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Dental Websites – Mobile Website – Mobile Friendly Website by Making Mobi

welcome to mastering dental marketing
two thousand twelve we’re here on the set of the wellness
hour here in carlsbad california where we invited some of brightest minds in
dentistry to talk about what’s working working today with dental marketing and now i have al ferretti the founder of to talk about summer things are cool
about a mobile website so welcome i’m glad you’re here thank you gary takacs pleasure d when throw the cheer l what it is a
mobile friendly website well are mobile website or as we
call it a mobi site is in website that is designed to fit and the properly function on a mobile device or smartphone such as iphone blackberries and android
if a dentist has website has a main side why would they need ’em a mobile website or
or dentist websites right now we’re finding gary that nearly fifty percent of all searches are being held off from a mobile device and by having the regular dentist website which is the the it can be uh… provide a clunky
experience uh… it does not fit on uh… mobile died of
ice uh… properly so we’re talking about um… a mobile
desire device screens which is an iphone for example would be about a three f
inscri whose eyes perhaps the bigger uh…
android enabled devices are about four inch screen so we’re talking about uh…
a small bit screen realestate where the major the main website just doesn’t play
well doesn’t provide a good user experience on that tell us a little bit about the the
percentage of uh… uh… searchers are searching from a
mobile device who is at a large agreed to people’s a small group people what
does that look like it’s it’s nearly half of all mobile
users right now are doing a search uh… on the mobile
web and it’s interesting gary because now a
lot of these mobile devices art have internet access broadband so it’s it’s like a… computer in
the pocket where they can instantly have access to
the web and and and do a search sos some people think that the people
just using their phones for for texting or talking dental marketing but your view on that is a lot
differently well they’re definitely using a
for texting and talking uh… anywhere in everywhere however uh… people are are beginning to search the the web with their mobile devices in
in their local market to can search for products information products and
services such as a dental office website so my company
does carry as we make that connection so by of connecting the mobile user who is doing a search with the dental practice by having a mobi site now l i have a lot of trust in you of
course because you you are or source preferred providing your mobile website but who else is talking about the
importance of mobile web site for other those besides operating this talk about
this there’s a small company out there gary takacs called google i’ve heard of it yeah well uh…
co-founder uh… anzio larry page have recently stated that in
the new york times that uh… computing movin onto more uh… and that’s absolutely powerful
basically because of the mobile movement which is um… the explosion of uh… smartphones
out there the and raise the iphone’s uh… the blackberry sent recently google has put in a video campaign al
recommending that all uh… some local small business owners like dentists take advantage of a mobile friendly
website fruit for their business give our viewers uh… some reasons why a
dental office can benefit from having vocals well one would be gary the explosion of
the smartphones cheers issue mass of audience that’s ready with uh…
virtually the computer in hand to do a search um… that would be one uh… to would be nearly fifty percent of those are doing a search with their with their
mobile device and uh… ninety five percent of all mobile users have made a a local search to find
products uh… in services in in their local
marketplace and that’s only growing uh… everyday something that’s real
poured into no is that mobile users not only search big action takers and their action takers by once they
receive the information their mobile device to do and one of three thanks their they’re calling the business or
the dental practice uh… to their visiting and three they’re buying there was some statistics
out at seventy seven percent of people that did uh… i search contacted the business and forty four percent of those followed up uh… with the buying decision elliman
put on the spot here if you had to pick one reason why again it should have a dentist sites
what would that be the number one reason gary would be to
generate results results by attracting new patients to the practice and better
connecting with the current patients do you know anything about the
demographics of people that par using a mobile device
to search are those people that uh… are uh… perhaps in a better income range
or a better sister economic demographics that might be better patients for practices gary that anyone with a
mobile device uh… they’re everywhere and in anywhere doing a search they can the uh… uh… worker restaurant uh…
there on the gold their busy there in a hurry uh… and and our fast-paced uh… lifestyle now they typically bring out up off their mobile
device and and indu esearch sold their it’s a wide
range who’s your ideal customer we primarily work with the dental
offices that’s what our specialty is working directly with dentist to help
them get results by better by connecting patience uh… through uh… arm will be dental website and
services is there a type of practice that is uh… more corporate for serbs while we have a lot wide range carrie we
have dentists uh… orthodontists periodontists
anywhere from general dentistry cosmetic dentistry uh… wide range and and right now gary how we virtually
uh… out of all of our clients we have a one hundred-percent retention rate
that that uh… the clients are stain with mister lake and the results of um… averse my mobi services you know how we had that recently we had
a patient in my own practice uh… that found us through our dot will
be site and uh… she was at a a soccer game out with her kids uh… and uh… was sitting in the
stands uh… and at some point you pull out her phone out of a person do a
search for a for a dentist in the area and that was actually how she came to to
be a patient clinic we’ve certainly seen the results about i’d be in our own
practice i’d can you uh… come a little bit more about how
people are using uh… you’re uh… your site uh… to generate results in geriatric
patients the practice well that’s a good that’s a great uh…
story an example gary uh… it’s there anywhere and everywhere else the same thing like a little leaguer you
may have parents uh… that are a little league game and
you have maybe that downtime in between innings are warm-ups uh… and and the polo their mobile
devices that that computer in there pocket an area i i i need to uh… find a dentist for example uh… and they they do a search uh… inputs absolutely incredible is with a mobile device you have call to action features and that’s one of those well for example gary uh… college spot right at your fingertips right it is a
touch they can uh… touch or click the caller spine any media lee make a connection with your dental
permissible but single but dept also another one is uh… sometimes it was busy moms that
are on the bill and they’re looking for how do how do i
find it down a lot that’s they’re busy there on the go when as they arrive on the mall be site
they can uh… touch or click the map and instantly have directions uh… from
their location to find the desert programmed into the g_p_s_ if you will
of the mobile device which then in turn allows them to find spiny office absolutely does having a mobi site uh… help you with search engine
optimization help you with becoming more fine double in the search engines uh… absolutely and it does that by a
number of ways uh… uh… organic uh… s_c_o_ but
also by generating traffic um… one of the features that we
provide um… doctors are dentists with their regular
website ’cause they want to have that is we set up it’s called a redirect
court and at what that on that site what that
does as well mobile user goes to their website seamlessly and item matically redirects
them too uh… the movie site so that was behind the scenes that’s
that’s something that happens internally in the code that’s right that’s right business all in the office needs to do
but it happens as a as a function of your if your
service that’s right automatically stones about making will be and uh… exactly what you do for your
points what we do it making will be is we creating design a professional dentist websites and uh… that is fully functional uh… on mobile device a smart phones
and that’s important that it works properly uh… too as we provide a redirect
called sold that uh… automatically in seamlessly
redirects mobile users that visit the main website and sends them to the to the movie site uh… another uh… service of ours is you may have seen those little square uh… barcodes they’re called q our coats excellent and
there are great um… dental marketing component we provide a uh… marketing piece for the dental
office and provide assistance to uh… to use that as well to make a connection
from uh… acya work or to a morbid side l tell us about pricing and uh… we need to ask you to put
together a special offer uh… for the viewers of mastering
dental marketing two thousand twelve uh… talk just let the special offers
while we have very affordable pricing gary and uh… uh… for the viewers of the
show thirty three uh… percent off our
regular uh… pricing for a movie site and will be services and so what does a person charlie five ninety seven and would be three ninety seven for the set-up and design and monthly ministries which risks instead of sixty seven dollars in the
forty seven dollars her month and what we provide there and
this is important to know because you can have a regular website or a mobile website
building there it is but it’s great to have some marketing support and
assistance and that’s what we do we not only host the site we provide uh… dental marketing tips and secrets if you will that help compliment of the dental practice to
attract new patients to uh… to get those conversions with
the phone calls in and patients coming uh… into the
office you know well we we absolutely love our our mobile website which of course
you you designed to it and i want to introduce you to our audience it’s been fantastic earlier david was body that we don’t see
direct benefits from the mobile site uh… we’re running out of time um… final thoughts i welcome invite uh… the viewers to to
give us a call check out our web site and we can share with them howell they can better serve and and connect uh… with the mobile users out there
how they can attract new patients um… there’s a huge audience out there uh… these are tough times and this is
a great opportunity uh… moby is to take advantage uh… of that and also
gives them a big competitive advantage al thanks for
sharing your passion your expertise with us that thank you very much gary takacs

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