• Luke Moll

    is there a way to debug Node apps running on a remote server? (I guess that would require SSH, SFTP implemented within Chrome so probably not)

  • Aman Miezan Echimane

    In Case anyone else wonders how to enable those experimental features in canary.. https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/settings (In the Enable Experiments section)

  • Stéphane SALLES

    Pour une vidéo de démonstration on s'en fou un peu de voir le publique applaudir on préférerai voir constamment le code changer 😉 Mais merci pour cette trés bonne vidéo ! ^^

  • fake farm

    You da man, Paul! Please tell your team that we YouTubers appreciate their great work! lastly, I like your management technique to build a web app to know where Sam is on his daily commute.

  • Attamjot Singh

    loved the video alot. The one thing that I liked about you Paul is simply annotating the big things into small . hats off. one day will be part of your team Paul .

  • Adam Acosta

    Anyone get the workspace persistence to work? Is it only in chromium or Canary? I've had no luck getting it to work.

  • ThunderousGlare


    1. Better side menu in source pannel, resizable
    2. More ES6 Support like arrow functions
    3. multiline editing with functions in console
    4. array[2]. now will do auto completion just like obj. does
    5. inline debugging capability instead of just perline breakpoint
    6. drag and drop work folder instead of creating workspace then edit css/js right in browser
    7. ability to find unused css via recording in timeline > css coverage, then interact and stop recording. Unused will be highlighted.
    8. start node –inspect url and connect without opening url, right from console using frame select option.
    9. Bunch of Progressive Web Apps stuff you don't care about right now
    10. Lighthouse aka page speed is built into chrome.

  • Adarsh Konchady

    Why can't the cameramen be educated to focus well on the slides throughout the talk. Excellent content but poor coverage !

  • ndstephens

    Worst editing i've ever seen. Why are we looking at him or tracking across the audience while important actions and changes are happening on the screen? We completely miss what he's doing several times. I eventually stopped watching. Never use that video editor/director again. What a waste

  • Layton Miller

    I clicked through to 1) congratulate the good presentation and 2) provide the feedback that whoever edited this keeps cutting to Paul Irish right when you need to see what's on screen. Can we get some technically savvy camera folks next time so they know when it's appropriate to show his face? Kind of defeats the purpose otherwise.

  • Paulo Griiettner

    Jesssseeee… why the guy take away the screen while he is showing the stuff.. I literally lost few very important things, because there is someone that does not know what they are doing when editing the video…

  • kingluke2

    Ugh. The "automagic find all your files" "how it works is really complicated I won't even talk about it" workspaces 2.0 feature explained starting 14:28 broke my entire dev workflow. It doesn't find my local stylesheets and scripts correctly (even though they're a simple flat folder that matches the network structure) and now that it's "magic" there's now no option to "map to file system resource" like before. Really frustrating when programmers break the tools you rely on.

    If Microsoft Office Autoformat and Clippy was any indication: software that tries to guess what you want to do and eliminates manual options almost always ends up getting it wrong and becoming more frustrating to use the end.

  • Dmitry Astapkovich

    I've got here after clicking on What's New link for Workspaces 2.0. I'm on Chrome 63.0.3239.132, but I still can't make Workspace working even for just local CSS and HTML file.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Varun Sharma

    How to get the watch window, call stack etc. at the bottom of the screen? On Win 10 it's on the right side. Can we move it down??

  • Sergey V.

    Peace of crap! Now source -> live editing complete broken! Thank you for this mr. i know how to broke things that worked before just perfectly !

  • James Monroe

    16:56 I'd appreciate if you actually did attempt to explain how. Somewhere. Anywhere. Calling it magic doesn't help us debug WHY it isn't working for those of us not blessed enough to have it work automatically.

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