Connect to localhost apache from another device in the same lan
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Connect to localhost apache from another device in the same lan

Welcome all in this video we will talk about how to your localhost from other device at the same lan LAN this used to test your site on other devices ok let’s start this my localhost page i use wamp server its not important what the server application and here i make some test site i name it “mysite” var dump server now if we try to connect from other device we need to IP Network Adapter status details here your ip if you want to connect from an other device you have to use this IP Enter this ip in the url link in the browser ok i will try it this is the response forbidden as you can see we are not allowed to use Apache server from another device to activate it we want to go to wamp folder c:/wamp/ bin apache … and edit it search about directory its here as we see we can see here these tow lines we will replace them withe these lines these line are in the description copy them and paste them here save it and here come to the wamp exit dont make restart wamp you must exit it and now run wamp again wait and now we will try the other device again its may not work yet try again put online and we will try again ok restart all services ok now it works lets see our device it works fine in our device as you can see now i will try on my tablet to open mysite and try it as you can see it works fine ok thats all thank you


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