David Lang Introduces “the public domain”
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David Lang Introduces “the public domain”

♪ (LANG)
“the public domain” is 1,000 people, singing, who will sometimes be in small groups,
in groups of 20 or 25. Sometimes those groups will band
together in musical streams of 250, sometimes those groups of 250 will band together into a single group
of a thousand. There’ll be a kind of motion
through the space, and the moving through the space
will shape the way the sound moves through the space. The music is gonna be very simple, not very difficult,
but it will have to be rehearsed, but it’s music which will
remind people of what it’s like to sing in a crowd of people who sometimes, but
not always, agree. I’m really thinking that it’s being something
where a group of people come together and they form a community, and they learn what
that community is worth by participating. This piece is a kind
of utopian activity, an experiment in how to build a better world, and I have a feeling there are a
lot of people in New York who would like to build a better world. If you are one of them, and you are watching this right now, I hope that you will join us, because you are exactly
the kind of person that we want. ♪

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