Cum sa facem un site cu Joomla! 2.5 – Incarcare documente cu FileZilla FTP
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Cum sa facem un site cu Joomla! 2.5 – Incarcare documente cu FileZilla FTP

Welcome to In this video tutorial you learn how to upload PDF and Word documents on site with a FTP
Client and how to create download links for the PDF and Word documents, with JCE editor. We have a Joomla site on localhost. Therefore we need
an FTP Server to create FTP User. A FTP Server very popular is FileZilla FTP
Server. It can be downloaded for free Basically, things are going the same for a site located on a remote server. The difference is that you
receive from the hosting company ftp accounts that you use to upload files to the server. We create an ftp server account that you will
use to upload the files to our site User Password Folder that we will share. This folder is actually our
site for which we will create ftp account And now, We are to create a FTP
Client account by using FileZilla FTP Client. Computer IP to localhost. For a remote server you
use ftp accounts received from the hosting company. And now, to find computer ip Computer IP Local folder that opens by default Connect FTP Client The site Default local folder from where we upload documents The main folder containing documents subfolder, where we upload our documents. Right click with mouse I received this error message because I do not set
permissions when we shared folder that is site. As a result, we will launch FileZilla FTP Server again and we set permissions. And now, to insert documents, that I uploaded, in an article
and the download links to these documents. Link to download the Word document Link to download the PDF document Link to download the Power Point document Links to download Word, PDF, Power Point documents Thank you for participating in this video tutorial

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