• Ricky Pike

    Can this talk can be downloaded, and if so, from where? His original talk is available on YouTube which also contains a link to download the talk. I find it a bit ironic if we can't turn up a place from where we can download this talk.

  • Ricky Pike

    I found it for download on fora.tv. You can download it using their 24 hour trial or pay $4.99 for a month's membership and download it.

  • Danny Fullerton

    The difference between device lock-down (like Apple) and Trusted Computing is that on your iPhone, Apple is the owner of the platform. From a technical point of view this means they are the one who have initialized the platform keys (the one protected by the chip and which is used to form the Core Root of Trust (the security chain). Now that's a very big difference with Trusted Computing since with TC YOU are the owner, you set the keys. In fact, the TPM is not even initialized at purchase.

  • seemedlikeagoodidea

    What a brilliant and thoughtful presentation! I particularly like the last question and last response, where he points out that the fact that any set of numbers might be poetry doesn't provide a reason to limit numbers that could be used to do bad things.

  • momerath42

    My solution in 461 characters or less: Everyone owns at least one device to manage their identity. People publish statements about their (usually conditional) intentions and facts they wish known; pull in others' statements through their webs of trust. Ontologies, shared through the same mechanism, allow determination of the likely consequences of the combined intentions. (Non)automatic negotiation mechanisms bring disparate predictions closer. Code is updated through the WoT like any 'fact'.

  • Rollin' Wit' molasses

    I mean I think it's cool that people want to copy other artists, but I think that is each persons choice. I personally would prefer to get my work out privately. IF you want to copy, do that later. Or at least find some way to honor the artist publicly… I really am not into the idea of um… oh you're not cool. You don't like to be copied. NO I DON'T. I want to earn money from my art. I don't copy anyone when I create. Why should that be different for anyone else?

  • MalaklypsetheElder

    I don't know enough about Doctorow, is that a joke that he works for the RIAA? I am guessing it is, thought he was a little more open minded about copy rights etc, since he is the king of creative commons licensing, at least for his own works, which are mostly effectively free to read and download.

  • perverse justice

    you don't remember the original movie or radio broadcast called "war of the worlds" do you? or "Short circuit" or "batteries not included" or "close encouters of the turd kind", scuse me that's third kind! Ron paul?! oh wait. . . anyhow, Star wars, star trek, star gate, star anything, 5th element etc etc etc….. you get the point oh and my personal fave starring Sandra bullock, The Net!

  • perverse justice

    jones, I agree, the sad part about that is when a monopolizing corporation like apple who owns itunes and youtube and all that, eliminates their competition, (any and all small businesses are bought out immediately), and then close stores available to people by foot traffic so that internet purchases are the only way to purchase anything like you see today. thereby causing both the problem and claiming the solution at the same time.

  • perverse justice

    THANK YOU you just explained why it makes sense now that what my mom said was true, "you know more about this than your dad now", thank you mom, sadly R.I.P. all info I had proving that my onsite manager and neighbors were being criminals but, now I know why when I was stopping allowing an unknown admin permission, I was locked out after blocking their access to my files and all files with or with out the internet. thank you. but why won't the FBI investigate hackings?!? or is that part of the

  • perverse justice

    if you ever felt that sudden urge to smash your T.V. with an aluminum baseball bat or throw your computer out the (preferably higher story) window, NOW would be a GREAT TIME to not hold back and not hold those feelings of regression in!!! *huge smile*

  • enticed2zeitgeist

    I hope in the future instead of discussing the blurred methods of how we should regulate corrupt behavior maybe we'll discuss methods of how to actually love and nourish our children so that there is no incentive to be corrupt.

  • Vasily Kuznetsov

    I like how he almost assumes that the forces of good are going to win the first war (owners of devices vs. governments and corporations), which I also find mostly obvious at least in the sense that it's clear who the bad guys are, and starts asking complicated questions about the users vs. owners scenario and things like that. Beating the dead horse of DRM being harmful and copyrights making little sense in the digital world might be good for awareness raising and mobilizing more people, but it's much more interesting to think about the genuinely unclear and complicated questions.

  • Mark Love

    It might be interesting to check out the Baen Free Library regarding the DRM arguement as it relates to the publishing of fiction

  • sudo kode

    19:14 – RIAA or the US government or Monsanto… That last one sorta came out of left field. Big ag is mucho importanto in technology, I'm sure. Odd correlation.

    Initialize pointless debate…

  • AngleOfLight

    google is all scattered….they have too many things going on and none of them are working. Google glass, googles social network, i dont even remember the name its so obscure! and google wireless??? using TMOBILE???? oh my god google, get a clue!
    All the "geniuses" they hire and look what has happened to the company…failure after failure. So, my suggestion for google is simple FOCUS ON YOUTUBE. USE YOUTUBE and make it bigger and better BE CREATIVE…. it is shocking how google is failing in smartphones now and google glass etc. and they dont even have a google search on youtube!!!  All you harvard geniuses at google should be FIRED for being idiots

  • Zack Bennett

    The quickest way to shut down the "Well I don't have anything to hide" argument is to ask them to pull down their pants and underwear. I didn't think of that tactic, but I've used it successfully to illustrate the privacy point to several ignorants.

  • aAAWMdN8

    Funny how this is a talk at Google, when Google is on the wrong side of the coming war, being one of the supporters of the new W3C DRM standard.

  • Kirstine Termansen

    Crap industry spying is industry based greed
    Nomatter media or ? company and block job, mails, voice messages reply

    Sex abuse used as subprespre,

  • Kirstine Termansen

    Missing Children interpol and missing Children FBI Alex and dad return the Child
    Data spionage einterteinment and design is still illegal under federal international law USA

    Plus phadofil net is the most important to solve

  • Kevin Sterns

    His description of a hostile insecure product that runs secret software and spies on the user is a brilliant description of Windows 10… posted 3 years before Windows 10 was released.

  • Denise Ward

    Here we go again! Men running things without getting other perspectives (from women for example) I mean it's not like men have taken humanity to any great heights. Sure we have computers, whoopee, I love them too, but there are still millions starving and homeless and unable to access health care or even the internet. But none of the "big guys" care about that. They still strive to explore space even though their fellow humans are suffering in massive numbers. You'd think they'd want to lift them first, use these extra untapped abilities, and make the human race soar into space and computer technology. But no, it's all just a drive for more paranoia – spying and manipulating. How to use computers to stop "the bad guys"? Well here's a novel suggestion – how about making everything on computers open and freely available? None of you have given that any thought, it hasn't even entered your heads! And so now men are going to start another war zone, in cyberspace. Oh goodie, more paranoia. So give it a thought – what if all information were open to the public, how much easier would life be then? What would be the unintended consequences, etc? So much energy is used to maintain privacy but there is always someone now in the digital age who can breach privacy walls. So what if we all just understood that nothing is private, that if we wanted to we could find out anything we wanted to? What kind of a world would that create? I think a good one. It would also keep psychopaths at bay as living in the open is something they shun. The idea of living in the open would then of course, put pressure on the idea of copyrights and property rights, which in the digital age, make no sense to continue with.

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