Dante Domain Manager Overview
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Dante Domain Manager Overview

Dante is the de facto standard for audio connectivity adopted by hundreds of professional AV manufacturers worldwide. As AV and IT technologies are merging, industry professionals expect the same level of management for AV as their other systems. Dante Domain Manager is a revolutionary enterprise-wide management platform specifically engineered to secure, scale and manage Dante audio systems. By allowing you to divide your system setup, Dante Domain Manager ensures users only have access to the devices they need. You can secure audio networks from accidental changes, control who can make modifications, and manage the health and security of your audio networking in real time. With visibility of the status of networked audio devices, you have detailed logging and reporting on events and changes, all via a simple, configurable web interface. Scale and segment audio systems, grouping devices together regardless of network infrastructure. Dante Domain Manager: it’s all you’ll ever need for complete AV network control.

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  • Kevin Tighe

    DDM Enterprise Placement – Can or should DDM be placed with an enterprise data center to service multiple sites? Or is it recommended to place varying instances of DDM on each campus?

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