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Curtin | Behind-the-scenes | Virtual Computing Lab Team

The team that we’re nominating for the
VC Award is the Virtual Computing Lab team. The team itself was made up from
members from different parts of CITS. We were finding that online and Open
University Australia uses weren’t able to access the same software that users
on campus could access. What was prohibiting us
really was some of the constraints around software licensing and the cost
of some of those licenses if we were to get global licenses. So the team looked
at a number of different solutions and came up with the idea of virtual
computing lab. What the virtual computing lab allows for is the user anywhere in
the world, with their personal computer, to access the laboratory software just
the same as if they were on campus. The project’s had an impact really on two
key levels. Firstly it’s allowed the University to meet its strategic
objective of being a global university, so it means that we can now expand our
online offering using this solution. The other benefit is that it’s allowing
online and Open University Australia’s users, wherever they are in the world, to
receive the same level of service that someone who comes onto campus at Curtin
receives. So a great outcome.


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