Day 7: WA Hosting and WordPress Setup – Beginners Guide To Building a Profitable Website For Free
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Day 7: WA Hosting and WordPress Setup – Beginners Guide To Building a Profitable Website For Free

My name is Nathaniell, and this is One More Cup of Coffee, where we talk about online business, making money on the Internet And financial
independence. Today is day seven of the video series where
I teach you how to build a profitable website on the internet for
free. The video series is free, and the building of
the website. Is completely free. So up until now everthing that we’ve done has
been planning out the website. We’ve looked at keywords and niches, and what
direction we want to take our site afflicate programs, products and actually
thought about what we might want to name our site. [MUSIC] Today we are going to get started building
the site, and it’s going to be a lot easier than you
think. Now there’s 2 things that you need to
consider when you start doing the actual, physically
building of your site. 1, is going to be where you’re going to host
your site, often referred to as hosting. Hosting is kind of like the storage unit
where you put all the files for your website. [MUSIC]. When you look at a website, you see pictures
and text. And it does different things, and there’s
code. And all this stuff has to be put somewhere. Now, these are put on a server.
Or, like, a big computer. And stored at, a business of someplace.
So, some of the popular ones are Host Gator. Or blue host, or fat cow, these are just
different names. But basically what they all have in common is they store the files of
your website, and then they allow you to go on and edit them or look at how many
different websites you have, and whatnot. But we don’t need to worry about the
technical aspect of that. Now those are paid services. And we’ll get into that in just a second.
The other thing you need to consider when building your website Is how you’re going to
present these files to people in such a way that it makes a website that
you can view and interact with and comment on and
things like that. And that’s going to be your CMS, which stands
for content management system. [MUSIC], now it sounds complicated, but basically it’s
just a method of showing people these files. So you’re not gonna have to code any HTML or code any CSS or any complicated stuff like
that. These platforms are built so that you can
basically push a couple buttons and move pictures Pictures around and
where you want them to go. And it will make a cool website, like the website I have. The one we’re going to be using is called
WordPress. It’s one of the most popular CMS’s available
on the internet today. Theres a lot of Support systems for it. It’s constantly being developed. It’s open source which means all kinds of
people can contribute to it, there’s all kinds of free add ons that you
can get for it. And it’s the CMS that I use for my websites. Another popular one is called Joomla And
Dreamweaver is one, but we’re not going to worry about those today, we’re learning how to build our website so we’re just going to focus on
wordpress. So, today we need to get 2 things. We need to get hosting and we need to install
wordpress. Now hosting.
Usually hosting is going to cost you money. But, there’s a service called Wealthy
Affiliate. And Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to host
two web sites for free. You don’t have to give them a credit card
number. You don’t have to give them any personal
information. All you have to do is sign up and become a
member of their site. Now, Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of cool
stuff. I may now put a link in the description box
to my review of Wealthy Affiliate or you can actually see
all the references that the Wealthy Affiliate offers. We’re not going to talk about that today,
we’re just going to focus on getting a website set
up. So, let’s get started. In the description box you’re going to find a
link to this webpage here. This is part of the online entrepreneur’s
certification course.>>[MUSIC]>>This is one of the free services that
Wealthy Affiliate offers. You can go through the whole course. But basically, I’ve taken you through lessons
one through three. I would still encourage you to take a look at
these lessons. But for today we can start on lesson four. Once you click over to this link, you’ll need
to sign up. You’ll need to create a username and a
password. And then you’re encouraged to fill out your
profile so that you can interact with the community,
upload a picture, write a short bio of yourself, and introduce
yourself in chat.>>[MUSIC]>>Those things will help you later on, as
you get involved with the community. And you can leverage this profile on this
website to ask any questions you have, along the way. Now that you’re a part of the Wealthy
Affiliate community, you not only have me to ask questions about
your website So that you can also ask anyone else in
Wealthy Affiliate, or any questions or problems that you have
along the way. So lets get started with our hosting.
So, on this page, there is actually a video which will explain further on how to
set up your website. And the link we’re looking for is this link
here, Build your Website Here. Okay? We are going to click on a free domain, we’re
going to create a website on a free domain. And we’re going to enter the name that we thought of
Before so I’m gonna go with cool chairs for teens.siterubix/
So you’ll notice remember the other day when I told you
we’re not going to have a regular .com we’re gonna have this
site rubix site [MUSIC] That’s okay, you know, it’s basically, works
like a normal site. So, it’s gonna look a little different than
some websites you’re used to seeing, but that’s okay, we don’t need to
worry about that. Our sites going to function like any other
website on the internet. Going to click next step. You can enter the name for your website
again. And then we’re gonna choose something that’s
called a theme. So the theme of your website is, it’s just the kinda
general design of. How things are gonna look, what kind of text
you’re gonna have, what kind of color setup you’re
gonna have. It’s kind of important later on down the road because it affects how your users
interact with you, but you can always change it and we’re
just picking anything just so we can get [MUSIC] Started at this point. I would suggest choosing something a little
bit plain. I know it’s tempting to go for something with some pretty colors, or some really cool
layout. It’s really not that important to get fancy
stuff right now. We wanna be able to deliver quality content
to our readers, so we’re gonna be looking for something a
little bit plain. Probably white background with black text. So, I’m just going to pick this one here.
And next step. Double check our information and build
website. [MUSIC] And that’s it. We now have a live website posted on Wealthy
Affiliate. So that’ll give you your username and your
password. And before we get started we’re gonna
actually change our password. So I’m gonna copy this.
So I can log in and just a second. I’m gonna click this second link here where is says wp-admin. I’m gonna open up a new window.
Type in your admin user name and paste your password. [MUSIC]. Okay.
So, we’re inside. This is the, kinda, inner guts. The back end.
It’s also called the back end of our website. So we do not need this banner right here.
We’re gonna dismiss this. Then, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
change our password. And we’re gonna go down to users. Your profile, and while we are here we can
make these changes well, and I wanted to type your name here and
display perfectly as your name.
That’s going to personalize your website.
But now, we don’t want to change your email. [MUSIC] And we’re going to make a, a new password here.
Then click update profile.
And we’re updated, so if you want to see what your site looks like You can right-click over here, or
you can click, I always right-click and open in new
tab. And this is our website. I know it doesn’t look like much right now,
but we’re gonna work on customizing it and putting content on it and
what not in a later lesson. So you can see now that that was super easy. We got free hosting We have a free website,
and now we can start customizing it. So, we can start making money from it.
So, I hope you found this video useful. If you have any questions or comments, you
can do so in the comment box on YouTube. Or actually, now that you’re a Wealthy
Affiliate member, you can contact me within Wealthy
Affiliate. So, to do that, I will also put a link in the
description box to my profile.>>[MUSIC]>>I’ll show you my profile here.
My screen name is also Nathaniell. To find me, if you can’t find me, you can go in the Search Bar and type an at sign,
Nathaniell. And I’ll pop up.
And you just click on that. And there’s my profile and then you come here
and leave me a message. And you can say, hey, I don’t understand. Or, hey, I ran into a problem.
Or you can just say, oh, nice to meet you. [MUSIC] And that way I know you’re on Wealthy
Affiliate and I can help you out with your website, with anything that
you need along the way. And then, if you found the video useful and
liked it, please click the like button. If you want to be notified when I post more
videos in the future, you can subscribe, all my social media links are in the youtube description, so you can contact
me there. To chat or ask about what my website’s about or anything at all. And I hope to see you in the next video. Thanks for watching.
Bye. [MUSIC]


  • Spicy Hot Chicken Roll with Mayo From Centra

    im just wondering, why did you host it through wealthy affiliate? won't wordpress host for you?

  • Nathaniell Brenes

    You can host a blog on WordPress, but they don't allow affiliate marketing. In fact, most free blogs don't allow any kind of promotion. Wealthy Affiliate is specifically designed to train marketers, so you can promote almost anything you want on your blog.

  • Jenny Harker

    In case anyone is wondering, Wealthy Affiliate is an absolute jewel of priceless information. I'm a humble Starter member with no marketing experience. The lessons at WA take you by the hand and make the task of creating a website completely painless. I love it! <3

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