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There’s a ton of paths and especially with
everything advancing nowadays it’s a huge field to get into. Analyst, web
developers, making apps, working with robots…Slippery Rock’s a cool place to
study computing and mainly because the professors are great. They’re very
interactive. It’s kind of like a little family in the computing department because
all the upperclassmen are always around helping people out. Class sizes are
twenty-five/thirty to one. Your professors do get to know you! People
immediately get jobs from here. There’s a lot of internship opportunities, a lot of
the alumni will come back and help us get started for research. I had to do a database
for our department. Information that goes in there will be used on social
media to get out all the cool projects and research we’re doing on campus. Choose
computing at Slippery Rock University because it’s a very intense but fun
learning environment, it’s really great here!

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