Culinary Agents – Add a Career Page to Your Website
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Culinary Agents – Add a Career Page to Your Website

Make sure you have already created your Business Profile on Start typing in your Business Name Select your Business from the drop down menu Click the green “Select” button Review the sample layout to see how jobs will appear on your site Click “Looks good to me” if you like what you see Otherwise, make changes by clicking on the links to the right To change the color of the background: Click “Background” Then choose the color either by clicking on the color palette or by typing in the HEX number Then click “OK” to see how the new color will look To change the layout of how your Job Cards appear, click “Customize” Then you can update:
The number of columns in the layout The color of the text on the Job Cards The color of the Job Cards When you have completed the color and layout changes, scroll down to the “Add job to site” section Click “Copy Code”
Then paste it into your website! Congrats, you did it!

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