• Gene Deering

    Perry do you really think these people care that you can prove them wrong time and time again they don’t. They are caught up with the way satan wants them to think and that pretty much where they will stay until it is to late then watch them cry and blame God for their stinking thinking. You see they are unteachable and everyone is wrong but them.

  • Will Lunsford

    The problem is that most people are just providing news updates and saying it's prophecy. Tons and tons of YouTubers and Pastors. Here is what prophecy is, not what most people are talking about online : A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a deity.

  • Christopher Griffis

    Shiloh, the second witness who is the Messiah ben Joseph from the tribe of Ephraim under the reign of King Omri of the Northern house of Israel and the true prince of Wales will be first,.. to help set up the temple and finish the testimony of God, that Christ started

  • Zell dincht

    There is no pre trib or mid trib rapture. Matthew 24:29-31 the Lord returns immediately after the tribulation. Rev 12:17 the dragon makes war with us who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Rev 13:7 the Antichrist overcomes us. Rev 20:4 we die . Our deaths r shown.we die instead of taking the mark of the beast or the name. Rev 16:14-16 Jesus says behold I come as a thief. This is before armeggedon NOT tribulation. Just read ur Bible.

  • Jewish Princess

    Everyone ROLL UP your rapture rugs. There are to many things in the BIBLE that has to happen. The church is not HOLY . Shoot you can barely get Christians to get along much less anything else. Watch BOb Jones 100 year prophecy.
    Read the BIBLE church has to be in order and a spotless bride before JESUS comes back.
    We have alot of work to do left saints alot.

  • John Lucas

    I'm sorry mister stone, but the seals have been started opening. In 1998 GOD gave me a dream that said"we are moving into a cashless society and when we go cashless the GOVERNMENT will be issuing the mark of the beast as it is written about in the bible". That cannot happen unless the third seal has been opened. Shortly after tbis dream he gave me another dream that told me I would know we are in the throes of ww3 when common man walks down the street shooting people indiscriminately. Within 2 weeks it was reported that a man wearing sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt took a stroll through his neighborhood taking potshots at people. Sounds like common man to me. This was about a year after the war in Syria started. Go count the countries fighting in Syria. I notice with all the prophecy being translated and given to us does not include the seals. Based on this I started reading and praying and praying and reading and GOD showed me something. When I got to chapter 12 and read to the bottom it suddenly dawned on me that tbe war with Satan and his being tbrown down to earth he got angry and spewed water out of his mouth as a flood of humanity in an attempt to wash away Jesus's church. This matches the first half of the first seal. Then it says he missed so he went to wage war against the remnant of her seed. This matches the second half of the first seal. Ww1 and ww2 are the fulfillment of the first seal. I'm not sure but the fulfillment of the second seal coyld have been tbe cold war. At thus time the world was considered at peace but it wasnt. There were still wars going on. The taking of peace from the earth? Soon will be a financial collapse then the mark. The day the mark is issued thefe will be a civil war. Now imagine fighting a civil war along with ww3. If that is not tribulation I don't know what is. Everyone is rying to rush events but it will hapoen in its time. Jesus comes back at the 7th trumpet and we got 4 more seals and 6 trumpets to go yet. Another thing i notice is that no one teaches that what is happening in the book of revelation are punishments being meted out against us for our disobedience to GID. Next is we CAN stop it. Just like the story if Nineveh in the book of Jonah. They were warned to stop so the did and GOD never punished them which made Jonah scared…

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