COUCHSURFING  Experience: Russian Family hosted me in Moscow| How Russian treated Indian
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COUCHSURFING Experience: Russian Family hosted me in Moscow| How Russian treated Indian

Starting a new trip. This time i am going to Russia I will make this trip bit interesting. I haven’t booked any hotel I will do Couchsurfing I have reached Moscow Will purchase SIM card now I have taken a Taxi Going to my Host’s house Hi Friends. I am right now in Moscow One family is hosting me Let me Introduce them very nice family. Cooked lots of food Spending very good time with them I am learning Russian Language We are Playing board games Very talented kids Very good gymnastic she did. In Russia gymnastic is very famous In this map He has traveled by Bike Colour coded areas are where, he has traveled. Till now he has traveled these colour coded countries . So, next time i have told him to come to India. He promised me that he will come to India. Excellent Map , by looking at it one can identify where he has traveled. So, he has traveled 14 counties in 2 weeks by bike His plan is He will come to Indian via Delhi , Kolkata & then Assam from there via Myanmar, Thailand and so on.. I told him to call me for any help there I am available to help him World is really beautiful. After coming outside , i can realize That people are really helpful He himself travels a lot, so help traveler as well. Like hosting me now, as i am being a traveler. He has a very beautiful house. I have taken permission from him to record Bed for two Cute kids Medals of Alica Very talented Child Alica went to Olympic camp She got Medal there. Very maintained Couch room I will stay here tonight. This toilet is for me and him for today ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking like Snake skin Another washroom This is him balcony. Wall hanging pictures are from Cuba They are doing excellent hosting Lots of food , tea , coffee etc. Kitchen is also very beautiful His wife is a designer She is a very good cloth designer. Freeze magnate collections from the countries, where he has visited.


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