Data Domain DD3300 – Setup and Configure VTL
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Data Domain DD3300 – Setup and Configure VTL

In this video we cover the steps to set
up and configure VTL on a Data Domain 3300 system. Using a browser, use the
system IP address to connect to the DD 3300 and login. On the left hand side
pane go to administration and then licenses.
Here check for the VTL licensed under feature licenses. Go to hardware and then
fibre channel. Here check the ports and endpoints are visible with link status
as online. Also verify that the zoned initiators are visible under initiators. Next go to protocols and then the DD VTL page. Check that the DD VTL service is
running and is licensed. After that go to the DD virtual tape libraries, DD VTL
service and then libraries. Now to create a new library. From the more tasks menu
choose create. Here type the name you want to use for the library and enter
the appropriate number of drives. Use the drive model drop down menu to see the
supported drives. In this case we kept the default value. If you leave the value
for number of slots as blank the default value of 20 will be used. If you leave
the number of caps blank the default value of 0 will be used. And then select
the appropriate changer model names from the drop down menu. At this point the newly-created library
will be visible under libraries. Based on the settings we used it shows ten drives
20 slots and zero caps. Changer and drives can be seen under the newly
created library. Go to access groups which is listed
below DD virtual tape libraries and then groups. Tape server is the default
group present on the system. To create a new group, choose create from the more
tasks drop-down menu. Enter a group name and then select one or more initiators
from the listed initiators. In this case initiator one is selected. Then click
Next. To add devices click the plus sign seen
in the top right. Select the appropriate library from the drop-down. Then from the
list of available devices select the devices to be added to this group. In
this case all devices were selected. Leave the value of start address under
LUN as blank and let the system assign the LUN numbers. Click Next. For primary endpoints select all which is default value and click Next. For
secondary endpoints select all which is also the default value and click finish. At this point verify all the values are entered properly and click Next. Again
verify the values for the displayed summary for this access group and click
finish. The new access group will be listed under groups and all the devices
could be seen in the group with the system assigned LUN numbers. Go to pools, which is the last item in the left menu of the DD VTL page. Default is a default
pool, to create a new pool, from the more tasks drop-down menu under pool choose
create. In the dialog box enter a valid pool name and click finish. The pool will
then get listed under pools in the left side menu. Now to create tapes inside
this pool. Go to pools and then select the appropriate pool. In the menu go to
tape. To create tapes inside this pool click the create button. Select the pool name under which the tape should be created from the
drop-down menu. Enter the number of tapes to be created. Enter the starting barcode
in the specified format. Tape capacity can be left blank. The default value will
be used in this case. When finished click OK. Now all the newly created tapes can
be seen in the list. By default the newly created tapes are inside vault and not
in the library. To import the tapes into the library go to DD virtual tape
libraries DD VTL service libraries and then the appropriate library. From the
more tasks drop-down menu choose tapes and then import. In the window to import
tapes choose the pool from the drop down menu from which to import the tapes. Then
select the tapes from the list below. For destination from the drop down menu
select the device where to import the selected tapes. Slot is a default device
selected. In start address enter the device number from which to start the
import of tapes. Click Next and then verify the information. When satisfied
click Submit. At this point under pools in the
appropriate pool, verify that the location of tapes is now changed to the
library slots where they’ve been imported. For more information about
setup and upgrade processes for the DD 3300 visit

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