• Kean X2

    I have another quick question. On my contact page, it says "your contact email was not set up correctly." How can I set it up correctly? Thanks!

  • Kean X2

    @77webstudio I have two more quick questions. In my Contact page, it says my email was not set up correctly. How do i Set that up correctly. Also, I don't have a home page and i dont know how to make a page to bring me back to the home page (to set up a home page). Could you possibly let me know what i need to do?

  • Najeeb Khawaja

    Hi Katrinah,
    I really like your Create An E-commerce WordPress Website video.
    I am looking to create an e-commerce enabled app like Uber app. (www.uber.com) & (https://www.taskrabbit.com/dashboard).

    Can you help me with that or guide me to find a step by step video for creating app.
    TaskRabbit is a website I like that have the similar idea to provide different services through their website but I need to build an app like Uber as well that will offer different services.
    Thank your!

  • Dhavalkumar Solanki

    Katrinah Does it work in WordPress version 4.1.1 ? I did not find woodojo plugin in wooTheme.com.Reply me ASAP.

  • Re-cyclops

    hi there, i just wanted to say that this is one of the clearest tutorials to understand, thank you. regards jon


    Hi Katrinah. I have a problem. I want the page with "Featured Products" and "Recent Products" to be as my home page. So, I created a page called "Home" and I want to change the permalink to my website's URL. Can you help me?

  • Unni Elisabeth

    Thank you for this video! Unfortunately I got stuck after downloading wordpress and login in. I been waiting three days for being able to log in but wordpress still says my password or username are wrong. I tried to delete wordpress and then download it again but it still is not working. Would be grateful for some advice 🙂

  • Niran Shrestha

    Thank you for your video. Everything  goes fine expect header image slider. I have uploader 6 images for slider. But it show into two rows. why?? can u help me please. Thank you in advance.

  • 4SoundEngineers

    Hi Katrinah, great video as always. Just a quick silly question, how did you make you t-shirt thumbnails?

  • Sanam Mahajan

    Hello Katrinah, First of all your tutorial is great and i have started making a e-commerce website for somebody's business. Thanks for the video.
    I wanted to ask you that how many product categories we can add in shop drop down menu? is there any limit? i have around 88 categories and sub categories in it and it is not letting me add more product categories.
    Desperately looking forward for your answer .

  • Humera Nasir

    Hi Katrina I want to change currency to pkr and provide Cod plz help I can't remember use PayPal cause I am in Pakistan

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    Hi Katrinah, greetings from Portugal. I love your videos…it was a great way, for me, as a newbie, in wordpress design and usage, to learn more about wordpress, Woothemes and Woocommerce…of course, adding the extra detail of having a nice young lady like you, to teach us how to use this tools, with lots of patience 🙂
    Thank you for everything (I will continue to search some of your other videos to test).
    I used this, with the latest wordpress and woocommerce versions, and I had to make some changes to the usage, itself… but one thing I couldn't do was to make the Woo Shortcodes appear… I've manage to install the Woocommerce shortcode bar, to get the products in a post, if needed, but when trying to create a button, like the one you've created in your "About" page, eventhough the dropdown list shows, when pressing any option, none of them work… so in order to create the button, I had to use raw html… is there any known bug, and workaround to create buttons, or links, using shortcode or others tools?
    Once again, thank you for your time, and for your sympathy…
    Excuse my poor english.
    Best regards

  • Ellen Novara-da Lima

    hello Katrinah.. I am so happy you are here the help me out! My website is so beautiful thanks to you.
    But still I need your help …. I addes a Blog page, but on my website is written:
    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria

    I am very sure I followd every step…

    also if I see on the right site… in the block of Publish .. I see I have 5 Reviews on the Blog site… so why can't I see the text on my website?

    Please help me out… did I missed something… perhaps in the settings ?


  • Lawn Snob

    This theme has an odd background texture over the background color/image that's annoying and I can't figure out what it is or how to get rid of it. It's a bunch of tiny dots. Similar to a Band-Aid strip. I looked in the Images folder and don't see it so I don't think it's an image I can delete. Any ideas?

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Hi katrinah you solve my many problems by this video, for this really thanks. please guide me is it also useful or responsive for mobile phone or tablet?

  • Wild Burro Shop

    Hey Katrinah, I want to thank you for your excellent video on how to create an online shop. I followed your format and now I have my own online t-shirt, poster and tote shop. http://www.wildburrocustomtshirts.com . It certainly is alot of work, but it is very gratifying when you see the collection of products. Please let me know what you think?
    take care

  • 子雁ZiYan

    Hi Katrinah, Thank you for this great video. I have a problem here. I had downloaded Wootique but what I got is not in zip file format. I can't go ahead to download it to my website because I kept receiving unpacking . The blue wootique icon is still in my desktop. Could you kindly advise what shall i do  please? Thank you so much.

  • Percy Vasquez

    This is an awesome video, but I have one question in my head. Does WooCommerce support my cart, my account, my wish list, and if they do, how are they going to see the website?

  • Abdulaziz Abubakar

    Thank you Katrina, you really made a wonderful and understandable tutorial presentation, indeed you did a great job and I appreciate it. thanks once again.

  • Michael Iziken

    Hello Katrinah, i am about to develop an ecommerce site for and existing website that uses opencart. stumbled on your video and i went through the comment thread.. does this video have an updated version? will the information here still be useful for me? i intend to use wordpress and woocommerce

  • Christian Stender

    i have installed wordpress by quick install but when i can click to my admin url/page it does not show the page …PLEASE HELP

  • Michael Shen

    hi hatrinah. I noticed that woodojo plugin is no longer available for using on wordpress, do you know any other similar plugins that have the same function? Many thanks

  • Hunainath Systems

    Katrinah, You really save my life, You are so talent to the point during the whole video. I am a web designer (not developer) and always afraid of the code in the back. You saved my life.. I love you !

  • Humera Nasir

    thank u Katrina for this tutorial ….. I didn't knew about the 'woocommerce' and WordPress before , now I had made a multi vendor website …..

  • aditya kumar

    hi katrinah, your videos is very helpful to me and my friends, but please tell me how to make CJ(commission junction) affiliate website by using wordpress

  • A.E.M. Siddique

    it is very much help full .we all need full social website using buddypress and bbpress.
    including all extention plugin.

  • Edward Harrison

    I just started my ecommerce website with WordPress and I'm kind of a newbie but with your tutorial it makes it a lot easier to understand thank you

  • Jellyman Education

    Hi Katrinah,

    I just started learning WordPress and I love your training. What software are you using to film these training videos?

  • Broadway Explorers

    how do you make one flat landing page. We need it for the theme of our site. our visitors commented about crowded counted. email us

  • Cat Angel

    I have just started setting up my WordPress website with the Wootique theme, I would like to change the font of text-based site title and tag line but I don't seem to be able to find how to do this, I have found how to change the font of all other text in Typography but not my site title……please help!

  • Barry Antrim

    I wish I could follow this tutorial but none of the screens you show look anything like what comes up for me. thanks for your time making a great video however

  • Barry Antrim

    I wish I could follow this tutorial but none of the screens you show look anything like what comes up for me. thanks for your time making a great video however

  • aaron gardner

    I enjoyed your tutorial. I also subscribed i plan on watching more of your videos. I am a web developer and i have made many sites but this was my first with woocommerce so well done i enjoyed it. I used your video as a stepping stone for the project i was working on i wanted a full width layout and the wootique doesnt offer that so i used another woo theme and my site is still turning out just as clean and as awesome as the one you made in the video. thanks

  • Radha

    Hi Katrinah Brilliant tutorial! Not sure if I missed something but can I use this sell downloadable material like photos? or, could you direct me to a suitable tutorial?
    Many thx!

  • Nathan Hale

    How come my pictures load sideways then after i edit they are straight
    on my computer and android devices, but are sideways on Apple devices?
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Jak Ajak

    Product description tag box is large & separate with long description box overlapping & text sitting to the right, outside the box.

  • Scott Kennedy

    Hi Katrinah,

    I'm new to wordpress and have been watching a number of your tutorials. Is there a plug in for commercial sites so the client come into a members area (or not) and select an option to pay a random amount, not an advertised product amount? I have clients that have off price list amounts.

  • Sactown !

    wow your video are truly amazing . Quick question can i add this plug in to an exsiting word press site and make it my store? i don't want a whole new website to sell our apparel

  • mansfieldwest

    how does this effect safe payements?  I can see how this tutorial covers the actual build but are you relying on paypal security for payment when it goes to there site? in which case how does that work when paid by credit card? I assume you have to buy https services from the host?

  • Shamszaman Davar

    hello i want to ask you 1 question is that how to create indian takeaway buying website on word press

  • Edu tainment

    Thanks for all your efforts in teaching us. By the way, I'd like to have a business website. I want it for a living. I want it like that "craftsmen, mainly, getting into the site, putting their names, ways of contacting them ….etc and letting customers contacting them to have their services-all through my website only-and I or my website will get a percentage of what they get from these clients" Is that clear, if not please tell me.

  • Marcus Kohl

    My Friend has over 4 years of experience in WordPress, and can develop any type of website like E-commerce, blogs, business, entertainment, magazine, real estate etc., check him out! He can customize your wordpress website according to YOUR needs! http://www.konker.io/services/18927?affid=682130

  • david scottlee

    Would you happen to know why the product gallery won't display correctly. I'm at 1:23 in the video and my pictures come up big and in a vertical line one after the other.

  • david scottlee

    it doesn't show up like in your page. I used this same tutorial 1 year ago and they showed up perfect. do I need to resize pictures or did wootique update mess it up

  • Jenny Johnson

    Can you help making a website using some HTML template? I have just got a theme for me from Templatemonster and need to customise it. In return, I would like to offer you this promocode which they sent me: m6qvxsbfqyo969av44x94wsr0 I think you will find it helpful to you, guys 😉

  • david scottlee

    wordpress updates change everything. i found the answer. thanks for all the good information in this video. It helps tremendously.

  • benoit hossay

    Have a look at https://shopitag.com
    They offer a free platform to sell online through your website, your Facebook page and even Messenger.
    I use it myself and it's very cool ! I sell online at no costs !

  • Flavius Tech

    Good video!
    After over 20 years of IT experience and over 12 years in web developement industry. I gained experience from all branches of e-commerce websites (full stack developer and server management).
    I learned few things, most antrepreneurs give up after only 6 months after they started online e-commerce website. Patience! Is my advice for all. It is scary when you do not have time to learn how to build and manage a website. I created my own website to offer front end and back end services. There are solutions for entrepreneurs which don't have skills or time to learn how to build e-commerce websites. This is a website service providing for them https://www.my-business-website.com/ , they can hire developer and customize their shopping website however they want.

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