Deploying Microsoft SQL Server to Google Compute Engine
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Deploying Microsoft SQL Server to Google Compute Engine

In this Cloud Minute, I want to show you how to deploy Microsoft SQL Server on a Google Compute Engine instance. In Google Cloud Developer Console Go to Compute Engine and create an instance Give it a name, select its zone and then machine type For boot disk, choose one of the SQL Server images provided And hit create Once the instance is ready You can create a Windows user and password and remote desktop into it like any other Windows instance Once logged in You can use SQL Server Management Studio to connect and manage the SQL Server instance You can check out the links in the description of the video for more information Thanks for watching!


  • elton matimbe

    In this age , who wants to RDP in to a VM just to manage the instance. The whole aim of the cloud is to simplify things . . GCP should have a manages SQL server service like AWS RDS

  • Shashank Bisen

    Thanks for the steps, after logging in with Windows Authentication while creating a new Database it's giving me access denied error, any help?

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