• prince alsham

    OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!
    My dreams are coming true! I'm an electrical engineer and my work depends about 70% on Dilaux evo, you don't know how much time I'll save by using these features! you really made my day! Thanks Dial <3

  • Mohammad Modassir Hussain

    Please help me with the details involved in .ies files. I mean while creating .ies files, do we need to design it with specifications like lumens, wattage…Or we only decide the curves or shape of light while creating .ies file.

  • Habibur Rahman

    Thank your for innovations.But can you help me a proper industries design how i build it and use that place luminaries and calculations properly, and then i export that's documents. i saw your many tutorials but i can not make a industry design as like your design. can you make a full a tutorial for Industry building design with luminaries use.

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