Creative Kentuckians Discover What’s Possible at UK
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Creative Kentuckians Discover What’s Possible at UK

The College of Fine Arts hosted the
Governor’s School for the Arts for the first time in the history of that
program and welcomed 256 students from across the Commonwealth. GSA is
Kentucky’s flagship initiative for Kentucky’s brightest young artists. The
summer program is a three-week, tuition- free residential summer program that
focuses on nine different art forms. I really consider it almost a sacred
responsibility to keep this program going for future generations and then to
take GSA to my alma mater, the University of Kentucky, is an amazing full circle
experience. UK’s commitment to the arts is at such a high level that it makes it
the perfect home for a program like GSA. Hosting those students gave them an
opportunity to see what UK is all about, where there’s a place for them here, it’s
wildly possible for all the things that they can do.

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