fighting back. I'm suprised she didn't encourage his efforts

  • Work hard Play hard!

    I am not sure if the black woman was acting or not because most of them do act very rude and disrespectful in public. 🤔🤔

  • Dmoney gaming

    I’m 12 with OCD I have to have my tv volume on 5 10 15 20 u know what I mean.also when I walk down and up stairs I have to start on my right leg and end on my left.

  • Kellz 82

    You either have no kids or no heart or compassion to just be patient w him. Everyone needs a job or u wouldn't get served! This really bothered me. He's tryin to push through it.. and thats what we need more of! He could easily just give up and down thr drain because of judgmental people like this! So mad rn.

  • jason lu

    my nephew has autism and OCD. If some of these people treated my nephew like that I would not just speak up. They would wake up with a concussion. As for the people with heart to love their fellow human being. Makes me believe there still good left in this world.


    Nah bro wtf is this 😂 if any waiter or waitress came up to my table like that bro I would piss my self scared 😂 fr bro cmon y’all this shit is bananas 😂

  • Angelo Iafelice

    I felt him. Racing Intrusive thoughts, Anxiety, Nervousness, Weird repetitive behaviors. It’s dwindled down now but Racing Thoughts get the best of me. I’m a normal person with a problem that doesn’t roadblock me to success. I have a Stammer but I found a job at a restaurant. Don’t let your disability define you. 😢❤️

  • mike Robert haan

    I do understand what he has OCD is disability saying like I have disability it is Down syndrome I know how that feels being mistreated like that no one will not like that at all.

  • SoloPerICommenti

    I think the disabled lady was the only one keeping it real. The OCD guy has the right to work, but he should have a job that he can perform. Otherwise you make it worse for everybody, for the customers and for the guy himself.

  • Just A Person

    The disabled woman made me sick. What’s wrong with her? She’s being fucking mean and ignorant. You always have this image that when people have it tough, they’ll be understanding towards others who have it tough too, but this, of course, doesn’t make sense, because thise people can still be stupid as hell. Just like that disabled woman proved right here.

  • Breanna Ledbetter

    I thought OCD was needing to organize things and things needing to be in order. Not being a germaphob. Can someone explain please bc I’m confused??

  • Mr You

    Shouldn’t the waiter work in a different job? Being a waiter with OCD is like being a personal trainer that’s overweight. It just really doesn’t seem like a good idea

  • Eu Gyah

    Although this is very sad, why would an ocd person work as a waiter, it’s bothering other people, as bad as it sounds it makes no sence!

  • Lea Louro

    I have OCD too, it's not a joke and while mine is different from the waiters it's still hard.
    Going to school or work or anything is ten times harder because every time I touch something I feel the need to wash my hands, it's as if I can feel the bacteria, it got so bad that at one point my hands were wrinkley and so tight that if I stretched them they would start bleeding insanely, and take forever to heal, and always having to double check everything is a pain.
    My classmates AND teachers would bully me about it so much too;
    "You cant touch the computer? I don't care write this down."
    "Touching a marker isn't going to kill you."
    Don't joke about this shit, it's hard.

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez

    To be honest i kind of agree with the women someone with that’s level of OCD shouldn’t be working at ya restaurant where people’s germs are all over the place

  • Rita Tran

    Okay this is me being kinda brutally honest but if you have OCD, working a restaurant is probably not the best option, it can get messy.

  • Taylor Pandolfino

    me: picks up someone’s wallet that they dropped and gives it back to them

    Hi iM jOhN qUiNoNeS anD tHiS iS wHaT wiLl yOu dO!

  • Shabbana Kousar

    Billions of people around the world being killed, dying of hunger, and poverty…WWYD


  • Susanne Nielsen

    Weeeeelll i dont know about this…. if you cant do your Job, provide the service your job says… then you cant Work there? Like… dosent matter if its ocd or a BROKEN arm… if he cant do the job?

  • SwiftStar Games

    I have mild ocd (with a slew of other things) definately not sever but when I start feeling like I need to do something i cant help myself. usually it surrounds around the number four. Ill take four bites of something wash my hands four times check the lock four times, ect and this kinda kindness warms me

  • Sarah Khan

    I’m sorry but the disabled lady was right . Half of the work for waiters requires them to touch , pick things up and if U have any problem with that then ur basically of not much use for the customers

  • freya silver

    no offence but i’d probably get frustrated, i would never be rude since he can’t control it, but i’d think that a restaurant isn’t the best place for him to work since there is a lot of things that he would struggle with

  • Jason Saley

    how come almost every episode of this shit the first person to stand up for them has done the same career or similar things, shit kinda fake

  • RubixPurrlix

    I mean i have ocd too but its not like this???? I'm not a neat freak, not afraid of germs, not a perfectionist…but i do have bad compulsive thoughts? This didn't portray my ocd well :(. I guess mine is rare

  • Tim Tim

    Someone please tell me that bitch in a wheel chair is not getting a check and talking shit about people working with their disabilities.

  • Gorgeous Baby

    I like this show for telling people to be kind to each other but I m now thinking…… Will this show stop people from being kind / exploited of their kindness…?
    Now everyone is so scare that John might always pop up whenever they did a kind deed…. Those old enough will remember 'candid camera'…. I do a kind deed daily but I dun want to be captured on camera. 😱

  • Tsunami

    ”- Why do you work as a server if you have OCD ?
    – I am trying to push myself through it.
    – Maybe you should try like, uhm… therapy. ”
    And people are mad at this woman for saying a completely logical argument ?
    Political correctness seriously messes with people's minds.

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