• Potla Rambabu

    Bro can you drop here wmware workstation 14pro and compatible Ubuntu (Linux) links drop please.i have already installed on my pc wmware workstation 15pro already installed because I don't know which compatible this.

  • Tamil Selvan

    what is the d1 ( d=> is delimiter and what is the "1" ) command .can u please explain me.And what is the batch mode

  • prathap reddy

    In the below example I want to only display UID and Process Name in the “Access.csv” file which consume MAXIMUM Memory. Write a shell scripts for the same.

    UID Process Name PID MEMORY
    1, A, 11, 90%
    2, B, 22, 30%
    3, C, 33, 115%
    4, D, 44, 45%

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