Create WordPress blog – How to Start a blog in 15 minutes or less
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Create WordPress blog – How to Start a blog in 15 minutes or less

Welcome to this tutorial We will install WordPress and a Hostgator hosting account The difference between the first two plans is the numbers of domains We are allowed to use If we plan to host more than one domain, we will want to choose the baby plan We click on buy now On this screen we fill in all the details We choose if we need to register a new domain name or if we already own a domain name We put the domain we want here on enter your domain If the domain is available, it will be selected automatically Then we need to choose if we want to protect our privacy Which means our personals details including our email will be available to anyone who performs a search on the domain. We just choose For this example, I will select no privacy We select the billing cycle, for example, two monthly payments where we choose a different billing cycle to get a bigger discount We choose a username and a security pin Now we are ready to put all our billing details After that we deselect the options that we don’t need I suggest using a coupon code there are some on the bottom of this video. Don’t forget to subscribe if you find the code useful Now that we have paid for our web hosting account We need to access our email account for the Hostgator hosting details so we can install WordPress We have created our Hostgator hosting account now it’s time to install WordPress On our email account we will get three emails from Hostgator on the one that says your account info We will find the hosting username and password to install our WordPress blog If we click on the link we can put our details and login Now we are ready to install our WordPress blog We select to build a new WordPress site Now we select the domain and fill all the details We accept the service agreement and click install Now we copy our username and password into a safe place and click login Now our wordpress blog is installed We use our username and password to log in and finally we have installed our WordPress blog This was the tutorial on how hostgator hosting account If you found this video useful, please like the video and subscribe video and subscribe


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