Core computing presentation final
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Core computing presentation final

I’ve got a problem that I wanna share, I’m writing lyrcis, but I’ve never dared Writing a beat, coz I don’t really know How can I melody put into notes. how can he do that? guess it’s just too bad. sure I can do that, Gonna tell u how to do that. Everyone can do it if u’ve got a little tip. Ain’t talking about money, but appears it’s a chip. Fitted in your brain with updated electrode. Got Melody in mind? It will write the notes. But how can you trust me? Yeah I’ve got a proof Start from the first one: Nadim approves that And in the background something less important: Behind it – only science, no magic mr. Potter. California scientists allowed mute people speak? It Uses electrode fitted in the brain that helps to pick sig – nals and then transform it to the voice by synthesizer. But the surgery is needed, so we have to sympathize them. But what if I can tell u, that there is a safer way. What if I can tell u, put invasive part away. If we’re gonna use electroencephalogram Then BCI will do the work and it is possible today. Combining these technologies together makes things possible, Just imagine types of music that could be created You don’t have to know the notes sounds like “mission impossible”, But devices that we have just need to be updated. Me and Metro Boomin want some more now Everything he’s done was just a warm up Every melody he’s written could be now upgraded, All you have to do is think and BCI will made it. I can sign where do you want me, Patent is all that I need. Thank you for patience, one more thing: With u was Mens on the beat.

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