Dewaweb Cloud Web Hosting Murah Terbaik Berkualitas Pertama di Indonesia
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Dewaweb Cloud Web Hosting Murah Terbaik Berkualitas Pertama di Indonesia

An online business usually begins with a website
and your chosen unique domain name. The website will need to be uploaded
to a hosting server so that your customers can visit it at any time. In a hosting server, there are usually
hundreds more websites being hosted inside. How does a traditional hosting server work?
Let’s see it together. Your website along with other websites are
now placed within the hosting server and are ready to serve the customers. Customers are visiting your website and
at the beginning your online business is running smoothly. But have you ever experienced the traffic to your
website suddenly dropped and there were many customers complaining that it was hard to access
your website? In that hosting server there’s one dominating
website that got visited by a lot of customers. When this happens, the server becomes overloaded
and the server’s traffic gets jammed (bottleneck). Access to other websites (including yours)
becomes very slow, and this is a common problem within a traditional hosting server
environment, where all the websites inside it are sharing the same server processor and
memory resources. Another problem is threats from hackers – they
could hack and inject various malwares in your website, and
this could corrupt your website and you might lose your data The hosting server could also experience hardware
failures or network problems, which would result in total downtime for the server
and your website. This problem usually took a long time to fix. This could cause a serious decline in your
sales and profits – or worse, you could suffer financial losses. Now, there’s a new hosting solution to
overcome all of these problems… Introducing Dewaweb, The First Cheap Cloud
Web Hosting in Indonesia! Every cloud hosting package in Dewaweb
has a fair guaranteed processor and memory allocation for each website. If your website experiences a spike in the
number of visitors and need more resources, all you need to do is just to upgrade to
a higher cloud hosting package This way your website would always be
available to serve your customers anytime optimally without experiencing any downtime. Dewaweb also gives free Time Machine Backup
to automatically backup your website everyday. If there’s a hacker trying to corrupt your website,
all you need to do is just access your control panel and click the Time Machine Backup icon
to restore your website. Your website with Dewaweb is being hosted
in a cluster of servers – called “the cloud” which has a built-in Auto Healing feature. If one
of the servers in the cluster goes down, your website would still be operational because
another server would immediately replace it – and this only takes a few minutes. So with Dewaweb you will not worry
about slow loading websites, hacking threats, and server down problems anymore. Dewaweb gives Free Lifetime Domain for you
and is always ready to help you anytime, including moving your website to
Dewaweb Cloud Hosting network with no extra charges (FREE)! You can now relax and grow your online business
with peace of mind… with Dewaweb! Are you in the cloud?


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