Creditplus Testimonial – Hyve Managed Hosting

Hello, I’m Sam Bond and I’m Head of Technology here at Creditplus. Creditplus is a trading name of Which Deal Limited and we provide finance solutions to both dealers and customers, and partners. Cloud hosting is very important to us, it’s the foundations with which we build on and that’s how we’re able to serve thousands of customers uninterrupted. As Creditplus continue to grow we were really looking for a partner who could technically advise us but actually become an extension of the team. Working with Hyve was an absolute delight. They were able to understand our current situation, understand our business, recommend the solution that was right for us and scalable with our business, and best of all they completed it before the deadline. They did all of the heavy lifting for us and they were only a phone call away whenever we needed them. As Creditplus move towards a more micro service orientated architecture, and our DevOps become a bit more sophisticated, we needed a partner that could provide us with the necessary infrastructure, and advise us on what we needed, for example dev environments, testing environments, beta environments. The first step was discussing with Hyve what the right product for us was and we went for the Enterprise Cloud. The next thing was the migration and what was absolutely imperative to us was no interruption to business as usual. Hyve really understood our needs, they respected that we’re a 24/7 business and throughout the migration there was no downtime that was not necessary. I know we’ve picked the right partner because there are no issues, and working with Hyve is just so easy. In fact I can step away from the day-to-day and the development team and the tech teams actually just deal directly with Hyve. They’re always a phone call away and they are always very, very approachable. Hyve provide an excellent first-rate gold-standard customer service, they are very approachable, very, very personable, they don’t make it too complicated, which is great for me because I need to be able to understand it as well as the tech teams. Hyve are our worst kept secret actually, we love working with them, and I’d absolutely recommend anyone gets in touch with them, just pick up the phone, have a conversation with them and let’s see what they can do you.

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