Cpanel File Upload

If you’re having trouble using
FileZilla to upload things to your web page, you can
log in to cPanel and go to your File Manager. Now, you’ll need to create
a folder for each project that you’re going to
create to work with. But in the Public
HTML section, which is where you have
to upload things, and you can see I’ve got
everything uploaded here, you would start by
creating a new folder. I’m just going to call
this one Practice. I’ll call it Practice2. And it needs to be
inside of Public HTML. And you can go into your new
folder that you’ve created. And you can upload any
files on your computer. And so you can do
this from anywhere without installing software. So you can either select your
file or you can drag things. I tend to prefer
to select the file. So I could go out to
My Documents, where’ I’ve got some Web 105 stuff. And I’m just going to
hold my Shift key down. OK. It’s not going to
let me do that. So we’ll drag instead. I don’t want to pick
one file at a time. It takes too long. So you can go out here and
grab everything, drag it over. It’ll let me put
multiple files up. There we go. Oh, apparently it did, and
I didn’t even catch that. So you do a whole bunch
of them at one time. I did it twice. You don’t want to do that. So you can select one at a
time or you can just drag them. And that is actually
going to possibly be easier for you
than using FileZilla. FTP is the standard
way of doing things. But this is an easy upload. If you’re having
problems with FileZilla, this will work on Mac, PC,
anywhere that you’re at.

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