DietPi NAS Server on Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus
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DietPi NAS Server on Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus

Welcome to PcMac Today, I am going to create a NAS with the help of Dietpi. On my raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ So let’s do it. First of all let’s go ahead and check the IP address of our raspberry pi. By using the Wireless Network Watcher And it will scan the network. As you can see the IP address is 73. So, lets go ahead and close it and open the putty to access Our console So, i am right here Login with root and the Password If you don’t know how to install dietpi on raspberry pi. i will leave a card on the top right corner now. You can check that video out. and then you can continue with this one. So, we are right here on the console Now we need to type dietpi-software dietpi-software and hit enter It will bring this window for us from here we need to navigate to software optimized. open it , it will open the list of available packages for us, so what we need to do, we need to move down And we are using Samba : feature rich file server as our NAS server To select any package from the list we need to press the spacebar then you will see the star appearing on the option as you can see in front of 96 and then just press the TAB button to select OK and hit enter. Then this window will appear you need to move down to install and then again press the TAB button to go to ok and hit enter Then it will check everything and then you need to press ok and it will start installing the NAS server on our raspberry pi with the help of dietpi So, it will take a movement to install this package On our raspberry pi, So, i will be backSo, the setup is complete As you can see server unexpectedly close the connection, let’s press ok. and as you can see The system will reboot now, this complete the dietpi Software Installation Now, lets right click here and then restart session and login with root and password So, once i logged in the default password that we need to use to login to ssh is root and dietpi So, lets go ahead and tell you how you can access your NAS server To access the server you just need to type the IP address with 2 backward slashes in front of it like our ip address is on the top here 1.73 So, you need to type the same ip address here and press ok It will directly take us to the shared folder That is the NAS folder. what we need to do we need to type the password and the default password is dietpi but if you are not able to login here you don’t need to worry, what you need to do just go on the console and type this small command for the samba password smbpasswd -a dietpi and you can hit enter to change the password so let’s go ahead and change the password you can set a new password of you choice and removing the default one and just go ahead and type the new password here and you will be able to login So, by default their are 4 folders available. Download, music, pictures and videos all these are free so, you can move your data here and you can use them on your network


  • PcMac


    T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !

    P L E A S E L I K E A N D S U B S C R I B E !


  • Steve

    Maybe you could do something with NFS , I have been digging deep into different file systems , hypervisors, virtual servers. I have been also playing with Thin Clients and the LinuxTerminalServerProject-LTSP settings up networks in virtualbox, proxmox you get the idea. These shared filesystems ZFS NFS and I believe there are several more. I like the idea of disk-less clients all booting from a server. I know you are fixated on Dietpi at the moment, but right below Samba was the option for NFS, even if you made a video about Dietpi and NFS it would help better explain the basic principles of a Networked File System, and I wouldn't mind trying it out with my Dietpi installation . It also goes hand in hand with NAS, maybe we could also talk about setting up a RAID and the different types of software RAID for our Dietpi NAS.

    A suggestion for a good video for you is this … Check out its a software you install on Windows . Its a Thin Client OS for the Rapsberry Pi 2 model b and works with any model Raspberry Pi made after that up to 3b+. The software allows you to run a full x86 Windows desktop environment and all x86 applications on your raspberry pi. The small .exe program living on the windows computer has a TFTP and DCHP server built in so as long as its running you can boot your Pi straight from the network, even over WiFi ! The .exe program also formats your microSD and configures it for graphics, the microSD will only store a very small file containing a boot-loader. The free version of the software supports up to 4 clients(Pi's) and it works on normal PC's as well for disk-less booting. There are virtually no configurations that need to made to the microSD unless you want to get fancy with static IP's and other networking protocols. Great for kids too if you do not want them to have access to a full computer or it takes up too much space in the room, you can control what they have access to right form the .exe program.

  • Marty Kelly

    You always do a great job on your videos. This was helpful. I’ve been using OMV as a NAS. Wondering if OMV or DietPi would be better with Plex on a Pi. Thoughts?

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