Deon Cole Attends Kanye’s Sunday Service
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Deon Cole Attends Kanye’s Sunday Service

(upbeat music) Please welcome Deon Cole. (cheering) (cheering) Uh, I se you came correct this time. Shoe cam please. (laughing) And away we go. Yes! Yes, with the Chanel sneakers. (laughing) Yes. By the way, I hate that Chanel is sharing with men now. Why? Because Chanel was the one designer that was only for us, and now they’re for you too. Oh well. (crowd laughs) Last time you came, you had on Gucci sandals. Yes. And you know what I’ve been called Sandal Boy ever since. Everywhere I go, they be like “Sandal Boy!”. (laughing) I mean, only cause, you know. (laughing) You know, you look nice though. I like my sandals. I like your piece. Hey, I like your piece, what is that? I think the stone is called Pomelo or (stuttering) Pomelo I think that’s the name. Well, you live in L.A. what is that, some sort of weird earthy thing? Nah, I actually bought it in New York. Oh!
Yeah. I bought it over in the diamond district. Okay! Yeah, yeah. Well you work two shows, you’ve got plenty of moolah. (laughing) So, I saw what happened on the flight with your Gucci purse. It wasn’t a purse. Well, okay, well. It was a , it’s a backpack! Tell everybody what happened with it. The, I’m sitting there, just chilling with my man David Hollister from Blackstreet. We sitting there– Hi David! We talking. And we sitting there just talking then this dude, this guy he just reach up and he grabs my bag and he goes, “whose purse is this?” (laughing) And I’m like “what?” (laughing) so I aint even claim it. I just sat there. (laughing) Dave was like, “get yo bag”, I’m like “no, no, no.” (laughing) and he kept going “whose purse is this?” I was like “he gon’ give it away before I say anything” But you know what the thing is it does look like a backpack, I wouldn’t of called it a purse. Yes! Yes, it’s a backpack. Well, men don’t know. Well everybody, the ladies, these other ladies they was like “it look like a purse” Oh! No it’s a backpack. Oh. (laughing) I was like, “everybody knows it’s a backpack”. Did it stress you out? It did stress me out. Okay. I hate unexpected stress. Here’s the thing about Deon, and I have no idea, like… You literally get stressed out about the littlest things. Yeah, I do like. Are you on medication for that? Do you see somebody? Yeah, I just bug out that’s it, and everybody knows something wrong with me, but like, it just be little stuff. Like if you, at a grocery store and aint nobody behind you, like who’s supposed to grab the divider? (laughing) And that’s a reason to get stressed? This guy came behind me one time and he was like, (groans) (laughing) I’m like “whoa”! (laughing) I’on know that’s my job, who’s supposed to grab it? I don’t know who’s supposed to grab it. (laughing) or if you pull up at the gas station, and you pull up and you pull on the wrong side of your car. Yeah? Your gas tank on the other side. And everybody be looking like, “that aint your car”. (laughing) That’s stressful. Do you have high blood pressure? I might. (laughing) Something’s wrong with me, I don’t know what’s wrong. Something’s wrong with me. (clapping) (laughing) He’s from Chicago by the way, hi Chi. (cheering) Chicago boy. Do you have love in your life? Do I have love in my life? Yeah, who doing? Oh, lots of love. Do you date a lot, and date often? Hmm.
(laughing) Yeah. You know I just, I just spin around. You know, float around, spin around, hang out. Going places, spin around and leave. Do you have coastal friends, cause now you’re in New York, do you have a friend here? Yeah, yeah, I got friends everywhere. No, you know what I’m saying. Yeah, yeah. (laughing) Yeah. Do know know Kanye? Do I know Kanye?
Yes. Cause I, cause we’re gonna talk about the Sunday Service, but did you know him from Chicago, is what I’m saying. Yeah, I know him from Chicago, from back in the day. Really? He used to be in this group called the Go-Getters, in Chicago yeah, he was a great producer, man yeah. Yeah, and so now you catch your life at his Sunday Service. I go to Sunday Service, yeah, every time. Sunday Service is crazy, man. Well do you pay to get in, tell me? Nah, you don’t pay, you don’t pay. Are you going? Well I’m now inside. You know, I’m an insider for the family. Yeah. And he invited me to the Sunday Service, but I live over here. But when I go back over there, and the Sunday Service is at his house. Yeah. But it’s a compound, so you can’t rob and steal. No you can’t.
No. It’s like, this energy center type thing, where he does all his stuff, his music, his clothes and everything. Yeah, I’m very curious. But I’m telling you, it’s a vibe you never really felt before. It’s just a positive vibe, with a choir and they belting out just really inspiring tunes, and that’s what it is. Everybody keep thinking it’s a cult, and I’m like “nah it aint no” (audio cuts) It’s like cultish, like he’s– Nah, you just sing, he’s just singing songs, inspirational songs. You know that words to them? Dude, no, no, I don’t. (laughing) So you just move your mouth? I just sit there and just be like. Okay you can sit, cause I was gonna ask that. Do you have to stand the whole time? No, you can stand, you can sit, it’s nothing, it’s like, it really aint nothing church about it. No it aint even nothing church about it, it’s just inspirational songs. Is there a concession stand like– No! There’s no food, you bring your own gum and chips and stuff. (laughing) Now if you have to go to the bathroom, do you just wet your pants or do you, is there– No, you can go to the bathroom. Where you think we at, Wendy Williams? You’re, (laughing) I don’t know, I don’t know! (clapping) (laughing) It’s y’all (mumbles) can y’all leave? No, it was us going, I like that, you know I’m a spiritual person, I like that. And I’m going, I just wanna know how to prepare myself. This gonna be a feeling you never felt before because you gon’ have these inspirational feelings– Do you cry? Some people do though. Okay, I will. Like some people do, but you gonna be feeling inspired and you’re gonna go “why are you so inspired around these group of people?” and then it’s gon’ let you know that, yo, man, just, you get your own vibe and feeling just off, like God is in your heart and he gon’ hit you whenever he wanna hit you. Yeah, yeah. And so that’s what it is. All right. (cheering) I had no idea you used to be fat. OH? Right?! (laughing) Oh, receipts please. (laughing) I don’t eve recognize you. I’m sorry. No, we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing at– No, no they look like, eughhh! (laughing) I was still pulling women. (audio cuts) (cheering) I aint even, I aint even know I was fat! So look, so, you just wore big clothes to cover everything and– Not even cover everything, that was just the style then. Back then. Yeah, so I just had big jeans on and I guess I just kept getting bigger and bigger in my big jeans. And the women still loved you, that’s no problem, you’re still cute when you’re fat, but let me ask you, did you get the gastric sleeve or something? How’d you lose the weight, how much have you lost? I lost about 55 pounds. Really?
(cheering) Yeah. (clapping) Okay. How’d you lose it? You know, stress. (laughing) That’ll do it every time. Believe me. You’re looking good. I’m single. You’re single? I know. (cheering) I know. Do you like salt and pepper lobster? (cheering) I do, yes. We’ll talk. (cheering) All right so let’s– (cheering) Look. But no. Looks like I got another friend in New York. (cheering) Looks like I’ll miss the bachelorette again. (cheering) All right look, so two paychecks, nothing… (clapping)
(laughing) Nothing like a man with a job and you’ve got two. Two hit shows, let’s talk serious, okay. Cause a lot of laughter going on. This is a big deal. Grown-ish, everybody has been picked up for the third season. (cheering) And, and then you got your role on Blackish. Yes, yes, Blackish is sitting on six seasons, yes. Yeah. What is your extravagance now that you’re, I mean you’re successful, you’re 50 pounds down, you got an open chest. (laughing) what do you splurge on, because I know you go to the grocery store a lot, cause you like fresh fruit. Yes, I go to the grocery store and that’s a good, you know that’s a great place to pick up women too. Fellas, you can go there. Like I hang out at whole foods, like, I just be hanging there in a suit and a basket and just be chilling. Yeah? That’s all I do, but yeah, I like going grocery shopping, I’m simple man, I go places where people don’t think I should be at, you know, I just… I’on even care about fame and none of that, I just– How close do you like to Oakland? To Oakland, probably about, I think Oakland’s like four hours from Los Angeles. I’m gonna be there on the 27th, I’m doing stand up that’s my opening, I’m going on tour, but enough about that though, it’s more about you. Will you come and watch me and then criticize me afterwards, like I wanna– Yeah.
(cheering) yeah! I’m traveling, I got four comedians, and I’m hosting, and changing my costume with each time. Really? But I’m telling stories, it’s called On The record, Mhm. Yeah, but look, on the 27th, I’m serious. Yeah, no I definitely will come and hang out and check you out and critiquing and everything. Yes please! I will. (cheering) Thank you Deon for coming back to our show. Thank you! He’s a lovely man, very funny, now look, Grown-ish airs on Wednesday nights at eight on freeform. For more information about Deon’s stand up go to (upbeat music)


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