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Delivery Manager, Hosting & Storage | Shell Careers

I’m the General Manager for hosting, storage and enterprise
service delivery within Shell IT. So basically I’m responsible for approximately $2 billion
in outsourcing contracts. And I’m accountable
for managing the suppliers to deliver on behalf of Shell. I like the challenge and managing
the relationship dynamics between the stakeholders
internally and outside of Shell to bring to a mutually agreeable
delivery solution. I get to work with colleagues
from all over the world. People from different backgrounds
think differently. There’s a lot of richness
and strength in that. I think that’s something I learned
to respect and appreciate at Shell, more so
than any other company. My key goal is to actually achieve
a very senior leadership role like a CIO level role
inside of Shell. In reality, you spend more time
at the office than, in many cases,
you do with your family. So make sure that whatever you do
is what you want to do. Find your passion,
and then stick with it.


  • francisco alejandro viana canizalez

    HOLA SHELL, me da gusto saludarlos y los felicito por sus logros alcanzados y el animo que mantienen para seguir delante.
    hasta luego

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