creating a subdomain in web host manager
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creating a subdomain in web host manager

In the live version
of this class, I have people create
their own subdomain. We’re going to be
using I’m at the c panel
log in, which you can get to by typing in When you hit Enter, it changes
its address to so it redirects. Don’t let that throw you. Now, if you’re taking a
class in the online version, you’ll be given a username
and the initial password the first time you log in is
usually set to JavaScript. So I’m going to log in
with the master account. And we’re going to take
a quick look at cPanel. Now, I will do another video
on controlling your own c panel account. But because I feel that
many of my students may go on to have their
own internet business, I want to talk a
little bit about how my account is different than
what you’ll typically see. First of all, we have basically
our own virtual server. We’re using in motion hosting. And that gives us
an additional item that you don’t see in cPanel. We have our web host manager. This is something you might
want to consider if you are reselling services to a client. Because you can give
them their own subdomain with their own full
address of their whatever, whatever, dot com or dot net. And you can have
total control over it. So you can resell this
and still have control to go in and edit the services. So when we’re creating
our new subdomains, we can do that through
the web hosting manager. So I can go into
account functions and I can choose
Create New Account. Sometimes it takes a second. I have spent a lot of my life
waiting for computers to work. Well, you can see
it’s still thinking, it’s spinning up here. OK. So if you ever are in
the position where you’re running your own virtual server,
when you create a domain, you’re actually
creating a subdomain. So I’m going to call it So is the
domain that we host here at McHenry County College. And Mary student
will be by subdomain. And you’ll get to it by going
to Now, it usually takes 24 to 48
hours for this new domain name to be populated
over the internet. So it’s not going to show up
in search engines right away. And even if you were to go
in and type that address, and I’ll show you
that after we start, it will take it a
few days to populate. So I put in my username here. And usually, it’s going
to be just the same name as your account, Mary student. And we’ll put in the password. And I would typically
not create email. When we’re doing this
in class, students have the option to
put in the email that they want it sent to. I’m going to skip that. I typically pick the student–
I’ve got to clear some of this out– the one that just
limits your gigs to 2. I ignore everything else pretty
much and then I hit Create. And that’s going to
create the new account. Now, there is a way
to do this where I can upload an Excel file
and do a whole bunch of them at one time. I’m not going to show
you guys how to do that. But I wanted to show
you the process. Then, if I tried to go to
that site on the internet, because it just created,
it may or may not work. So I could do Mary
student at That is the one that’s created. And I’m going there. Now, if I were to
do a search for it, it’s not going to be
on the search engine. It has not had time to
be indexed by Google. And usually, this can work from
right away to minutes or hours later before it will go there. It is the exact address. And I’m able to get in here,
and you can see that it’s empty. Let’s see what it did as far
as going in to manage it. So I’m going to close
the web host manager. And I’m going to go to cPanel. Which is, again, And at this point, I
should be able to go in using Mary student. And I should be able to put
in my password and login. And so that has created
a full cPanel subdomain that I can use to
control my web server. And typically, your
web server is actually a file folder, one of
many on a web server, the whole computer box. Usually one computer can host
many, many, many websites. So that’s how we
create the accounts. If you’re in a live class,
we will do that live. If you’re in an
online class, it’ll have been done
for you before you get in there, because I don’t
hand out the master password.

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