Conflict Minerals, Rebels and Child Soldiers in Congo
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Conflict Minerals, Rebels and Child Soldiers in Congo


  • asher levy

    looks like somebody is by showing the cruel face of the people of a broken country is trying to cover the crimes of those who started the war and who funds them as well as providing gang leaders the latest machine guns and making billions in profits, not only by selling their latest killer inventions but by stealing (not purchasing ) their resources for peanut.

  • chris O'neillLast

    Me watching Hamiltonโ€™s pharmacopeia and other vice hell yeh Iโ€™d do that crazy stuff
    Me watching this. Hell no at so many times hellzzz tooo the no. This is how you die. 9/10 times you die

  • Roberta Neilan

    Why is it that Africa remains as primitive and violent as it was hundred of years ago? Why can't they ever catch up with the rest of the modern world? Why is it still the dark continent? Why are their governments so corrupt and savagely violent? No matter how much money and aid they are given, why is their continent is still so primitive and lost? What the hell is wrong with these people?

  • congo jander

    I have worked as UN peacekeeper in congo.
    UN is just a white elephant there working for show only.
    Peoe of congo have to unite first and start removing corrup politicians.
    And tgey are being Poisend by indian cheep ๐Ÿป stop dribking that.
    And yes only womna are working men needs to work

  • PowermadNavigator

    I like how child slaves dig up minerals in Congo, refine them in some other third world country, send them to China, where people are paid in rice bowls to make iPhones (for example), then to Europe or the USA and the price is like a few thousand dollars for useless iPhone or MacBook… just funny, which part of its production was actually expensive barring the shipping of the finished product to stores? Are you telling me that if things were properly done, the most basic laptop would be 4000$ or smth? Why aren't those globalists that are actually behind big tech giants being asked about this? Would be interesting, see what poor excuse globalists can come up with…

  • Angelo Zanussi

    This is all an Israeli creation. Look into Dan Gertler. Israeli Slave Trade. Illegal weapons Trades. Training Terrorist. Illegal organ Trades. Etc…

  • Austin Harmon

    Im in USA and i met a girl from Congo. She was very beautiful and her body was crazy like she could be a model and she was super into me but i knew how shit goes down over there so i wasn't sure if should mess with her or not. We talked for a week or 2. Celebrated 4th of July together and she got super drunk and acted a little crazy and was extra pushy for the D if u know what i mean.. idk if this is racist or something, but all i could think about was AIDS… I didn't know how to just come out and ask a person if they have AIDS so i just took the cowards way out and declined her advances and then declined her calls.. Im sorry Amani xoxo so beautiful and so sweet forgive my ignorance. After watching just part of this vid and seeing really where she came from i feel bad for not being there for her at least and letting her open up to me a little.

  • Mozues Olympian

    I do nat ike westin depicchons of Wah. It is not the Propha war. In ma country when wah is declared da peepul are appy. โ€œYes feenally sum meat vrom de god to beef ma families and childin now we no longa starve but insted feast on the flesh de enimy commandahs.โ€
    Dis is the Propah war.

  • Buzz Tint

    African ppl are beautiful & happy. The country is really under developed. However they are nothing like central American always complaining abt gangs & povert & pitting American politicians against each other over immigration

  • Fondation Roi Leopold II Froleo

    La Republique Democratique du Congo est le resultat d'un project scientific concu dans la Societe Geographiques de Bruxelles.
    La Societe Geographiques de Bruxelles avait ressorti toutes les ressources naturelles qui seront utilisees pour les besoins des inventions scientifiques.
    l'Association Internationale du Congo a travailler tres dure dans le caoutchouc et le chemin de fer pour rassembler tous Les territoires qui contiennent des resources naturelles en un seul Bloc, et avec ce bloc des territoires ils ont fonde un pays riche qui s'appelle aujourd'hui la Republique Democratique du Congo.
    Le Resultat tangible est definitif demontre aujourd'hui que la richesse de la Republique Democratique du Congo est le resultat d'un project scientific.
    Aujourd'hui nous rendons Hommage et honneur aux membres de la Societe Geographiques de Bruxelles et de l'Association Internationale du Congo.
    Courage au peuple Congolais de la Republique Democratique du Congo, aucun pouce de ce territoires ne sera cede a l' Afrique Francaise, Afrique Allemand et l' Afrique Anglaise.
    Avant hier le caoutchouc , hier l'Uranium, aujourd'hui le Coltan.

  • Matt Lane

    Chuck Norris is such a bad ass he's even known in 3rd world countries. What are the odds of that little boy getting his hands on a tape with Walker Texas Ranger on it?

  • realtalkboys777 harris

    Dirty europeans are behind it for sure. We know there work. All this drama is just following them to there countries now. You can run but you can't hide. The Most High won't allow you to get away without it falling on your own head!!

  • realtalkboys777 harris

    Alot of people will die. Salvation is still for them. The promise that The Most High made to them will still happen. Everybody is panicking lol. Calm down!!! Alot of these hebrew people salvation and rulership is promised to them. Dont feel too bad because your decendents will be in those mining fields soon!!

  • Alonda Sugar

    Correction, VICE..DRC is the richest country in the world! Foreign interests and manipulation of the political system and corruption by the powers that be have raped this gorgeous country and destroyed its glory ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Christian Clarence

    Actually, 27 persons died on that air accident, and not 20 as you have reported there. Very courageous exploration though, well done.

  • buff samurai fred

    But African Americans wanna talk about their ancestors, but donโ€™t have the balls to go VISIT PLACES LIKE CONGO ๐Ÿค”

  • Andrew Dees

    19:40, "and bullets pass thru them like water". Well, that is a trick. So, they piss bullets? Cuz, water doesnt pass thru me any other way.

  • Michael Lynch

    The riches countries in the world make billions if not trillions of dollars with this mineral but the African government gets $35,000 dollars a day and the day labors only get$1.00 a day yet it supplies 80% of the world yet you can find the top 10 poorest countries in the world Africa. These Africans can bearly afford food on their table let alone guns. So other none African nation are bringing in guns to these African and having them fight over scraps of food and then blaming it on their government why you benefit from the war an cause k os and confusion as a distraction to benefit off of their natural resource. divide and conquer. Colonizers white devils, Liars, Deceivers, Antichrist.You can miss me with that bull.

  • Deidre Green

    I wanted to start a school in Africa and teach the children agriculture and have them uses the land to produce their own food. I wanted to teach them sewing so they could make their own clothes and clothes to sell at the market. I wanted it to be a Christian Boarding School. So they would have somewhere to live.

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