Could Giuliani Be Disbarred For Guest Hosting Sean Hannity’s Radio Show?
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Could Giuliani Be Disbarred For Guest Hosting Sean Hannity’s Radio Show?

In case you were not aware, last Friday, Rudy
Giuliani and Jay Sekulow filled in as the guest hosts for Sean Hannity’s radio program. Now, Giuliani and Sekulow also happen to be
Donald Trump’s attorneys, and why they out of all of the available pool of conservative
talent out there, were asked to fill in for Sean Hannity is beyond me, but I think we
can all pretty much agree, it’s because Hannity wanted to allow these two Trump lawyers three
hours of airtime to trash Bob Mueller and go ahead and convince everybody that this
investigation is a complete hoax. Here’s the thing. Shortly after that happened, we had former
federal prosecutor of Southern District New York Mimi Rocah talking to Chris Hayes on
MSNBC where she said that Giuliani might actually, possibly he could be disbarred for doing this. She said specifically, “I think Giuliani has
been skirting the line, and in my opinion, has now gone over the line in violating the
rules of professional conduct as a lawyer.” Here’s the thing. Is what Giuliani did unethical? Probably. Is it something that could get him disbarred? Absolutely not. There is actually no rule that forbids a lawyer
in the United States from going and hosting a radio show, even when you talk about your
own case. If you have full disclosure and admit that
you’re handling the case, in most states, you’re fine, you’re good to go. There are no rules saying you can’t say anything
about it unless you have signed something with the court or with the defendants or the
plaintiffs saying that you will not talk about it. In this particular instance, Mimi Rocah here,
this former federal prosecutor, is wrong on this. Giuliani does have every right to do this,
unfortunately as does Jay Sekulow, but it certainly does give the appearance of being
unethical and I’m sure if you dug down deep enough, you can probably find some kind of
violation that Giuliani and Sekulow committed by hosting this radio show but again, probably
not going to be enough to get them disbarred or really face any kind of punishment whatsoever. What it does show is that the relationship
between Donald Trump and Sean Hannity is actually growing a little bit closer, with Hannity
willing to give up three hours of his radio show to let these two novices who sound like
idiots in the air host it, just so that they can go and dispel any of the progress being
made by the Mueller investigation or any other investigation into Donald Trump. That was the point of this. Hannity is working with the Trump Administration
to spread as much disinformation as possible, and that’s what all of this is about. Sometimes you kind of have to look beyond
the headlines. You have to look beyond the hot takes of certain
people saying, oh he’s going to be disbarred. This is hugely unethical. The man is done for. No, but when you get past all the problem
here, you do start to see what exactly is happening, and that is that Sean Hannity is
going to bend over backwards for Donald Trump to allow him, his attorneys and his staffers
the airtime that they need to go out there and convince the public that this investigation
is a total witch hunt or a hoax, a witch hunt and hoax by the way that has resulted in almost
two dozen total indictments at this point, five guilty please, Manafort probably headed
to jail within the next few days at this point if he’s not there already. Yeah, this is what Hannity’s doing, and to
be honest, as things heat up with this investigation, I think we’re going to see more of this. We’re going to see more of Giuliani and Sekulow
coming on his radio show, coming on his TV program doing everything they can to stem
the tide of the Mueller investigation.


  • George Wilder Jr.

    May the National Embarrassment of Trump Stain the Republican Party for 1000 Years It is appalling this disgusting man is president

  • Robert Therob

    One witness phone call email text or video of Hannity Patti g trump know this before airtime is enough to lock them both up but not in bizarro world of the X Factor administration and his IGNORANT supporters.

  • Get Real

    Lawyers while defending a crook like trump are actually participating in the cover up and profit from it , talk about playing both sides of the fence

  • Brenda LaprinceGoogle next

    Rudy is looking more,and more like uncle festa from the monsters. ? He really should just go on a long vacation.

  • Aleza Seibert

    Sure it's not ethical, bad optics, immoral but not illegal! Every defense of Trump and his cronies. How would that fly if a Democrat President constantly used that excuse? Conservatives would LOSE THEIR MIND! HYPOCRITES to the MAX!

  • Toni Olson

    What is sad is Hannity can't see the writ on the wall. Look how much of his personal life Michael Cohen gave up for Donald Trump and when D Trump was done with Cohen he left him b like an old shoe.

  • Angela bel

    It will be of good service for trump if he is disbarred because he is of no use to trump.??? he is of good use to us because he keeps singing and contradicting what trump said ???

  • The AcerbicAtheist

    Hey everybody. Did anyone notice the hypocrisy in this video? Papantonio regularly does videos on Monsanto and the allegation that glyphosate causes cancer while also being the lawyer for a major class action lawsuit against the company for allegedly causing cancer in people because of glyphosate.

  • Leroy Thomas

    That would be the most incredible move made in sometime. He is a instigator, and a racist. Also doesn't get my respect as an authority figure. Show yourself a man of respect for those around you, or you don't in return, deserve respect. As with other so called authority figures. I believe in the whole concept of respecting authority, but, not if your not giving it. No one should living gets respect if they can't give it. We all are authority figures in our own lives, and if it's one thing we were all taught as a child, if you want respect, show yourself respectful, and that will in most cases come back to you, or it should. No man woman or child should respect anyone who doesn't respect them back. Most people as political authority figures in most case act as if they respect you, and they don't. Although, their a are some, who give it an effort to return the gesture. We have men who want respect, but don't know exactly how to give it. I love to listen to the Minister of the Nation, because he to me, is one of the greatest teachers that ever lived. Now, we might not agree with everything, but, never the less, this man can teach us all something about ourselves, and is the master of bringing unity to the forefront. Meaning, look at the Nation, and see the discipline among black people all in one place and not one is out of line. We must learn to do this as a black man and woman, and teach this to our children. I do want to say, Bigotry is alive and well, but not in my heart as an individual. But, there are those in large numbers who do not respect us and we shouldn't respect them. But, do not approach with anger but do it in knowledge, and dignity of who we are or who we should be. I've watched the Nation for many years, and they can write the book on unity. I was reading an article one day, and Vladimir Putin, was curious as to how the Nation was able to have so many people who were united and wanted the Minister to explain how he was able to keep this kind of circumstance in check. So , in reality, I agree and we all should pay attention to how it's being done and implement this into our own lives. Our Creator, is watching and needs us to become one no matter what it takes, let it be done. Does color really matter? Yes when we as black people are the ones the least united in this country/world.

  • MrBlockice22

    Yeah go ahead and let Guliani and his folks be on these radio shows and TV. I mean he said and he's going to say enough to dig a deep hole, and its documented by video, so he cant deny on whatever he said, its air tight so…. So much for hunting for witches .

  • maryannleighton

    What kills me is why so many standing up for Trump in the White House, what are they getting by having his back ?
    Don't see Paul Ryan, Melania, Ivanka much….interesting….

  • L Jett

    Do they really hate a diversified America with all of its rules and laws? Will democracy survive beyond 2020? Stay tuned. same bat channel, same bat station. Vote.

  • Francelina Camilo

    Is anybody know if Juiliane had was cut of from is nek because looks he's has no neck and the head as glued por man his try hard

  • mw3516405

    All other stations trash POTUS all day long ! Wrong freedom speech he's not under oath ! Mueller trying make name for himself !! Guiliani has a name all ready and he knows the law ! All other media channels ratings are in the crapper !!!!

  • Purple Flame Tarot

    Treason would be secretely inviting Russian Operatives/Agents in the Oval Office and bragging about firing the FBI agent to "take pressure off about the investigation!" We only know because he invited Russian journalists, not AMERICAN! Think the Oval Office is bugged now?! Oh, wait. They don't even need to. TrumP and company kept Putin updated throughout the campaign and he has a secret phone booth in Price's office! Not to mention his unsecure smart phone, which he gave all the other dictators his number to!

    Under the "spell" TrumP has cast? LOL. Subliminal messages at rallies?? In the music? Hmm. Listen to me, "Don't. Believe. What. You. Read. Or. Hear." I. Alone. Am. Your. Master!

  • Flip Flop & Fly

    That's the proof that Mueller is getting closer by the minute to the real truth and the more erratic Trump goons lawyers, friends and family behaviors will be until justice prevails. Only time will tell the truth the all truth nothing but the truth.

  • Tom Noneya

    If you look under media whore in the dictionary there's a color picture of Rudy with Ann coulter. Ill say anything just keep the camera on me. Hypocrites.

  • Ken Bugbee

    Disbarred ? Seriously, what's that worth ?
    He represents the president of the USA .
    No law says you can't be represented by any person you choose, attorney or not .
    Don't make me laugh .

  • Speed Racer

    If the press didnt report this maybe alot of people wouldn't had listened to this radio show but on the other hand its only the same audience since only his supporters listen to the show . No big deal .

  • Alfred Degiorgio

    Much to our everlasting shame, America has ceased to be “the home of the brave”; we are letting the cornered rat in the WH bully and vilify our most distinguished military leaders and civil servants. The gutless political whores of Congress stand mute while Trump, the ultimate self-server and coward, attacks brave and dedicated patriots who served our country with honor and self-sacrifice all of their life. WHERE IS OUR NATIONAL PRIDE, OUR SELF-RESPECT?

  • Paolo G

    Correction: hannity bends over forwards for drumpf
    Where was hannity? In hospital having a glass jar removed from his arse,perhaps?

  • Francis Srečko Fabian

    Do you think Melania has anything to be worried about? I mean, I realise it is very unlikely but President Trump is unusual to say the least. Could Hannity become wife No. 4 ??? (probably more than he could ever hope for).

  • George Marksity

    So what it is still a free country….if he wanted to host a radio show more power to him….bunch of numbnuts worrying about stupid shit.

  • Jim Burig

    I've wondered why these so-called attorneys haven'd been disbarred for their abhorrent behavior. again, though, no consequences for bad behavior. Hannity's sponsors should review their stance on what he's putting out into the airwaves.

  • fkujakedmyname

    i think id more more offended he can get dis barred for that but not being a piece of shit nazi lawyer who protects white collar nazi terrorists

  • Prophetess

    Giuliana is as insane as Trump. These two senile old men are a real obnoxious problem. They should both be locked away in a loony bin.

  • Sandi Billingsley

    The judge in manafort case has had his life threatened. Most likely over the weekend the jury has had their life threatened just like the judges. The verdict will probably be innocent.

  • Jeremy S

    trump is a money tree for the right, and oddly enough, for the left too. Just say the word "trump" and 89% of Americans tune in to see what happened this time. Like a horrible accident, you just can't look away.
    More newspapers have been sold, more cable and TV shows watched, and more discussion has taken place over this president than any other, ever.
    Including Lincoln. lol

  • Jeff Schatz

    Trump wants everyone to call him God/a "god" but his cult of trump faithful are willing to call him "god" or think God sent him to get rid of all the infidels (Democrats and anyone against trump) when they are wrong trump is the human embodiment of Satan running amok for a season, or the human embodiment of the Anti-Christ.

  • Jeff Schatz

    I leave this here in case any trump faithful decide to comment:

    And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

    Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    2 Thessalonians 2:9-‬12 KJV

  • Phillip Benson

    Hannity will do anything for his man. He is the biggest Trumpanzee, number 1 in Trump's eyes. You know Guillani and Sekulo rehearse their script's for weeks before they go on air. Guillani still fucks up. He and Trump are called dumbass and dumberass.

  • Matthew Dobbs

    However, much like trump with his constant tweets and numerous rallies, with a big case like they have, how do they find time to do the work…..its such a joke.

  • OrionPax09

    Faux News is America's answer to Pravda, spewing lies and propaganda for the Greedy Old Pricks in general and Putin's Personal Pet Poodle in particular. What little integrity they might once have had has been sold down the drain in order to prop this failed, washed up reality TV show host. And the fact that there are people stupid enough to take anything that Flim Flannity spews seriously just makes me hang my head in shame for America.

  • Elaine Brooksbank

    Two defence lawyers litigating their case over the air may be stupid and playing to the base with the lies they spun but it goes to show how desperate they are. They knew the base would believe any guff they were fed but they need the rest of us to believe it too.

    Giuliani's clown act in the three ring circus that is Trump's administration may be an entertaining side show but he forgets that the majority of Americans still possess a brain which hasn't been through the Trump laundromat. We still want to know who, if anyone, conspired with a foreign adversary to trash our democratic process. And we still want to know why anyone would want to prevent us getting that information. And the more ludicrous Giuliani sounds & the more bizarre & desperate tactics Giuliani & Seculow adopt to try to convince us we don't want to know the more the majority of us realise they really do have something to hide.

  • Phillip Benson

    Trump was worrying about the ratings. He wants to brag about them having higher ratings than Mueller. He thinks they'll help him with his base and supporters because they only watch and listen to Fox news. What he doesn't understand is that Mueller doesn't do any news media, he keeps everything quite, so Trump's pissing into straight line winds in excess of 70mph.Everything he's tried has blown right back on him. This will be no different.

  • Ro Ni

    It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich republican to enter the kingdom of heaven. Meanwhile, they are destroying the planet.

  • Rosalind Wallace

    Omarosa got all the Republican Party running scared they don't if she recorded them or not…???????????GODS IN CONTROL…?

  • Sylvia Haik

    If a case has already being deliberated by a jury, anyone in the public eye commenting on the case should be charged with contempt as trying to influence the jury.

  • evoeightyci

    What is it that Hannity is hiding? We already know he had dealings with Trump's lawyer. What is he so scared of coming out that he's willing to give up this air time? Hmmmmm

  • Dfuher D

    Ehm, sorry, Farron, I saw that interview with Ms. Roca live, and her comment was NOT about hosting the radio show. It was about Giuliani's general behavior, his lying, misrepresenting the law etc. So, yeah, he cant be disbarred from hosting the radio show, but b4 u go into such a tizzy about it, maybe u shouldve watched the interview a couple more times, coz apparently u heard her answer the question, that ur mind was asking, not what she was actually talking about. So instead of 4 min ranting about this and strongly implying, that Ms. Roca either made a false statement or didnt know, what she was talking about, plz get ur facts straight and dont smear an attorney based on ur own false assumptions.

    Normally I enjoy watching ur commentary, but when ur huffing and puffing about something, that only happened in ur own mind, it gets me thinking about, how many others of ur rants, where I havent seen for myself, what ur commenting on, are equally false. As this is commentary, not news, I cant call u fake news, but I was very disappointed with u spreading false information about Ms. Roca's statements, even tho its clearly due to misunderstanding, rather than done on purpose.

  • Samwisegamge Mhm

    Hannity has been trumps Besty since trump and hannity both used Cohen to pay off mistresses . And hannity loves trumps racist views on immigration duh .



  • Grace Adfol

    I feel sorry for these cronies than anything They just don't understand that they're showing their confusion and foolishness than ever and that's ugliness

  • Tinstrings

    Oh, I wish they could both be disbarred. Leave Trump with only lawyers he can find in the back of a New York phone book under "Ambulance Chasers" He'd represent himself, being a very stable genius, and like the idiot sitcom character, he'd blow it so badly he'd end up sentenced to hang for Treason based on his own testimony.

  • Tinstrings

    Trump brought Hannity in on the real estate scam and Russian money laundering racket for saying such good things about Trump from the start, and Hannity is just stupid enough to keep following Trump like a sad little puppy until Trump decides to throw Hannity to the wolves to save himself, while Hannity keeps giving Trump those dewy little puppy eyes while Hannity is torn to bloody shreds. It will be fun to watch all American tough-guy and MMA dabbler Hannity weep uncontrollably as they cuff him.

  • Victor

    Just a few questions.
    Did Hillary Clinton lie under oath……yes
    Did Hillary Clinton destroy iPads and iPhones with hammers….Yes
    Did Hillary Clinton delete thousands of emails…..Yes
    Did Hillary Clinton , as she said , hand over all here emails to the FBI…..No
    Did Hillary Clinton have CLASSIFIED INFORMATION on her unsecured server……Yes..and she did.
    Did Hillary Clinton say she NEVER sent CLASSIFIED INFORMATION from here unsecured server….Yes..and she did.
    Did Hillary Clinton sign of on selling URANIUM to the Russians…..Yes
    Did Hillary Clinton send CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to Anthony Weiner’s laptop….Yes
    Did the Clinton Foundation get four hundred million dollars from Russians after selling uranium to the Russians …..Yes
    Did Bill Clinton get millions of dollars from Russians……Yes
    Did the Democrats allow the FBI to inspect their server that was SUPPOSED to be hacked…..NO.
    Was Hillary Clinton’s , eMails, that had been (subpoenaed) , deleted (after) they had been subpoenaed…Yes
    Is the American economy doing better NOW than it has in MANY YEARS….Yes
    Are the Democrats in favour of REVERSING the tax cuts to MILLIONS of Americans….Yes
    Is America’s military stronger now than it has been in many years….Yes
    Are there fewer people unemployed now than in many years…..Yes
    And think about this, when was the (last time) you listened to the Democrats talking about (their) policies for the people , take your time , that is not a trick question.
    Now one final question, what would the outcry be if President Trump had done a FRACTION OF THIS ??

  • ATR Unlimited

    Yes he should be. Poisoning the potential jury pool. How do we start this process? P. S. hannity is a pundit not a reporter so let's get rid of that disingenuous "FOX NEWS ALERT "flag on the bottom of the screen whenever client#3 is enjoying another episode of verbal inconanence.

  • Brad Tinkham

    Rudy should be disbarred simply because of advanced senility and dementia. He is incapable of a coherent conversation and that is the truth. (Oh Damn. I forgot that "truth is not truth"). Maybe this is just an alternative fact of Trumpism.

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