Cybersecurity Tip #51 – are you paying enough for your website?
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Cybersecurity Tip #51 – are you paying enough for your website?

– G’day, this is Daniel Watson here from Vertech IT Services, with cybersecurity tip number 51. Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since my last one, life’s just got busy. All right, today what I’m talking about is your website, all right? If you’re a business,
and you’re making money off your website, i.e. it’s
part of your day-to-day business process where money leads, whatever forms get filled, it leads part of your business process, and at the end of the day, money comes into your bank account, then you need to be looking at what your website hosting is doing. For instance, a lot of people
settle for their website, and they’re with a cheap hosting package, ’cause they don’t know
if the business is really taking off or not, the early days, right? If you’re on, if you’re
paying like thirty bucks per annum or sixty bucks per annum, or something silly like that,
really tiny small change, chances are, your website’s
not being backed up properly, there’s no human interaction, it may not be actively updated to keep the vulnerabilities
what they learn here, that are found within the
WordPress site or what have you. So, you’re at risk, and your chances are, you’re also on a shared web host with other websites, all right? So that magnifies the risk, because those websites
may not be backed up. They, well, they might not
be being secured properly, not having their modules
updated and kept up to date, and have the vulnerabilities
patched, all right? So, if they get hacked, your web hosters is taken out at the root level, right, they control all the websites, and then you’re at risk, right? And how can that risk show up? Well, we had a relatively
new client got taken out. They had their IP address
that their web host is on got blacklisted, all right? Which meant that people couldn’t go to their website
through certain browsers, and, also, if they had
certain web vulnerability web protection in place
for their computers, and also, because they got blacklisted, their emails, from when
they were sending out loan documents, were going into junk mail. That’s directly cost them
money and stopped things coming into the top of their sales file. So, if you’re paying like,
let’s just say a hundred bucks a month, period for web hosting, and it is making you a multiple of that, then consider talking to your
current web hosting provider, and ask them if there’s a
better plan that you can be on where they’re actively managing your website vulnerabilities, making sure it’s patched, making sure it’s properly backed up, and they can restore it
to another host quickly. You know, all these kind of things. All right, so, kia kaha,
have a great one, cheers.

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