• Julio Escalante

    Im taking Network Infrastructure as part of my degree plan. The instructor just get to the class and just read the entire book, no explanation at all. These videos have saved me a lot of time trying to read and understand the whole picture. My final is this Thursday, I am confident after watching these videos. Thank you a lot, and for sure for the Application class your videos will be recommended to my class.

  • mattgnik

    I actually like the flat voice. I can easily follow the topic and you do a good comprehensive job of explaining all the tabs and radio buttons. One thing, it seems it ends cut off.
    Is there a part 2?

  • itfreetraining

    Thanks for the comment. We would like to create some videos on Cisco and other technologies but currently don't have enough resources to do so.

  • Arian Hyseni

    Good but can somebody tell me how to do if i want to connect in to a IP public because he select , local IP on network Card ? is the sameway to connect from home in to office

  • naresh bhashani

    dear ,itfreetraining ,realy is so helpfull fur all of us , i want to uderstand some 1 -2 point in this , can u give me ur mail id and one more good thing about u ,tht u give the reply all ur viewers with very decently ,realy hats of for u

  • naresh bhashani

    and i want to ask ,tht can i use this method for share the internet over the private natwork and i can use the security on the site which i allow and not allow to access the site , if not pls tell me the other any tutorial regarding this,my resources is , 2008 server in workgorup network internet passing frm it to switch and shrd in the private network through bridge netwk with selecting two lan adeptors and created the bridged ntwrk simply,but by this i cant block the site over the shared ntwrk

  • Vinay Khosla

    Very nicely explained. Good work itfreetraining!

    I was wondering if you could do one more video on network policy & remote access by setting up NAT + VPN on the same server and also show how to ping VPN clients ( which are on different networks ) from the DC or some other machine/server other than the VPN server ( DC's & VPN server are on LAN company's network). I am interested in getting to know how the routing will take place from the DC's/Servers on the company network to the VPN clients.

  • itfreetraining

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. You can find are e-mail address on are web site under the contact section.

  • itfreetraining

    You can configure a NPS to only accept VPN connection and also configure RRAS to not require usernames and passwords. This will provide you secure communicate but anyone will be able to establish a VPN connection. Is this what you want?

  • itfreetraining

    RRAS connects to NPS in order to determine the rule set that it is to use. So if you want to make special rules up you need NPS. It can be installed on the same server as RRAS it does not need to be on it's own server. From memory RRAS installs a partial NPS interface when it is installed which you can use to configure rules. I am not sure if Windows support cisco secure ACS, however if it supports RADIUS you can link it to NPS. The video Configure Network Authentication explain how to do this.

  • itfreetraining

    We have looked into this. It appears Microsoft originally stated that SSTP was to be included and later changed their mind. This is why some of the documents state SSTP is included.

  • Inge Sandin

    I have studi the video you have do
    and I like all your work you are good :).
    I have setup server 2008 R2 and test AD i wonder if you can
    expline how I can setup AD for the office about 40 computer + 20 laptops.
    So i can install all apps to my ad server and point out to all clients.
    some clients are different and other so when they login to the domine controller
    they shyld se all the apps that they need to the desktop.
    From sweden

  • itfreetraining

    When you say install apps on the server what do you mean by that? Are you planning on using remote desktop services? For 60 computers one domain controller will be fine. For Redundancy/fault tolerance it is good to have to a second one. If you only have the one, a good back up plan with some download time should get you through.

  • Inge Sandin

    Thx yes apps = photoshop-office-etc and mutch more applications
    for the users.
    can you expline to me when I have computer to dominecontroller how can I setup vpn tunnel whith this ??
    Good work 🙂 I like all your video

  • itfreetraining

    You need to install the RRAS role. If you have a look in the 70-642 course we have a video called Configure Remote Access that explains how to do this.

  • john smith

    thanks for your video.. Sir why every time I tried to joint my computer client to our domain account the client computer is getting slow to access the internet ??

  • itfreetraining

    Maybe there is a setting in the domain that is causing it. For example, maybe there is a group policy settings that is force the client to use a proxy server and when it is not in the domain it is not using this proxy server and the proxy server is not very fast.

  • H Fam 82

    Anyone know how to prevent other LAN-connected PCs (in same workgroup running Win 7) from being required to login to have access to the Shared folder (all permissions are completely offered to everyone, read/write, etc. to EVERYONE). When LAN-connected PC restarts, it is required to log into server (not Remote Desktop, but just a regular login pops up) before it can access the Shared folder on the server running Win Server 2008 R2 . THANKS!!

    PS – It used to work but somehow I quit some time ago

  • itfreetraining

    Go into network and sharing centre. Select change advanced sharing settings and select the option turn off password protected sharing or enable public folders depending on which option you get.

  • Ray Carter

    What a solid presentation! The script, voice quality and inflection aids the listener in gaining a greater understanding of the topic. You will not find anything better! 

  • Guillermo Quintanilla

    First issue: I am getting "connection failed with error 800". Question, if using a firewall at work do we need to create a NAT policy?

  • Blessings Msimanga

    I was new to technology,i dived into MCSA 2012 and failed the second exam badly,decided to go back to do MTA Server Fundamentals and there's no other better place to learn than this site.Thank you so much,Great vids

  • Beginner Am

    Hi All

    I have a Learning programme and just downloaded Windows server 2008 r2 on my hp Where i had already had Windows 7. Now every time i start up my computer, i end up having Windows server 2008r2 on my PC. I need my windows7 to remain in function as well. I just dont know how to Get my original OS back. I need help please, its really frustrating. I can delete Windows server 2008 to Get my Windows 7 back but i dont know how to do it. I have a lot of info on my Win 7. Plz help! I know i should have done something with the partitions etc but i wasn't aware of that earlier.

    What can I do to go back to windows 7 version, not loosing the data, files etc I Have on that OS? Also i have another problem that my network  adapter isnt working on my windows server OS, resulting in no internet.


  • AmiT177

    All works fine but when  im logging in my internet status changed to "Limited" and i use just the running servers in the vps, i cant use internet or skype
    please help

  • David Okeyode

    Best training on Windows Remote Access and VPN that I have ever seen. Your training skills are excellent Sir!! Thanks for this.

  • Solomon Muwori

    Best training ever. I have a question – Will the system terminate the application being run if connection is terminated as a result of exceeding IDLE TIMEOUT?

  • Jean Bosco

    Im looking for a help with remote desktop connection windows server 2008 r2. Can I get help ?It is a great training but it is not helping with my needs. 

  • Tathagata Chatterjee

    What a training. It's now easy & Clear after watching the video… Thank you very much sir for your kind help….  Thank you…

  • David Keeney

    This is great training and I was following it well until you got to the point of the Active Directory Users and Computers. My version of Win Server 2008 R2 did not have that. I managed to figure out how to install that function ok but it is not set up at all. Do you have a training module for setting it up on you tube as it looks complicated?

  • Tomxize

    I got a Domain Controller and made my RDS server a member. The RDS server only has one network card. Is it possible that i can configure Network acces policy without the routing on the member server to get the VPN connection even though the domain controller is the main server?

  • TheSlacker64

    Brilliant!   Works fairly close to 2012 R2.  Helped me understand how to setup and understand NAT and RAS.  Its nice to know what your are actually doing and not just being a wizard clicker and hoping it works.

  • Hamed Roozbehani

    Hello and thank you. I have a question 🙂

    My local IP address on the server is
    and I have a fix internet IP address which is

    I made a VPN connection on client and gave the connection the local IP address of server ( and it works.

    If I want to connect the server from an other place in the city with VPN, which IP address should I give to the VPN connection on client?

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • taktik02

    So if I want my users to have access to the Windows Server machine with Radius, I have to do from 10:17 to 13:37?

  • foehammer44

    Interesting point with ICS I used this to setup my Xbox360 to connect to LIVE.
    So USB_3G_router —wireless--Laptop (ICS)– ethernet —- Xbox360 (older model no wifi) and it all worked 🙂

  • victor pinar

    thank you so much for the additional knowledge that helps me in teaching computer lessons, Im from Kabasalan National High School, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines

  • Dwayne Clarke

    Can the server have two NIC be on the same network you are providing remote access to. Also what if the server you are doing if from only have one NIC and you are providing VPN only.

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