Curso Drupal 8 | Cap. 17 | Como tener un Dominio Grátis
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Curso Drupal 8 | Cap. 17 | Como tener un Dominio Grátis

continue with the course create your page
web against palocci this time you will learn how to have a free domain
an internet address so you can be accessed by everyone what
first thing we have to do is go to google and put freedom i’m the cup
basically to find this page dot teak what tells us to write
gives us a domain to which differentiates is that it starts to be dotcom is point
teak is very interesting is free I I already have my teak floor
because you are not here what we will do is create a super in news point teak the
domain name is already registered well let’s select another super
news 2 teak point this one is available then here asks us if
we want to redirect them the other good domain if we have another domain
we can redirect them is fine it also gives us the option that says that
create a page with its creator pages here what interests us is
basically use the dns crease using the dns top tec to not the other
option we have to select apart from using dns is using your own walnut and
here what we will do is put the ls that provides us in our hosting and the
ip in our case is at that 1 point your web hosting if you have acquired my
post and 10 bit software probably this is the dns and the ip all this
information we find it here when access
hosting skin and software simply let’s copy this ip and our ms and
here it tells us that domains can be registered from 1 to 12 months is good
the difference and that’s why it’s free you can register now and renew it
how many months do you need good We will put 12 months in 12 months
like any other domain including that are not free you have to renew them there
to be careful not to lose it Y
the following says to fill this report is written and we click on
sign here tells us to select some social media of these in my case
I go to the option that is lower than says with g one of these accounts good
you can select these two or you can select you can use your e-mail
to do the registration we click on this link here we put our means
in this case we will use our mail an e-mail that we have can be
any email we have click on itself because it tells us you have to
fill in here our good mail is super news 2 the same password
The FTP can be any password that we remember to move forward is not click
in create account and finally tell us thank you for registering your name
domain super news 2 point teak and if then an e-mail will arrive
with a link to activate our name of domain then good I’m going to access
my email and you have to copy this code click on this link copy this
code that and confirm and list already we have our new super domain
news 2 teak point here tells us to login super good news here there
to put an email the mail that we use garment venues
i the contraction that we have
chosen and we’re going to césar that is from where our domain is managed
protecta we have here arrow mind my iron mines
and here is super 2 synthetic news what we will do is click on good
brothers to see
the settings here management tools name servers that’s where
eventually we could change our server name in case we change
to a server if we have to change server here
is where it is configured to redirect the other way, the moment is fine
for the hosting of permissions has been acquired to host they ask for viewer this is all for the moment I hope that
you liked it we’ll see you in the next chapter until soon

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  • Jessenia Villar

    estimado necesito de tu ayuda para cargar un site drupal de mi computador a otro computador porfavor podrias responder???

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