DD-WRT PPTP VPN Server Setup
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DD-WRT PPTP VPN Server Setup

how to set up a PPTP VPN server on
dd-wrt This setup will bridge two routers allowing
any host connected to the network to be visible from the WAN cloud the primary router is the gateway to the
Internet the one who receives the IP address from the internet service
provider ISP and the second router is the dd-wrt with
the VPN server if your internet service provider do not
provide you a fixed IP address you should create a dynamic DNS account if your host IP constantly changes you
can watch this video on how to create a dynamic domain name system DDNS then return to this video to continue first we need to configure client bridge
on dd-wrt watch this tutorial in another window or
tab and set up a client bridge on dd-wrt then return to this video to configure
the PPTP VPN server now with the set up the firmware I’m using in the second
router is the V 24 sp2 big to get your own version go to dd-wrt
router database go to services VPN and enable the PPTP
server also broadcast support and PPP encryption you can leave blank DNS and wins in maximum transmission unit you can
leave the defaults 1436 and assign the server IP to avoid IP
conflicts take the next subnet available in this
case the 2.1 because if you give the same subnet you
have to consider the Range of IPs the DHCP server as we can see here the DHCP server is on the first router and a subnet Range of IP is 1.10 to 1.20 if it was 1.200 to 1.250 and if you have the VPN
server on the same range of IP’s you going to have IP conflict so choose a different range of IP is in
the same subnet or assign a different subnet as I did
here, with the Range of IP for the VPN clients on this case fifty will be enough so the
pool is 200 to 250 and the maximum Associated
clients is 50 in authentication we going to use CHAP
secrets this means user name and a password type the username a space an asterisk password space and another asterisk and leave the rest options as they are
click Save and apply settings now we need to port forwarding the default PPTP port is 1723 in the first router the one who is the
gateway to the Internet go to firewall or look where says
port forwarding and forward this port to the dd-wrt
router and then, if you did everything as I
mentioned in this tutorial you should have a PPTP VPN configured now as a disclaimer PPTP has been
considered insecure from a few years now if you going to access sensitive data I
suggest among others IPSEC or Open VPN next watched how to connect your VPN from Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
clients all links in the description of this video if this video was helpful give us a like
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  • Ninjaman12345

    how do i do this with wired connection? i have a main router that is connected to the internet, and a secondary ddwrt router

  • sun di

    This is a good lesson for setting up for DD-wrt VPN server . I have a question about the WAN configuration . I see the your DD-wrt route's WAN was "disabled" . Lots of lesson about how to configure the ddwrt vpn but they mainly focus on the vpn Service configuration . very little mentioned about the "second route's WAN configuration" . How to configure the "second route's WAN " ? What kind of mode "Gateway ? Route ?" should the ddwrt WAN operate like ? and Why ?

  • fpsfreak

    i was wondering how would i vpn from android tablet(straight talk service) to my home router? i want to view ip camera outside of network.my router is archer c5

  • mrosebro

    i hate the computer voice, but this video DID in fact explain to me to use a different subnet, which was the magic sauce info i needed. thank you.

  • Matteus R

    Any help would be HUUUUGE! i currrently have a WiFi/Modem sbg6580 and only 1 Nighthawk r7000 Router with DD-WRT Firmware. is it possible to get IPVANISH to work with this setup or do i need a secondary Router? also i am having a hard time bridging this POS Modem to my router. im confused

  • St. James

    learn&share my setup: main router provided by my ISP modem/router and my second router DD-WRT.
    Should I put the main router to Bridge mode or not? I almost tried everything but to no success.
    But, I was able to log in from the LAN through PPTP and surf the net. But, whenever I try to log in from the WAN (outside) my main PC can't surf the net. Why is that?
    I can successfully log in from the WAN if my second router configured PPPoE (main router Bridge mode). But when I disable my WAN (second router) followed this video tutorial, I won't be able to log in from the outside, but LAN is ok. Help. Thanks.

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