Create a static html site in Azure
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Create a static html site in Azure

I’m going to show you how to create a static
html website with microsoft azure
we are assuming that you have created an account and that you have a subscription
there are free subscriptions on Azure available first you’re going to click on New
on the top left of the window and then you’re going to click on Web + Mobile
and then on Web App where it says app service name type in the
name of your website for example my website is going to be
mywebsite476 it can be whatever you want
then select your subscription and a resource group
I already created earlier this one it really doesn’t matter what you have here
and then select a service plan location which again doesn’t really matter which one
you choose and then click on create
we see that the deployment has been started this might take a few minutes
okay now the deployment has succeeded and we have been redirected automatically
to the dashboard of my new website precisely, the settings dashboard
now from here head over to publishing, continuous deployment
and choose source and select OneDrive
so obviously you need a OneDrive account and you’re going to choose a folder
which is going to be automatically created by default this is going to be the name of
your website so you don’t have to do anything, just click
ok and this will create a folder on your OneDrive
we can head over to our OneDrive folder which is actually a subfolder in OneDrive:
Apps>Azure Web Apps this is created automatically
now head over to your folder and create your web site here
for example I’m going to create here a file I’m going to call it index
and this is going to be a site that just says hello
remember that it’s an html file so to upload this file all we have to do
is go back to our dashboard and click on sync in the deployment tab
and now you can browse over to your newly created website by clicking on browse
and you see that it says hello so that’s it we have created a website with
Azure and OneDrive and it’s now available for everyone to see
and if you want to update the file just
go back and sync again
and that should do it you see it has been updated
below under the description of this video you will find a link that will take you to
the written description of this tutorial
so thank you, and see you again!

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