Crear subdominio para servidor L2 / Crear subdominio en GoDaddy

Hi, my name is Reynaldo This time I will show you how to create a subdomain for your Lineage 2 server Normally when you want to connect the Lineage 2 client to the server, the IP is used in the l2.ini file How could we use something like It does not matter what termination you have your domain The most common is to use “www” to refer to the web In this tutorial I will teach you how to use the subdomain “server” You must have a purchased domain and be able to manage it You also need to know the IP of the Lineage 2 server, I will use the IP “” in this example I recommend buying your domain in GoDaddy Once you have logged in to your domain provider, go to the administration panel (DNS, in this case) By default there may be some records already created It is very important that you can modify the values, CNAME, MX, A, NS, etc. Create a new record Select “A” for the type “Host” is the name of the subdomain, for this example we will use “server” It is not necessary to put, just put “server” is enough “Point to” places the value of the IP of the Lineage 2 server In “TTL” you can use 1/2 hour or 1 hour Save the record If everything is fine, the record will be added Now we can use the name “” in the file l2.ini For this example the domain is “” so I will put “” save the changes according to the chronicle Let’s try to login to the server As you can see, it connects without problems In summary, you have learned how to create a name to identify the IP of the Lineage 2 server This name is known as a subdomain If you have any questions, research the definition of “domain” and “subdomain”

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