DevFest 2018, Cirq for quantum computing, commercial Kubernetes apps, & more  – TL;DR 121
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DevFest 2018, Cirq for quantum computing, commercial Kubernetes apps, & more – TL;DR 121

AMRIT SANJEEV: Hello, I’m Amrit
Sanjeev for The Developer Show. This is your update on
the coolest developer news from Google in the last week. DevFest 2018 is the largest
annual community event series for the Google
Developer Groups program and will run from
August to November. Head over to the post
linked in the description below for more information
or to find an event near you. The Google AI
Quantum Team recently announced the public
alpha of Cirq, an open-source framework
for Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum, or NISQ, computers. Cirq is focused on
near-term questions and helping you understand
whether NISQ quantum computers are capable of solving
computational problems of practical importance. It’s licensed into
Apache 2 and is free to be modified or
embedded in any commercial or open-source package. You can find the GitHub
link on the post. Production-ready
commercial Kubernetes apps are now available right
from our marketplace, bringing you simplified
deployment, billing, and third-party licensing. Now you can find the solution
you need in Google Cloud Platform marketplace
and deploy quickly on Kubernetes clusters
running on Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes
Engine, on prem, or even other public clouds. Link to the marketplace
and apps are on the post. You can now import
and export data easily in Cloud Spanner console. This includes exporting
any Cloud Spanner database into a Google Cloud
Storage packet and importing files
from a GCS bucket into a new Cloud
Spanner database. For more details and
links to the docs, head over to the post. Google Compute Engine Ultramem
memory-optimized machine types are now generally available. This means you can now provision
Ultramem VMs with up to 160 VCPUs and nearly 4TB of memory. That’s the most VCPUs you
can provision on-demand in any public cloud. To get started, head
over to the post. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Amrit Sanjeev for
The Developer Show. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you next week. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m trying to save
my breath, I think, for the long [INAUDIBLE].


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